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I am passionate about uncovering who we are at Soul-level, and supporting you to be the true you. Akashic Records Wisdom. Create a Soul-led lifestyle!

St. Louis, MO
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License, Credentials & Experience

Ellen has been helping people for 6 years
Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Healers Magazine
Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner
Andrrea Hess; Soul Realignment®
Certified Akashic Records Master Reader
World Metaphysical Association Academy
Certified Angel Card Reader
Doreen Virtue
Bachelor of Music
Colorado State University

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Akashic Records Soul Realignment® Reading
In the Akashic Records Soul Reading, we meet via Zoom. Learn about YOUR Divine gifts! Find out how your choices (conscious and unconscious) are affecting you in your current life. Receive an energy clearing. Take the first step today toward discovering the real You!
60 Minutes   •   $88

Akashic Records Soul Realignment® Reading--Child
Parents, get to know your child at Soul-level. The Akashic Record Soul Reading -- Child, is a reading done on behalf of a child under a parent or guardian's care. This reading is most often presented to the parent or guardian, but on the request of the parent, can include the child as well. It includes the same level of detail as the Akashic Records Soul Reading. Learn about your child's divine gifts and energies that literally ARE their Soul.
60 Minutes   •   $88

Energetic Property Clearing
Feel good in your space. Clear unwanted energies and invite in blessings and love. Blessings can be customized toward what you wish to create and experience in your space! Available worldwide--conducted remotely in the Akashic Records. Available for renters, owners and travelers! Details of clearing can be discussed via zoom or email.
30 Minutes   •   $88


Akashic Reading
Chakra Balancing

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St. Louis
St. Louis MO 63123, United States
Mon: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Tue: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Thu: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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About me

I have been supporting clients to discover their unique divine gifts and channel guidance on their deepest heart-felt questions for over six years.

I'm also a solo mom to a wonderful son. His birth was a huge game-changer in my life. It propelled me to be the real me. It propelled me to choose how I wanted to do life.

I absolutely love this work! There are no mistakes, if you are drawn to work with me, it's divinely guided and for the benefit of both of us. Through the Soul Realignment® Reading/Clearing and channeled messages, my clients have enjoyed deep insight into who they are at Soul-Level, and often feel greatly affirmed. Reading for their children provides a bird's eye view into the nature of their child's Soul, that really allows them as a caregiver to support them even more. In ongoing work, it's a privilege to dive deeper into the energy and roots of circumstances, and which new actions are needed to shift into something different.

I have a diversified background, having worked in many different roles in different industries. I've worked with children and adults as a teacher, music therapist, and intuitive. I have an empathic, compassionate nature, and I care very deeply about people.

My Philosophy of Care

It's all perfect. Choice creates circumstances. Clearing in the Akashic Records creates a wonderful energetic opportunity to make new choices. Deep insight into who you are at Soul-level, and channeled guidance just for you can be a wonderful support as you take steps to match your human experience to your high level of consciousness.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Sit in a comfortable spot and hop on our zoom call! I'll go through your divine gifts and energies of your Soul and also bring your awareness to any energetic blocks and restrictions that may be affecting your current experience. Then I'll read you the channeled reading that came through just for you. You are most welcome to share things as they come up or ask any questions!

My Inspiration

I've been an intuitive since I was a kid. I would see or know or dream things that then played out in real life.
When I learned that I would be journeying into motherhood on my own, I chose to invest in my own healing. I worked with an Akashic Records channel and a Pranic Healing healer, and they really made a difference in my life. I knew I wanted to work with Akashic Records and as soon as the intention was set--an ad popped up on my Facebook to learn how to read Akashic Records!

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Ellen Lorraine Niemeier

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