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4 Acupuncturists in Tucson, AZ
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Steve Liu

Licensed Acupuncturist // Laser Therapist // Whole Food, Plant-Based Consultant
6812 N Oracle Rd, Suite 130, Tucson AZ 85704, United States Casas Adobes Office Park
5.0 (4 reviews)
"I have been going to Steve for approximately 5 years for various problems, from arthritic knee and finger issues to severe neck pain related to spinal stenosis. Steve's unique combination of treatments have always been a godsend to me. My latest issue has been spinal stenosis and the resulting neck pain, which also radiated to my left shoulder giving me severe pain in my shoulder area, and down my arm, with numbness in my lower arm, thumb and index finger. I had tried epidural injections and painkillers, which really did very little. He spent a great deal of time discussing my neck issue with me, as well as referring to my latest MRI for further diagnoses. He used several techniques together: acupuncture, laser, heat, and electrical stimulation, and some friction massage. He had told me that it would take several visits to see significant improvement. After my first visit I could see some improvement, but after the second visit there was significant improvement, and after about 5-6 visits, I had no pain at all. Because of the nature of the neck situation, I have been on a maintenance schedule for a couple of months to preserve, as Steve calls it, 'Happy Nerves'. I find his treatments very relaxing, almost like visiting a spa. I can highly recommend Steve for anyone who has any pain issues. Don't let the pain drag on, go see Steve. "

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