The average person only gains 2-5 pounds over the holidays. Doesn’t sound like much but we don’t lose that weight despite our New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get back to the gym. Eventually that 2-5 pound becomes 20 – 30 pounds that you can’t seem to get rid of. We often think that if we just ate less and exercise more, this would create a calorie deficient and viola – weight loss. But, in reality, calorie deficient dieting, over-exercising, and not eating a balanced diet lead to brain chemistry changes that drive hunger and overeating. This creates a vicious cycle leading to weight gain and in the long run, loss of energy and vitality. Many weight-loss diets fail and that is often because they overlook the top 5 reasons why it can be difficult to lose weight! Here are the top 5 reasons you can’t lose weight. Chronic Inflammation – This is a type of inflammation that we tend to overlook as it does not cause immediate pain like say with getting a bruise or a cut which is acute inflammation. We might perceive this with joint pain, headaches, poor digestion, and for some water retention. But over time this chronic inflammation creates hormonal imbalances in our hormones known as insulin and cortisol. And, this can prevent you from losing weight. Here are some reasons for chronic inflammation.

Food Sensitivities 

Allergies – The body reacts to certain foods creating an immune response and if we keep eating those foods then we create a very pro-inflammatory condition. We often think of food allergies where react immediately but with food sensitivities, our reaction can be delayed up to 2 days but in the meanwhile the body struggles. See my LEAP program page for more information on food sensitivities.

Toxins – We often think that are safe from toxic substances but even food preservatives, colorings, and environmental toxins can really cause pro-inflammatory response. This is one of the reasons that detox is often recommended prior to going on a weight loss program.

Poor Gut Health – If you have poor digestion, constipation, IBS or other digestive issues including auto-immune Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, this can have huge impact on your ability to manage your weight. Leaky gut as well as poor microbiome has also been linked to weight gain and metabolic syndrome which greatly promotes inflammation. 

Chronic Stress – This leads to chronically high cortisol levels and eventually leads to thyroid hormone dysfunction. It might be surprising to note that in the metabolic balance program and with FirstLine Therapy, I often recommend that the first 2 weeks to reduce exercise and look for stress reducing modalities like medication, relaxing walks and relaxing baths. 

Genomics – The field of genomics and nutrigenomics is now discovery many different mutation that we inherit from our parents that can have a big impact on our ability to manage our weight. Some of genes impact our ability to metabolize carbohydrates or fats – by determining if we have those mutations – we can tailor the diet that is best for us to manage our weight. Want to learn more about genomics and nutrigenomics – please check out my page on genomics. 

Self-Compassion – Without self-compassion, we set ourselves up for failure. If miss going to gym at 5.00 am, we beat ourselves up rather than looking at as a problem to be solved. What might be a better time to go to the gym?? See recent blog on self compassion! 

Nutritional Imbalances – Without having a nutritional balanced plan for weight loss, you can easily end out creating nutritional imbalances leading to metabolic issues reducing your chance to lose weight. This is one reason to make the investment in working a qualified nutritionist that help to build a food and lifestyle plan that works for you and keeps your nutrition in balance. Tried of “dieting”?? Maybe it it time to try something new! The first step towards a successful weight loss plan is a to start with a nutrition and wellness consult! This consult comes a review of your health history, lifestyle habits and recommendations for your next steps in your journey to a healthier and vibrant you. So if all of the other diets have failed you, maybe it is time to try something different.