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6 Hypnotherapists in Seattle, WA
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Alex Garver, CHT

901 Boren Ave S, 1300, Seattle WA 98104, United States Yesler Terrace
5.0 (8 reviews)
"Whenever I try to describe to friends the work I do with Alex, my go-to phrase is “It’s like an acid trip without the acid.” I always add, “It’s amazing.” Alex has taught me nothing less than how to venture around within my own psyche. It’s gotten to the point where I can now do it on my own – but I still meet regularly with Alex, because with him there, things go that much deeper. I trust him completely as a caring guide and witness; in his presence I feel safe to explore areas that might be too scary to approach on my own. I’ve found inner dimensions I never knew existed – actually seen them, and found beings there to speak with. I still don’t know how it works. I only know it’s endlessly fascinating and enriching, as much so now as in our first few sessions. Alex doesn’t give out answers, but he has a knack for asking just the right questions, which prompt something inside me to pipe up with my own answers to my own deepest questions – answers which often floor me. Sometimes I encounter truths I always “knew” but hadn’t yet gotten around to noticing and naming. And at other times, stuff comes up I had no inkling of whatsoever, and I just have to sit with this up-ending new information until the shock wears off and I realize it, too, fills in a whole section of the jigsaw puzzle. I never know what will come up next, and that’s probably the main reason I keep going back for more. Not to mention Alex’s wealth of knowledge in so many spiritual and therapeutic modalities… he’s awfully hard to stump! And his patience… I keep bringing up the same old knots and patterns sometimes, and he’ll happily return there, again and again, until I finally feel them start to loosen their grip. I don’t remember what prompted me to begin the specific Internet search that led me to Alex… but I remember why I first reached out. I felt stuck, unsure, underconfident. I sure don’t feel that way now. My destination, if anything, feels even more mysterious… but these days, I have a very real sense of momentum, I keep seeing clues that I’m on the right path, and helpers keep appearing when I need them. Which, I guess, is how I found Alex… and I’m so grateful."

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