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I guide people into connecting with their inner divine wisdom through energy. Your body has the ability to self heal at your command, when you change your mind about your life, your reality changes!

Markham, ON
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License, Credentials & Experience

Adriana has been helping people for 6 years
Reiki Master Certification
Dr. Deborah K. Grose, Intuitive Reiki Master
RYT-300 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Programme
Marni Schecter, CYA-RYT-E-Gold, Canadian Yoga Alliance
Crystalogy, Ancient Art of Knowledge & Healing
Dr. Deborah K. Grose, Intuitive Reiki Master
Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and Distance Reiki Certification
Dr. Deborah K. Grose, Intuitive Reiki Master
Reiki Level 1 Certification
Dr. Deborah K. Grose, Intuitive Reiki Master

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Muskoka Wellness Weekend Retreat (4 days)
These weekend retreats are held in Muskoka from Thursday to Sunday monthly with limited spots available so please contact us for our next retreat and get your name or group on the waiting list. You are always creating your own REALITY in your daily life. Your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS are extremely powerful and are responsible for what you are experiencing. Everything is energy, always in motion. Your emotions are (E-MOTION: Energy in Motion) and you too are energy! When you understand energy, how your body and energy bodies hold stuck energies, how you feel and believe about things, people, money, health, relationships, love and more then you will begin to truly understand what you are attracting into your everyday life! Understanding, and practicing the various easy techniques will open up a flood gate of synchronicities and you will begin to Feel, Sense the Energetic Forces at play, allowing you to receive these higher energies with such ease, ebb and flow. When you learn to clear your energy blocks, (which blocks the flow of the higher energies) you will naturally elevate your vibration which means you will attract more abundance into your life. A beautiful natural flow will begin to be felt and your clearing abilities becomes easier and most efficient. It will feel like you are a water fountain, a beautiful natural flow of energy flowing in and out, leaving you with a feeling of complete alignment, feel more love and connection to yourself and everything that surrounds you. Inevitably, you are signaling to the Universe that you are available, open to receive the abundance-you are a magnet for all the greatness that you deserve. Your perspective changes, shifting your awareness, and your EMOTIONS! You must create a shift in your life, to experience a shift! Being held in Muskoka, the weekend was set with the highest vibrational energies and positive intentions allowing many shifts to take place, powerful energies permeate throughout the weekend. You will feel these energies as they move through your energy bodies in a loving, gentle way assisting in clearing out any dense, heavy, stuck energy in your physical body and subtle bodies. Within the spaces we interact, the exercises performed, you will be able to see and understand the repetitive patterns that keep producing the same experiences in your life. The intention of this weekend is to allow you to recognize the limiting beliefs, release the energy blocks attached to these disempowering beliefs, feelings, emotions and allow the new energies to flow in. The energy tools we use will be felt and anchored throughout the weekend, making space for more abundance in those areas of your life. Transmute and alchemize the lower heavy energies into powerful higher energies and be a Super Powerful Creator, really step into your HIGHER SELF! Your true self will no longer be a figment of your imagination but a reality of your true essence. By day four, you will have a true understanding of what is in your way from living an abundant life. You will feel regenerated, uplifted, a new sense of awareness and self love! Step into a completely new future in all areas of your life that you deem important! ●All meals, taxes and accommodations at: ●Reiki (energy healing), releasing and clearing negative energy blocks and replacing it with complete new positive energy ●Sunrise Yoga ●Learn about Energy, Reiki, Self- Reiki without attunement; reiki manifesting sphere; reiki blessing sphere ●Chakra Cleansing (balancing and aligning the main energy points in your body). Release dense energies & experience an energetic shift. ●Intuitive meditation exercise (absolutely powerful, connecting to your higher being, the voice that is always guiding you) ●Water energy and how to use it for healing and blessings ●Learn about crystals and how to use them for healing ●Learn to break the energy blocks and move the energy in your body through tapping, dry brushing, meditation and breathwork ●Self-Hypnosis techniques, scripts & recording your own script (have it running throughout the day or when you sleep ● Transformational Magnetic Field exercise (summoning new energies into your energy body) only performed once blocks are cleared ●Tree Meditation. EARTHING... learn to connect with nature in a deeper way, once you connect, it will share its secrets with you! ●Crystal Reiki Sound Healing Bath: enjoy the higher vibrational frequencies created with Reiki Energy, Crystals, Sounds, Elements and other higher energies. (Journal your experiences, visions, sensations ●Breath work exercises, excellent for your mind, body, CNS and more ●Trail walk by the Muskoka River (energy release exercises by the river) ●Fire Exercises (combination of releasing and creating) ●Moon Release & Manifesting Exercises ●Focus Exercise: releasing old beliefs and transforming them into more positive energies that will assist you in creating abundance in all areas of your life that YOU deem important! Transform all areas of your life! ●Manifestation tools and exercises (easy tools to bring your desires into fruition) ●Ancient Wisdom vibrational alignment exercises and tools ●Tools and exercises to open the 3rd eye ●Tools and exercises to reprogram old limiting belief patterns ●Body & Aura Cleansing ●Daily easy rituals to keep your energy aligned and flowing Walk away with so many tools that assist you in clearing densities, not only in your physical body but also in your energy bodies. Inevitably increasing your vibrational frequency, which will ultimately draw in more abundance into your life! Be the vibration that attracts desires vs chasing, learn and master this with daily practices and be a witness to all the synchronicities in your daily life! Yes, you will feel absolutely aligned to these energies and will leave completely shifted, the rest is up to you! Please Note: the above is only an outline, there will be so many hidden breakthroughs and magick within each exercise! We also have scheduled guests at various times Psychic Medium (one on one readings and Donna from Singles: $1500 Double Occupancy: $1100 Floor Mattress arrangements are available: $888.00 NOTE: For any private group bookings, the above can be specifically customized to meet the needs of the group.
4740 Minutes   •   $1500

2 hour Reiki & Energy Retreat
This 2 hour retreat is created with the powerful intention that you connect with your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul; allowing you to feel refreshed, energized, clearer, and powerful which will inevitably allow more room for abundance to flow in various areas of your life! Quiet the voices of doubt and criticism weighing down your mind.  Connect with the spiritual energy waiting to PULL you towards a better life. Set yourself up for success by crafting a clear vision of the life you would LOVE to live, in a short 2 hour retreat.   RELEASING NEGATIVE BELIEFS ( LOW VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES) & FILLING IT WITH HIGHER ENERGY EMOTIONS ALLOWS YOU TO EXPAND YOUR ENERGY! OUTWARDS, THIS EXPANSION IS WHERE YOUR DESIRES AROUND MONEY, HEALTH, LOVE, CAREER , SUCCESS MANIFESTS FROM! For example if you want 1,000,000.00 but your active belief around money is one of scarcity:  I don't have enough money,  it's too hard to make lots of money , only rich people make it, rich people are lucky- that would never happen to me,  from this space it is not possible to attract the amount you desire!  In fact, you will most likely attract more bills!  The law of vibration and the law of attraction are universal laws! You get what YOU VIBRATE TO!  Learn some effective tools to change your vibration and what it takes to hold it. Feel the energy and power that exists within groups, the energy is so much more powerful as we work within  a group setting;  our releasing, healing and receiving is that much greater!  Whether you need clarity, answers to the unknown, to release tension, or to simply be, this is the retreat for you! YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS ARE WHAT YOU ARE VIBRATING TO -GOOD AND OR BAD ONES.  LOW ENERGIES MAGNETICALLY PULLS IN LOW ENERGIES ( MORE DEBTS, SPEEDING TICKET, ACCIDENTS, NEGATIVE PEOPLE, ARGUEMENTS AND MORE) SIMILARLY HIGH ENERGIES ATTRACTS HIGH ENERGIES LIKE LOVE, MONEY, SUCCESS, JOY, PEACE , TRAVELS, POSITIVE PEOPLE , FUN AND MORE! IN ESSENCE, THE ENERGY WORK ALLOWS YOU TO: HEAL OLD WOUNDS, RECOGNIZE HOW LIMITING BELIEF PATTERNS SHOW UP REPEATEDLY IN YOUR LIFE & IN DIFFERENT AREAS (the same belief can show up in the area of love, money, relationships, health and more). Once recognized  various energy tools are implemented  to RELEASE THIS LOW VIBRATIONAL ENERGY THAT IS BLOCKING ABUNDANCE! Lastly, this NEW EMPTY SPACE is where infinite possibilities are created.  You cannot help but feel the energy shift- so what will you do with this new space?  NEW HIGH VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES:  EXPANDING YOUR ENERGY BODY!  THIS IS THE VIBRATION YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE AND VIBRATE TO; THIS IS THE ENERGY THAT DESIRES MANIFEST INTO REALITY, INTO YOUR EXPERIENCE! WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: ●Conversation on the impact energy (your energy and other people's energy) has on our body and mind & tools to change it ●Reiki(energy healing) releasing and clearing negative energy blocks and replacing it with complete new positive energy. ●Chakra Cleansing (balancing and aligning the main energy points in your body).  Release dense energies & experience an energetic shift. ●Intuitive meditation exercise (absolutely  powerful, connecting to your higher being, the voice that is always guiding you) ● Transformational Magnetic Field exercise (summoning new energies into your energy body) ●Focus Exercise:  profound & transformative, this is an opportunity for you to pick any area of your life: work, money, career, love,  relationships and or your health and create a new story that will allow this area to manifest  and unfold into that which you said you wanted, activating a new vibration within you!  I ask that you hold this energy and carry this with you when you leave.
120 Minutes   •   $255

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Exact location provided after booking.
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