Madelene Capelle

CREATIVE VISIONS Hypnotherapist,Reiki Master, SCENAR, EFT

Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas
3266 Brentwood St, Las Vegas NV 89121, United States
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About me

Madelene Capelle is the Founder and Director of Capelle Hypnosis, Creative Visions.

Madelene Capelle has a Master’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin and 25 years of experience in a wide range of therapeutic, artistic and spiritual disciplines.

Madelene’s background includes professional expertise in the fields of performance and teaching at the university level. She was Creative Arts Director at a private Las Vegas Psychiatric Hospital working with Seniors, Adults and Children.

Madelene has worked in private practice with several Las Vegas Psychiatrists using Hypnosis, Creative Visualization and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Ms. Capelle has presented numerous workshops and Artist Residencies at State Psychiatric Hospitals throughout the United States.

Miss Capelle has her Master of Music with a minor in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin,

Madelene continued her doctoral studies at the University of Indiana, Bloomington in Performance

Madelene studied Music Therapy in Vienna Austria and has a diploma.

Madelene did her first level hypnosis training at AMERICAN ACADEMY OF HYPNOSIS, Las Vegas 1997

Madelene took Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques and NLP training with Tad James in 1998 at the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF HYPONOTHERAPY, California.

She continued her studies in San Diego training for THE NATIONAL BOARD OF HYPNOTHERAPY AND HYPNOTIC ANAESTHESIOLOGY IN 1999. This included extensive training for pain management, working with cancer patients, adults and children that are going through Radiation and Chemo-Therapy.

Miss Capelle has attained a MASTER DEGREE in the Reiki Method of Natural Healing in 2008.

Madelene is also offering SCENAR treatments. The device can used to relieve pain and to reduce traumatic pain.
>relieve diabetic neuropathy(diabetic foot)
> analgesic pains in bones, muscles,joints and ligaments.
>manage acute and chronic back pain.
>manage primary dysmenorrhea.
>for procedural pain management after timed endometrial biopsy.
>to alleviate attacks of neuralgia

Madelene completed the Sacred Mind PSYCH-K Advanced Integration Workshop, 28 hours of Instruction with Lawrence F. Valmore,MSW in 2005.

Capelle also has training in EFT (tapping) Emotional Freedom Technique.

Madelene Capelle

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