Joyce Avans

Certified Flowtrition Practioner ,Usi Holy Fire Reiki Practioner ,doTerra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

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Shawnee Mission, KS

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Relaxation Therapy
Endorsed by Thomas Wolford, L.M.T and 2 others
Endorsed by Perri Eckel, LMT
Men's Health

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Overland Park
Overland Park KS 66204, United States
Mon: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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About me

Flowtrition is a gentle touch that allows for the integration of life experiences stored in the body as tension. It is a means of finding the touch, nutrition, and thoughts that encourage growth an d evolution of the individual.

If you've never experienced Flow, you are in for a treat!

We all have stress. Our bodies were designed perfectly to react to stressful situations. However, they were not designed to live there! Stressed-out is not what "normal" should feel like. Nowadays, most of us have forgotten how to relax. We can't or don't take the time to "power down," living in a constant state of fight or flight. Flowtrition works with the body to create a new, relaxed "normal." When the body is relaxed and at ease, it can rest and repair. People who have experienced Flow report that they sleep deeper and longer. They breathe deeper. They think more clearly and feel more energetic. Who can't use more of that in their life?


Joyce Avans

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