RISE In Pursuit of Empowerment is a highly inspirational book written for and by heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Co-Author Felicia Lonobile, one of the twenty-five women on three continents, who have come together to share extraordinary stories on how they overcame their darkest moment by looking at it square in the face.
These stories represent all of the ups and downs; the light and the dark; the easy and the difficult; the terrifying moments and the unexpected wins.

As an expert in my field, I work with clients through an "inside-out" approach where I teach skill sets and tools to shift limiting beliefs currently blocking you from living the life you love. I help those who feel stuck and dissatisfied with their lives, so they can quickly get unstuck, build their dreams and enjoy a more productive and more fulfilling life experience. 

My expertise is helping people build dreams, accelerate results, and double their income inside 90-days. I do this with a proven, reliable, repeatable system for transforming ideas into reality. 

These tools and principles have changed my own life in surprising ways and have ALSO helped thousands of people all over the world over the past 30 plus years see a transformation in all domain areas of life in the shortest time with the greatest EASE and fun.

My passion is educating clients on how quickly they can rely on and believe in their unlimited potential and power. Believe that what is inside you is FAR GREATER than any situation or circumstances you are facing.

What I know from personally living into these tools and skill sets is that we really can attract into our own experience the life we love. Learn how you can turn any dream into reality, understanding, that it will take some work because some of us have been trained to look to conditions to determine what we can accomplish, do or have.

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