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From a place of curiosity, together we will explore the struggle and we will find your strengths and solutions to overcome your struggles.

Stillwater, MN

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About me

Do you feel unsure and overwhelmed about who you are, what you're doing, and where to start? Do you want to begin pursuing the things you are passionate about, but feel like something always gets in the way? I believe that you hold the needed solutions within your struggles. From a place of curiosity, together we will explore the struggle and we will find (or rediscover) your strengths and solutions to overcome whatever is getting in the way of living a full and happy life. Now is the time to create the space for you to explore yours.

I work with people who want to get into alignment with their true self. I believe when we are not in alignment we can experience symptoms such as depression, anxiety, low self worth and loneliness. I have a specialty area in working with the Highly Sensitive Person (

I am passionate about what I do. I use my intuition, high sensitivity, and curiosity to guide our time together. In addition to traditional talk therapy, I offer experiential opportunities of self exploration such as EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Psychotherapeutic Reiki, and Sand Work.

Lindsay Hildreth

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