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David Barron

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I've been interested in hypnosis since I was a child and doing it professionally since 1998. Since then I've worked 10,000 clinical hours.

Bedford, NH
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5.0 of 5 (64)
Helped me quit smoking. He's a professional and knows his stuff.
I’ve struggled with sugar addiction all my life. I haven’t had a single piece of candy in three weeks and I’ve lost 8 pounds. I can’t recommend David enough.
Quitting smoking was easier than I thought. Thank you for helping me become a non-smoker.
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3 Executive Park Dr, 213, Bedford NH 03110, United States
Mon: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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About me

You’re not broken.
You may have a life long habit of smoking, you may overeat or feel that stress and anxiety are out of control. You may have battled with addiction or trauma. You may be feeling like there’s no hope. You’re not broken. Your subconscious mind is doing what it was taught. It worked for you once but now it’s outdated. You’re not broken. Your inner mind needs a new and better way of dealing with things. That’s what I’ve been helping people with for nearly 20 years.

Let me help.

Everyone wants to be heard without judgement. Your first session will start trying to understand your needs. Do you want to quit smoking or change a behavior? Do you want more peace of mind and control over anxiety? Do you want to know, in your heart, that you’re important and worth the changes you are making? That will be the destination we’ll embark on.

Hypnosis is a very personal journey. All you need is a willingness to change and to allow your hypnotist to guide you. Hypnosis isn’t magical, even though the results can seem like magic. You will remember everything that happens and feeling amazing when we are done.

I’m your tour guide, so to speak. As a hypnotist all I do is guide your attention. It’s up to you to follow. Imagine at the end of your hypnosis session, opening your eyes and knowing something within you has changed. This is just the start of your journey.

It may seem impossible but I’ve seen it happen with thousands of my clients and I want that for you.

My Philosophy of Care

The most inspiring part of my work is witnessing people make the changes they most want. I only work with one person at a time and I may not be able to change the world, but I can change the world for that person.

My Inspiration

It's incredibly simple. As a hypnotist I'm just a tour guide. All you have to do is follow my instructions. When we're done I'll ask you to test the result. You'll be amazed!


David Barron Reviews
5.0 of 5 (64)
Quitting smoking was easier than I thought. Thank you for helping me become a non-smoker.
Helped me quit smoking. He's a professional and knows his stuff.
I’ve struggled with sugar addiction all my life. I haven’t had a single piece of candy in three weeks and I’ve lost 8 pounds. I can’t recommend David enough.
Top quality hypnosis. One of the “greats”.
An amazing man with an Amazing gift!
David Barron is a skilled hypnotist with amazing technical skill and artfulness. He is also a genuinely compassionate human being interested in helping people with the power of hypnosis. He helped me with a problem that I had been experiencing for nearly 3 years, in 3 sessions. nuff said
I went to see David back in 2017 at the age of 47. I started smoking when I was 12 years old. I quit for about a month and stupidly went back. Even though I didn't quit I will say this, I don't crave nicotine at all. Usually after an hour or two without one I am pretty much losing my mind with horrible cravings. Not anymore. What he did during the sessions truly worked now I just need to stop.
David was very helpful in every session and made sure to talk me through everything. He also made sure that i knew he was available whenever i needed and to not be afraid to call and i really appreciate that. I would most definitely recommend him to others.
I've spent probably 13 hours in hypno therapy, between 4 hypnotists. David is the only one to give me lasting results. His session may be remote, but he'll be the only hypnotist I ever pay again.
Excellent results, been smoke free almost 3 months now and it is definitely due to the hypnosis with David. I would highly recommend his services. I was skeptical of the Skype-ing he uses from his remote location, but it has had no influence on the outcome of his services.
I’ve been trying to quit smoking via the electric cigarette maintenance and for some reason I wouldn’t use the electric cigarette, I kept making excuses, even though I was skeptical, I caved in and made an appointment. I AM SO GLAD I DID! I’m now a non smoker, have been for almost three weeks now and I went from two packs a day for 40 years, to zero cigarettes a day for the past 16 days, how or why hypnosis works is not for us to know, I KNOW IT WORKS and I’m very glad to have made the decision to move forward and give it a try. I’ve had absolutely no cravings or wants for a cigarette and I work with a bunch of people who smoke, even being in the same vehicle with another smoker doesn’t bother me at all. If you have doubts, ignore them, they’re your mind trying to trick you
I really enjoyed my hypnosis sessions and they were very helpful, would do again!
July 15th is three years no smoking. Dave is a sensitive, experienced, gifted man.
This is the best place for Hypnosis and the service and expertise is top notch! David goes very far and in-depth with me and my concerns and my needs to get to the solution that is needed and has been elusive for some very long time! Go to them now! Thank you David!
Mr. Barron is an accomplished hypnotist and incredible practitioner. At his level of excellence, one can expect the equivalent of a master surgeon of the mental landscape. He helped me with an extremely difficult issue that is long standing and debilitating. He is ethical, kind, and knowledgeable. Without a doubt one of the most talented hypnotists/practitioners in the world. Thank you very much.
I sought treatment for anxiety related to dental treatment. I found Dave Barron's program of hypnosis to be concise, convenient and effective. He is professional, understanding and flexible. The process of hypnosis was relaxing, and the suggestions allowed me to recognize and expect favorable results as well as to be able to focus on asking for what I need in each situation. The hypnosis has relieved me of much of the dread developed over many years- What a great gift it is! Recommend highly.
My experience was great. It take a lot of work and focus to control my weight. I work at it hard. What happened here was a 200% improvement! I don't have to fight cravings for sweets anymore, they just don't mean anything to me. My first week I lost 6 pounds and I didn't have to think about it. Really grateful for your help.
I smoked for over 15 years. After my first session with David, I have not smoked a cigarette since. It’s been 3 weeks. No cravings, no desires to smoke, and no nasty habit that controlled me. If you truly wish to quit smoking, I would definitely recommend him. It has been a great experience working with him. Thank you, David!
Was in in a car accident that triggered some intense anxiety and PTSD. It was embarrassing that I just could "just get over it". Hypnosis seemed like a last resort but working with David was amazing. We worked only three session and I noticed a big difference right from the start. I could get to sleep easily, I could ride in the car without panic attacks and I felt a LOT better about myself. Hypnosis made a big difference for me.
At 33 years old, I can say that I have smoked for over half my life! I tried more times than I can count to quit. Finally I decided why not try hypnosis. It was probably the only thing I had not tried at this point. I went for one session and 2 1/2 months later I have not picked up a cigarette once! I can be around smokers and not have it faze me in the least! I am not an ex-smoker,I am a non-smoker!
For my birthday I decide to quit smoking. It was a bad habit I took up in the military. I thought “I can quit anytime I want” Ha! Not so easy. :-) I had a smoking addiction. It's been a long time habit of mine and I used to go through a pack a day. It got way to expensive and my wife hated it. I tried everything from the patch...the gum...etc. You name it, I've done it. I went to the New Hampshire Hypnosis center and been smoke free for almost a full year. I waited to write this because I wanted to see if this actually worked...and it did!
I am beyond happy I chose to do hypnosis. I researched it for weeks before I made an appointment, and knowing he lives in another state. He has the best manner and he is caring. He focuses on you 100% of the time. I have lost 9lbs in 6 weeks and I feel as if my focus is always on. It doesn’t feel like a diet, and my cravings went away. As if my mind just moves away from them automatically to better choices. I used to hate the gym, now i go without hesitation. I love my new life and I love myself more than ever before. I’m more confident and happier. Thank you for making it possible!!!! Highly recommend him!!!
Had a good experience. He is very realistic, helpful and personable. I quit smoking with him back in August, had a small slip up and thought I failed. At no cost I came back once more to quit smoking again. It works! After trying hypnosis, after all other solutions had failed me, this is one that I can say absolutely works!
David is professional and easy to talk to. He helped me understand exactly what hypnosis is and I have had great results so far at curbing some of my bad eating habits and feeling good about me!
I was a little nervous about the whole “hypnosis” thing but after speaking with David on the phone I felt at ease and actually excited to give it a try. I prepared for my first session by listening to David’s recordings online. At my session in his office I felt very relaxed and in control. I remember everything that happened and it’s quite remarkable how amazing I felt during and after the first session. I knew I was cured of my issue immediately! I attended a second session in the office just to follow up although I really didn’t even need to, that’s how great I feel! I have waited a couple of months to write this review just to see if my results actually “stuck” and, incredibly , I have had no relapses and my life is amazing! I do listen to David’s recoding once a day online- it is like an amazing guided meditation session and it energizes me everyday. David is a super talented master of hypnosis! I have listened to other hypothesis sessions online and no one compares to David! He is the real deal and I highly recommend working with David, it will change your life!
I thought I would always be smoker. I had tried to quit smoking too many times. WRONG! I am a nonsmoker now! I don't even think about it now! No nagging cravings! No relentless uncensored thought "I want a smoke." I can hardly believe it myself. It was so easy. Painless! I kept waiting...thinking that in a month or two I would be no better off. Over a year and a half later....still no problem! I had my first smoke in high school....almost 20 years later I stopped. Thank you David! I am incredibly grateful.WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY...! I am still amazed! I am a nonsmoker now! It's worth mentioning that all of our hypnosis work was done over Skype. Some consumers might think that's weird but it instantly became unimportant as soon as we spoke. I felt amazingly comfortable with him and the process right from the start.
My Dr. recommended hypnosis to stop smoking after I failed with chantix. I've been trying to quit smoking for five years. Either the cravings were too much or something triggered me to smoke again. David covered everything I could have thought of in the hypnosis sessions. He made it simple and easy to quit smoking.
It's been almost two months of not smoking! I am thrilled it's working!
I am updating my review as I am very impressed with David’s attentive and prompt response to my initial review as well as his attention to my perception of the overall experience. He has been a pleasure to communicate with and, if Skype is something that tech-savvy clients may be more adaptable to, I highly recommend working with him. He has proven to me that the clients’ well-being is his priority. Thank you, David.
I wanted to quit smoking and have tried to quit on my own several times. “Why don’t you try hypnosis?” my friend asked. I was skeptical but read some studies that said it was a useful tool to quit smoking, so I’ll give it a try. The office and receptionist are very professional. The hypnosis session happened with headsets and video monitor which worked great. My first hypnosis session with David was very enjoyable. The dramatic part came when I tried to want a cigarette. I couldn’t do it. Wanting a cigarette was never a problem before. “Keep trying to want a cigarette and tell me what notice”. As much as I tried to want to smoke it was completely “meh”. That was weird considering I was wanting a smoke all day leading up to the hypnosis session. Even stranger was how that feeling never left. I would find myself reaching for a cigarette out of habit and then stop realizing I didn’t want it. I would laugh every time that happened. The first couple of days felt like I might be going through nicotine withdrawal but it was never as bad as the other times I tried to quit. We had two more hypnosis sessions and I’ve been a non-smoker now for over three months. I was skeptical of hypnosis at first but not anymore. David’s experience is demonstrated in his professionalism. He’s lighthearted and professional. Working with him was a great experience.
I came to New Hampshire Hypnosis to quit smoking - and I got so much more. The hypnosis techniques helped me stop smoking initially and helped to overcome anxiety that caused me to smoke in the first place. I really appreciate the thoroughness of the process. David is a positive, talented and extremely knowledgeable hypnotist whose support made all the difference for me. I've recommended several people already to New Hampshire Hypnosis to help them quit smoking and deal with anxiety.
I've had some terrible habits in my life but smoking was the hardest to kick. Even though I committed to three hypnosis sessions the first one made the difference. I was a non-smoker from that point on. My car doesn't stink any more and I feel free. Big thanks.
New Hampshire Hypnosis was great. I wanted to lose weight and decided hypnosis might help with my cravings. I heard about David from my friend who used him to quit smoking. Amazing. Amazing! No cravings from the first session. It was easier than I had thought.
David is very acomidating and really tries to understand where his patients are coming from. He provides very helpful feedback and best of all the hypnosis really works!
Two months ago I would have KILLED for a cigarette. That's how bad it was for me. Now I've been a non-smoker for over six weeks and I love it. I thought hypnosis might be a little weird but now all I know is it works. Thanks, David!
David hypnotized me and it was amazing! Hes a great hypnotist, and I would reccomend him to any one.
When I was 13 my older brothers taught me how to smoke cigarettes. Of course I thought I was invincible so I kept smoking up to a pack a day. 24 years later I am diagnosed with early signs of cardiopulmonary disease and I can’t last more than three days without a cigarette. Every vow to quit eventually leads to me caving in and having a smoke. It’s been two months since working with David to become a non-smoker. That’s two months since my last cigarette and I can’t imagine starting up that disgusting habit. I can breathe easier and my breath, clothes and car no longer reek of tobacco. I don’t know how exactly hypnosis works I just know it does. I would recommend David to anyone wanting to become a non-smoker.
Would definitely recommend him! He helped me quit smoking after 24 years. I haven’t had a desire to have one since my first session, though I did feel like I was missing something.... BEST decision I’ve made, thank you!!
Today marks my first anniversary of being a NON SMOKER!!! After smoking for 12 years, David freed me of the chains that are cigarettes and I am grateful every single day!! (Especially looking outside at this snow storm right now). Check out the video of my sister Téa on his webpage who he also helped heal, but with her anxiety and depression. This man is TRULY gifted. If you're wondering if he can help you too, know that HE CAN. If you want it for yourself he can help you to overcome the obstacles of your own mind. I know how dramatic this sounds but nothing less could possibly be enough to describe the success I've had. NOT A SINGLE CIGARETTE since our first session. Thank you David!!!!
I'm so happy to be free of smoking. Thank you so much. I can now breathe so much easier! literally!
Worked on ending an almost two decade old bad habit of mine. I was skeptical, but also open to the possibility. David is phenomenal he helped me mentally "move furniture around" and freed up so much time, energy, and personal resources. The investment paid for itself several times over. I plan on working with him again, but you probably want to know why should you, right? Firstly, his Moto was what first sold me. Three sessions and essentially a lifetime guarantee that should a hiccup happen you can reach out and he will work with you again. Glad to know I can, but there is no desire or urge to. The thought has crossed my mind, but I'm not that man anymore, in the best ways possible. His tips on acknowledging wins and celebrating success compliments the free authority training he provided. It really helped me build an unshakable confidence that is just there. Secondly, the sanctuary training that he offers also for free on his site was another thing that made me want to work with him. Listen to the sessions and tell me you can't see he's not only excellent at this, but there to help people. I listen my gut and that's exactly what I felt. Lastly, I knew the power was inside of me. I just needed coaching. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't either. Take the jump, I hope he helps you too, I'm completely convinced.
Several years ago I lost someone very close to me. I was shaken to the core and nothing seemed to relieve the trauma. I tried traditional talk therapy, and medication to help me but I could never shake the loss and how it left me. None of these things made the difference I was seeking. I began to smoke even though I hated it. I have a great family and managed to ensure they felt supported, but I really struggled with feeling super agitated by everyone all the time. I felt like I was in a cloud and life was somewhere "out there". I went to 3 sessions with David, and my feelings and actions totally transformed. After the first session I felt different. After my 3 sessions I don't think I could feel the hurt even if I tried. All the memories and the loss are still there, I just don’t suffer with them. The hypnosis didn't change my mind... it changed ME and how think of myself. I quit smoking, got myself back on track, and finally felt "real". I can't think of any other way to explain it. One work friend told me I seemed to have more of an "open heart". I'm really grateful to David for his help. I would absolutely work with David again for future challenges.
I was recommended to David at New Hampshire Hypnosis from a friend who worked over Skype to quit smoking. She had great results and thought he might help me with anxiety and weight loss. My food cravings and anxiety have always been linked. During the first hypnosis session he managed to skillfully address both issues. Since my last session people are noticing a very positive change in my attitude. The craving for sweets is gone. Without trying I lost 4 lbs the first week. David is a wonderfully skilled and compassionate hypnotist. I don't know exactly how it all works but the results have been very dramatic. Thank you, David, for helping me get my life on track.
David is very understanding and compassionate. He helped me with a lot of my anxiety issues. I can now literally sleep much easier the whole night.
I've taken some hypnosis trainings from David. He knows his stuff. A very skilled hypnotist. I highly recommend him.
I reached out to David for help with quitting smoking and was actually a little surprised at how easy it was with his help. It has been just over a month now and I truly feel like a non smoker. After 40 something years of smoking that is an awful good feeling to have ! Thank you David
I have been trying to quit smoking for the last five years. I've only been successful at stopping smoking for a few weeks at a time. A friend of mine in Manchester used David to help him quit smoking with hypnosis and told me it was easy. So, I gave it a try. It's the best investment I could've made. Thank you so much.
David was incredible. I have a fear of flying maybe I can say had. I did a few sessions and his techniques definitely connected with me. I have taken a flight since and had a great trip. Thanks David !
Does hypnosis help for anxiety? Yes! David is a master of his art, his passion for what he does shows clearly in the positive results. The time invested was super successful and enlightening. I do a lot of corporate travel and trainings. my anxiety started to limit what I could do. I was grateful to work with David over Skype because of my schedule limitations. I can say confidently hypnosis works for anxiety and I've told my friends.
I really wanted to stop smoking. I've been at it for too long and now I have a family that was my real motivation to quit. Yes, hypnosis works. It's been three weeks since my last cigarette and I have no intention of ever starting up again. Thanks!
After having a bad reaction to Chantix to quit smoking, I was referred to David by the doctors at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. After the first session I couldn't bring up an urge to smoke no matter how hard I tried! Even though I had some life challenges the next week it was easy to continued as a non-smoker. The whole hypnosis program just sealed everything into place. I've quit smoking many times before but I'll never have to quit again. Thank you David for helping me become a NON-smoker!
I came to David to quit smoking. I had been smoking for 20 years and I first tried to quit cold turkey several times but it never lasted. My doctor put me on Chantix but it gave me some real bad reactions. After that failed the last resort was hypnosis. The experience of being “under hypnosis” was more surprising than I had thought. I quit smoking having my last cigarette the night before the hypnosis session. By the time of the hypnosis session I wanted to scream at everyone I met. That was how bad my cravings were. At the end of the first session I'm didn't have a craving for tobacco and, for most of the day, I couldn't even remember what a craving was like. The next few days we're very interesting. There were some minor cravings but they went away very quickly. I compulsively cleaned out my car and got rid of anything that reminded me of smoking. By the second session there were no cravings. From that point on I felt like a non-smoker. I didn't want to smoke. I didn't think about smoking. And no matter what happened smoking it's just not an option. David’s a real pro and very fun to work with. I recommend him highly if you are sincere about becoming a non-smoker.
I started smoking at the age of 14 and have tried many ways to quit by using patches, quitting cold turkey, support groups, and medication. After 23 years of smoking and 4 of those years trying to quit I tried Chantix for 3 months and had horrible dreams, suicidal thoughts, and just felt depressed all the time. I went back to the doctors and told them I would rather smoke than take a perscription that made me feel that horrible. So a couple months went by and I had a coworker that said his wife and him tried hypnosis and they both haven't smoked since. I wanted to quit smoking so bad and I watched family members get very sick from smoking so I started researching people certified in hypnosis and found David at New Hampshire Hypnosis. After my first appointment I haven't smoked since and I feel great. Thanks for the help David. I really appreciate everything you've helped me with.
David is very accommodating and a very nice guy to work with. I went to my first session for weight loss and it definitely motivated me to get started.
David has been great to work with. I have had a mental block that prevented me from fully living my life, and sessions with David have helped show me that there is a solution. After each session I notice a change for the better and am very excited to continue sessions. Thank you.
I knew a friend who used David to help him quit smoking. I needed it to overcome anxiety when I give presentations. I now have a controlled confidence when I have to speak. I would gladly recommend New Hampshire Hypnosis to anyone wanting to make life changes. Big thanks.
I am a stand-up comic and have recently been overcome with serious anxiety while performing. I had considered retiring it got so bad. Because I was on the road the hypnosis was done over Skype. Thanks to David the joy of doing comedy is back. Even on the days I seem to bomb I take it in stride and always look forward to the next performance. I noticed the results immediately. I would recommend David as a hypnotist to anyone.
I was thinking quitting smoking would be a one session deal. I'm really glad it is whole 3 session hypnosis program. Everything fit together. I had a cigarette a few days after the first session and it was terrible! The whole thing worked great. I can't imagine smoking ever again.
Wow! That about describes my experience. My PTSD, anxiety, and grief are so much better now. I can sleep through the night, my self-confidence is up, my whole attitude about life is uplifted remarkably!
Finally I decided to quit smoking. I had a great experience and was shocked at how easy it was. I recommend David highly. He knows his stuff.
I had the pleasure of visiting NH Hypnosis and I have to say it was very helpful. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Hypnotist David Barron is a very skilled and professional, making the entire experience very enjoyable. I highly recommend him.
My deepest anxiety has been public speaking and I have to do it fairly often at my work. If it weren't for the recommendation of my friends I wouldn't have even considered hypnosis for anxiety or public speaking. David had helped a co-worker quit smoking and her transformation was amazing, so it seemed like I should give it a try. I was skeptical but David assured me of how it worked. The first session seemed to 'flip the switch', he showed how to feel the most confident and comfortable and we built it up until I felt unstoppable. From that point on giving presentations have been FUN! The additional sessions helped to seal the deal. I am now that lady who enjoys making presentations.
I have never done anything like this in my life, I was extremely nervous, but David put me right at ease. I told him how I was having difficulty in losing weight and keeping it off. what an amazing experience. After one week I dropped 10 pounds, I am now down 13 pounds in 10 days. I no longer have any cravings or desire to eat food that is not healthy. I couldn't be happier. Thank you David!!!
I helped a child with a medical condition by following David's instructions I found in his book "Mind Control", and later I had a wonderful hypnosis experience in person and got amazing results! I really recommend him.

David Barron
64 Reviews

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