There is a mountain of garbage information in regards to nutrition all over the internet. How do you know if what is being said is hype or legit? Especially concerning is the fact that the nutrition "science" taught in most colleges is bought and paid for by the food industry. NO bias there at all. ;) I have spent more than 20 years reading all the various bits of nutrition info and read some really crazy stuff and some very amazing stuff. My best advice is that there is no "one size fits all" way of eating. What works for you may not work for someone else. But with that said 80% of the population is dealing with some degree of metabolic dysfunction or full blown diabetes. What I can tell you is the old "wisdom" of calories in, calories out results in fat loss, it just incorrect. We have learned since the 70's when that idea came out that fat and sugar metabolism is a bit more tricky than that. It is actually a metabolic switch that handles how you use your foods. And more importantly, the metabolic/hormonal effect of what you eat that impacts your body. Any sugar/carbs about 5gm turns on your insulin response and the whole inflammatory cascade leading to fat storage, diabetes, and possible neuropathies, and other bad side effects the longer the sugar merry-go-round exists. On the other hand, if you eat fats, you turn off the insulin response and your body will actually turn on fat burning mode. This is a big bonus because most people need to lose a bit of fat. Six carb filled meals a day puts you into fat storage mode, while eating 3 meals or less of low carb high fat puts you in fat burning mode. There is a ton of science backing up the above statement. outrageous claims need strong proof so here is a list of free links to get the science for yourself. Then once you understand, I can guide you through changing your food habits to get your body back to normal. The Metabolic Health Summit is THE most up to date nutrition science out there. The videos are from their initial conventions in 2016. The Living Low Carb Show: My friend Jimmy Moore is what many call a health hero. A little over 10 years ago he had a health scare when his brother died of a heart attack. Jimmy was severely overweight and still deals with the metabolic wreckage of growing up with a high carb diet. But he was a radio DJ and created this program to interview the top doctors and learn from them about how to fix a deranged metabolism. His show is an amazing journey through health and wellness topics. ON top of that Jimmy has become what is called a biohacker, willing to experiment on himself and learn what works for him and thus help others understand some of the issues. He has inspired millions. if you go in the archives you will find amazing interviews on any nutrition or wellness topic out that. If you search for the 2016 episodes that year there were 5 health conferences he posted the entire proceedings of and they are an outstanding source of information on metabolic science and amazing stories of recovery for many people. Start with these conferences and then have fun learning 2015 Low Carb South Africa Conference: episodes 1100 - 1128 2016 Low Carb Cruise: episodes 1145 - 1161 2016 Metabolic Therapeutics conference: episodes 1166 - 1191 2016 Low Carb Vail: episodes 1201 - 1215 I will guarantee your mind will be blown and you will learn a lot The Keto Dues are another set of inspirational guys who corrected their Type 2 diabetes within 6 months. Their shows are kept to one topic at a time which is good for dispelling confusion. start with episode 1 and work your way forward. Thier recipes are to die for! Bulletproof Radio: this is a modified Keto diet or more of a high fat Atkins. His info is on his website, but his radio is an even more amazing journey into a wider array of biohacking topics that will open your eyes to new wellness avenues. SO if you like doing things yourself, these are the place to start educating yourself on this issues. If you just want the science, so you know I'm telling the truth, but need a guide to help you I am more than happy to help you on your road to health and a better waistline. And I've been there. My college nutrition Teacher pushed the high carb six meals a day on me saying my higher fat Atkins style eating was unhealthy. I ballooned up to 220 lbs, once I went back to a low carb high fat diet I have lost roughly 50 lbs and am down to 175 lbs and working my way back to 145-150 as my goal. And because of injuries, I can only walk for exercise so its all been the hormonal effect of the food I eat. Join me on a journey to better health and a leaner body.