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My intention to help heal others by reconnecting them to their body, their mind and their spirit by purely natural means. The body is to be treated as an ecosystem, not a machine.

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Adriana has been helping people for 2 years
Ayurvedic Health Counselor
Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda
Bachelors in History
San Jose State University
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

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Includes a thorough health history inventory, detailing diet and lifestyle. We’ll focus on any concerns you might have and what your health goals are. After determining the cause, you will be given a unique health-care plan, including a combination of diet and lifestyle modifications, as well as natural herbal formulations.
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Consists of checking in on previous conversation and recommendations provided. From here, we can change anything that is not working or address any new health concerns and wellness goals.
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Acid Reflux
Adrenal Fatigue

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About me

I truly believe our connection to the elements is integral to the balance of our mind, body and spirit, creating a harmonious and happy life. My love for Ayurveda started with my own life-long health ailments, specifically a condition in my GI tract which Western medicine doctors could not figure out. After years of ongoing crippling pain, multiple tests, surgical procedures, prescription pills, bouts of depression and absolutely no answers, I was determined to heal myself naturally.

The journey to healing has been long, but by modifying my diet, supplementing with herbal formulas and practicing yoga, meditation and breath work, I feel better than I ever have in my entire life. This has motivated and inspired my holistic health journey, leading me to receive my certification in Integrative Health Coaching (where I first heard of Ayurveda 6 years ago). I became obsessed with the connection of mind, body and spirit and how each of the elements corresponds to each of the bodily systems. After a few years of practicing Ayurveda at home, I grew committed to spreading the word of this ancient medicinal system that brought me back to life. Studying under world renowned healers such as Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, I became an Ayurvedic Health Counselor with the intention to help heal others, re-connect to the natural world and serve them in their health – and life – journeys.

Nothing is separate, everything is connected. I hope to connect with you!

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