I have a Qi Healing practice in Park Slope Brooklyn.  I really believe that we can create our healing and emotional balance.  Yes, getting guidance is extremely important, but ultimately the practices we bring into our daily life are the way we transform ourselves.  Because I believe that, I also teach group classes in Qigong and Tao methods that help us navigate contemporary life.

My classes run on an eight-week cycle:  A free introductory class, followed by a 7-week course.

The next free intro is Wednesday, April 17, 6:00-7:30pm!  Please join me to learn more about these --pretty amazing-- traditional practices and methods.  

This course brings busy urbanites who sometimes feel overwhelmed, confused, anxious or stuck in their emotions into a more grounded, spacious inner life so you can enjoy your vibrant feelings rather than managing, medicating or running from them.  In 7 weekly classes you learn a deeply different way of understanding, experiencing and digesting emotions using body and mind practices that are accessible, enjoyable, yet deep and transformative. 

The SIX HEALING SOUNDS uses simple movements and sounds, along with vibrant visualization to deeply connect with the energies of your emotions to honor them and begin shifting and transforming them.  The FIVE YIN ORGAN QIGONG clears stale Qi energy (and emotion) and draws in vitality into your body.   Along with these powerful practices we will dig into the nature of the Five Elements and how they manifest in the seasons, directions and our relationships.  We will also learn short ‘in the moment’ practices to help daily stresses.


Please contact me directly --DaoCloud's contact system is not reliable.  My correct phone is:  347-431-5275 or you can contact me through the websites listed on my profile page... 

Miranda Maher