Marilyn Lindsay, M.Ed., NC

Nutritionist / Educator

To regain and sustain a natural state of health, there is no greater wisdom than your body's fine-tuned sense of balance.

Ashland, OR

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About me

Marilyn Lindsay, M.Ed., NC, brings over 20 years as an educator to the field of Nutrition Science. She holds a Masters of Science in Education, is a Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC), a Board Certified Nutrition Professional with the NANP - National Association of Nutrition Professionals, a certified HeartMath Practitioner and stress reduction counselor.

In her nutrition practice, Harvesting Health, Marilyn specializes in dietary, detoxification and lifestyle approaches to prevent and reverse digestive and metabolic imbalances that lead to chronic disease and mood disorders.

A skilled facilitator, Marilyn practices in both Ashland, OR. and Larkspur, CA. Marilyn puts education at the center of care. Her passions are collaborating with clients on a bio-individual exploration and discovery, empowering them with knowledge, tools and practical strategies to optimize their health and to live their best life.


Marilyn Lindsay

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