Linda Shackelford Starr, Ph.D.

Ontological Coaching

Paramount to Starr’s process is the blending of personal and corporate goals, the communication of each individual employee’s inherent value

Houston, TX

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3262 Westheimer Rd, Houston TX 77098, United States
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About me


Linda Starr supports people in producing results. She simply doesn’t think in terms of reasonable possibilities or limitations. She expects, and her clients will tell you, to achieve miracles.

Linda Starr’s service is practical and results-oriented. By using a combination of insightful questions, guided imagery and positive affirmation, she helps clients to see their own personal barriers to success. Critiques of unsuccessful past behavior are offered in an atmosphere of loving support and cushioned by acknowledgements of what the individual is doing right.

Ms. Starr probes beyond what clients say to what they actually mean. Relentlessly searching out the real source of the problem, she guides the creation of uniquely personal solutions: solutions that really work.

The effectiveness of her methods goes beyond the business world. Additionally, she consults and speaks on a variety of personal issues and problems. Currently her practice is centered on productivity training classes and executive coaching designed to meet specific objectives. Almost any subject seems to be within her scope, for she perceives through to the underlying principles needed to yield success, then simplifies those principles for easy understanding and application.


Ms. Starr’s practical experience in helping others succeed comes via a career in advertising and marketing, first with a Houston-based advertising firm, then with Marketing Services Management, a marketing consultation firm. Through her marketing and promotion career, she has served numerous businesses, both large and small.

Ms. Starr concretely expresses her attitude of support for others through numerous civic involvements. She is founder of Power Network, Unlimited Professionals, and The Executive Advisory Council. She was formerly the Vice President of the Museum of Medical Science, President of the Spain and Texas Society, and member of the St. John’s School Mothers’ Guild.

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First visits are for two hours. Client lists all major concerns, we set priorities and address A-1. Clients leave with a feeling of relief and time well-spent.


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Linda Shackelford Starr, Ph.D. Answers
An excellent practice from the world of ontological coaching is to notice when you are shifting from one domain of permanent human concern to another as you flow through your day. i.e. I am moving from the domain of work to the domain of body when I get up from my desk to get a glass of water. This keeps you in present moment awareness.

Linda Starr

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