Rev. CaSandra May, MS, LCSW

Psychotherapist Certified in Mindfulness/Workshop Facilitator

Imagine being at Peace Open your HEART to possibilities. You hold the key to TRANSFORMATION.

Baraboo, WI

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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
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5069 Durwards Glen Rd, Baraboo WI 53913, United States
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About me

I guide individuals and groups to heart-centered ways of being. My work is based on the awareness that when we open our hearts, we awaken to the mystery of our soul’s potential. We are divine spirit embodied. Each of us is a unique expression of the Divine, able to connect to and live our soul’s purpose. I use the teachings of mindfulness, loving-kindness, unconditional acceptance and compassion as the foundation for my services. It is my knowing that healing means, transforming the mistaken belief that we are anything other than goodness, love and light.

My healing practices expand from my training as a Licensed Psychotherapist. People come to me with a need for counseling, or with a desire for one of the other healing modalities that I offer. I feel we are living in a time where we can access new ways to heal our body, heart and soul. I have chosen healing modalities that connect to and work with the entire person, including the intuitive self. The more awareness we have of our whole being, the more peace we bring to our self and into the world.

As part of my practice, I also develop and facilitate groups focused on meditation, self-realization, personal empowerment, and compassionate communication. As well as offer workshops on peace and nonviolence and racial inequity.

May we be free from suffering,
May we be in peace.

CaSandra May, MS, LCSW, Rev.

Rev CaSandra May

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