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3 Acupuncturists in Oakland, CA
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Wanda Dabkoska, LAc

Acupuncturist & Herbalist
339 15th St, 333, Oakland CA 94612, United States Downtown Oakland
5.0 (2 reviews)
"I've been receiving acupuncture from Wanda in her Kokoro Clinic for over a year now. I keep coming back because she keeps fixing me on all my various aches, pains, and health difficulties.I originally started working with Wanda because of a stiff hamstring muscle. Wanda is not only a gifted acupuncturist but she's also trained in trigger point therapy where she can use acupuncture to fix muscles that aren't firing correctly. Doing this, she was able to support me in my healing process, and I am more flexible and mobile than I have been in years!I later brought up this chronic skin issue I've been struggling with for years. And lo and behold, after some time, Wanda was able to help me find some relief! My skin has never been brighter!And THEN... later, we started working on repairing my adrenals and fixing my chronic insomnia issues. And guess what? Thanks to Wanda, I can fall asleep so much easier!And AGAIN, I came back and saw Wanda because of some digestion issues. Sure enough, not long after working with Wanda, I can already see improvements in my digestion!I can go on and on, but in short, I have to say Wanda is an all-round healer. She has this maternal energy that makes you feel so cared for and loved. When you see Wanda, you'll know you've found your health ally.So... if you have some muscular issue - see Wanda.If you have some hormonal stuff that isn't going right - see Wanda.If you've been struggling with some skin issue - see Wanda. If you have some digestion issues - see Wanda.And/Or if you just have pain and looking for relief - see Wanda. I know you'll be amazed at the services she provides. I can't stop recommending her to all my friends and family.Here's to your healing journey!Thank you, Wanda, for being a part of mine!"

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