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Self-care is a journey and the first step is to simply acknowledge that you deserve to be loved and cared for.

Denver, CO

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About me

The journey of spiritual healing began in 2016 when facing several life circumstances head on and began to witness how life was being directed from places of abuse: emotional, physical and mental including substance abuse.

After recieving a very powerful wake up call from struggling with PTSD, eating disorders, physical and substance abuse and the many challenges that correlated with them. As these challenges were becoming increasingly loud, I came very close to ending it all. After reaching out to a colleague in the field, I was introduced to Sacred Journey Therapy, Energy Healing facilitated through Cranial Sacral Therapy.

I fell in love with the work and enrolled at The Sacred Journey Institute located in Illinois. Soon after, throughout this training I anchored in how changing my life meant living from the present and not the past. Not only was I able to lift myself out of a very dark time, I created an illuminated shift from deeply buried patterning and cycles that contribute to keeping an individual locked into pains and suffering. Sometimes very harsh circumstances.

After looking fear and evil in the face, I have immense gratitude for what it has given me in return. The opportunity to help others and cherish my gifts as a facilitator is an incredible blessing. Life is sweet.

Live fearlessly. Love unconditionally.

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Laney Marie, LMT Answers
Hi Dexter, When it comes to trauma, the body carries a defense mechanism known as Miasm. It's an energetic layer the body creates as means of protection. When the threat is no longer present, it becomes a low frequency holding us back in life. Think taking one step forward but five steps back. To go even deeper, ancestral healing. An ancient healing modality that releases energetic/emotional buildup that surround the brain/spinal cord, to the muscles and cells, going bone deep. Healing current to past lives, to what's been encoded in DNA throughout ones ancestral lineage. For the past three years I've been studying miasm under Don Massast. He is the founder and director of The Sacred Journey Institute, cranial sacral therapy with an energetic approach. His teachings have completely transformed my ENTIRE life. Any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask! Blessings!
Laney Marie, LMT Answers
A person can experience deeper relief combing energy healing and cranial sacral therapy. When it comes to any type of oral issues, it seems to stem from deep seated emotions that we carry throughout out life time and from a lack of expressing ones trueself. When the chakras open up and a person has an emotional release and with how the cranial sacral therapy works with the musculoskeletal system, the body is able to self heal/self correct.

Laney Marie

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