Elyse Williams

Registered Herbalist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher

Awakening Healing Consciousness with Essential Oils

Bend, OR

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29 NW Greeley Ave, Bend OR 97701, United States
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About me

Elyse brings nearly two decades of experience studying and practicing herbal medicine. Her early fascination with plant medicine led to over eight years of self-study with native people in rural Alaska, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize and Peru, and prompted her to pursue a Master of Science degree in Herbal Medicine at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

As her Washington, DC practice grew, Elyse connected the need for healthy functioning digestion to properly utilize herbal medicine and became a Certified Nutrition Specialist through the National Board of Certified Nutritionists. Not long after, she saw the need to engage her clients’ emotional and energetic imbalances in order to promote the physical healing they were seeking. This led to further study and certification at the Baltimore School of Reflexology, training in essential oil therapeutics and Aromatherapy, Mahatma Reiki Master/Teacher training and becoming a certified instructor of SynergyDance, based on Randolf Stone’s Polarity Therapy methods.

While in Washington, DC, Elyse also developed her own curricula for community learning classes to reach a greater number of people and offer valuable tools ranging from herbal medicine applications, healing with essential oils, and reflexology for self and others.

Since moving to Bend six years ago, Elyse has continued to expand her personal practice with new powerful tools, including spiritual guidance techniques and HeartMath-based energy work and chakra clearing/trauma release. Elyse serves as an instructor at Central Oregon Community College where she teaches Aromatherapy I and II classes. She also teaches professional/community continuing ed courses, including an Elemental Herbal Medicine series, Healing with Essential Oils series, and Reflexology for Everyone through COCCs Community Learning Program. Elyse is now officially a "Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild." This is the only professional herbal organization in this country!

Elyse’s practice is fueled by a passion to initiate healing change at the most pivotal level where the client is most strongly imbalanced and poised to transform. Deeply ingrained patterns stemming from spiritual/emotional, mental, and physical dis-ease can only be healed when the client uses his/her own unique messaging system on all of these levels to allow for release, restoration, and active healing alignment through greater awareness of Self.


Elyse Williams

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