Stem cells can make you younger, healthier, and give you more energy. Stem cells are quite miraculous. They cruise around the body looking for trouble- in other words-something to heal. Before you, or your doctor knows there is something even starting to go wrong, your stem cells know. These are called pluripotent stem cells. These cells can self replicate and differentiate into specialized cell types, and are used in regenerative medicine to treat damaged or diseased tissues through cell-replacement therapies. Typically they are either taken from the individual?s own fat, put through a process to isolate the stem cells, and injected and/or given intravenously.

Stem cells CANNOT be extricated directly from your blood. There aren?t enough. The other options are to take stem cells from an umbilical cord, and inject them into another person?s body. The third option is to take them from an embryo which is done less often. The last two options start with those cells, but more can be cultured and grown afterwards in a laboratory and then sold to doctors to use.

Taking a step backwards, we learn that a human peptide called GHK and GHK CU actually stimulate stem cells in the body.1 The older we are, the fewer stem cells there are in our bodies. However, it has been difficult to get more of this peptide into the body via injections. It has been used as a skin cream to increase collagen, and recently one inventor has been able to find a new technology to stimulate the GHK in the body. Stem cells have been used to regenerate everything from joints to organs, to the brain, and the spine. Of course, it is not paid for by insurance and can be quite pricey. Some newer technologies have made it more affordable.