When you go to your first acupuncture appointment, no matter the type of acupuncture you or seeking or what you are trying to treat with acupuncture, there will be paperwork to fill out.

In this article, we offer an overview of five questions you will be asked to answer in the paperwork during your first acupuncture session. These questions are universal. Each of these questions apply to acupuncture, no matter the type or style of acupuncture that you choose to use.

5 Questions to Expect When Filling out Paperwork for Acupuncture

Here is a list of the most common questions you can expect to answer when filling out paperwork during your first acupuncture appointment:

  1. What is your name?

Sounds simple and it is. But knowing who you are is important to any healthcare provider and practitioner. At the same time, expect to provide other basic information on yourself like: age, gender, race, address, phone number, and emergency contact information.

  1. Have You Ever had Acupuncture Before?

This question is asked to gain an understanding of how much past experience you have had with the form of therapy. If you have not had acupuncture before, this question enables the acupuncturist who will be working with you that more explanation and time for questions may be needed.

  1. Why are you Seeking Acupuncture?

This question gives the acupuncturist information on what type of treatment plan to create for you based on your needs and the health condition or symptoms that you are looking to find help for.

  1. What Helps Your Symptoms?

From exercise, to sleep, or eating a certain food. Having an idea about what helps you personally with your symptoms that you are seeking acupuncture for. Providing this information in your paperwork will give the acupuncturist more information for creating your acupuncture treatment plan.

  1. What Makes Your Symptoms Worse?

Sometimes you have been able to identify activities or foods that make your symptoms worse. Again this information will help your acupuncturist formulate a plan of action for treatment.

Now that you have an idea of what questions will be asked on the paperwork, if you read our guide on What is Acupuncture Treatment Like, you will find that during your first session for acupuncture there is usually an interview process. What does that mean?

The Interview and your First Acupuncture Session

The interview process usually comes after you fill out paperwork during the initial acupuncture session and treatment. The interview process is a time where the acupuncturist asks you questions. Each question is aimed at creating a customized treatment plan for your needs and body. What kind of questions can you expect to be answering? Find out in our guide: The Interview and your First Acupuncture Session: What to Expect

But how do you find an acupuncturist near you?

We are Here to Help

Now that you have a better understanding of the questions that you will most likely be asked when going to acupuncture treatment and are asked to complete paperwork, and what treatment is like ? you may find yourself wondering what the best next step is to find an acupuncturist near you.

No matter what your reason for seeking acupuncture treatment, DaoCloud is here to help you find an acupuncturist near you.

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