Alaya A. Dannu, MA, CYT-200

Mother Goddess Culture Keeper, Spiritual Guide, Embodiment Coach, Sacred Dancer

Temple of HetTawy

I guide you to the discovery and exploration of your root origins so that you may dissolve and transcend limiting narratives, in order to embody your true essence.

Tempe, AZ
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License, Credentials & Experience

Ma'at Hesi Diya has been helping people for 14 years
Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology
The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Currently Sofia University)
200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga and Ayurveda Center
SoulCollage® Facilitator

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Initial consultation
This is a free initial consultation for us to determine if working together at this time is in alignment. You'll be held in this supportive space to explore your questions, thoughts, desires, hopes, and goals. I am so looking forward to listening in and speaking with you!
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Connection and Assessment
You know you want to work with me but you want to chat about the services I provide in greater detail to ensure you choose the best fit. Let's connect and have an awesome chat about where you are and where you want to go.
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Short Dream Revelation Session
What are your dreams trying to convey? What messages from deep within (yourself) or great beyond (spiritual realms) are trying to get your attention? This option is great for ONE really short yet profound dream or ONE recurring dream that you would love some insight into. It is a basic exploration of what messages are trying to emerge through your sleep visionary experience(s): we speak about your dream and what life/waking events are related, and how they are interconnected. This is not a session where we speak in great detail or about integration and embodiment. Please choose the "Dream Revelations - Basic" for a longer in-depth conversation, or the "Embodied DreamWeaving" option if you are wanting integration and embodiment techniques/practices to better integrate your dream. This is also a great option for those who have their own integration practices and are looking for a fresh set of news eyes to uncover what otherwise would remain hidden. After booking this session, please email me with your dream - typed or audio recording is okay, just please ensure the audio is in a .wav format and less than 25MB to be sent through email. If you have WeTransfer, that could work too. The date you book for our session will be the day we meet/chat. This means I will need your dream in advance: at LEAST 3 days in advance (preferable), 7 days in advance is the maximum. This will allow me the time to sit with and intuitively receive any additional meanings or guidance that could be helpful to you. Once I have confirmed receipt of your dream via email, I will also invite you to pay attention to waking synchronicities and additional dreams that could be connected. If this does happen, please bring them to our time together! Q: Why do I need 3-7 days' advance notice? A: This is to ensure that I properly prepare myself and my space to receive additional information that needs to come through regarding your dream. Dreams are not only imaginal experiences to be glanced at, dissected, psycho-analyzed, or assumed as unreal, and placed on a back burner. My ancestral and cultural beliefs view dreams as a space of awakening: an intermediary between our waking realm and the many spiritual planes that exist. Receiving your dream the night before does not serve to assist either of us on this journey of discovery. Q: Can you interpret and tell me what my dream means? I don't know how to do that. A: I firmly believe the dreamer ultimately determines what the dream means, and I am simply a guide to assist you in discovering what is being communicated. In our session(s), I will always ask "How does this land for you?" or, "What is coming up for you as I share what's emerging?". This is a part of the intuitive guidance that I am tapping into: I am asking both my guides and yours to assist me with clarity so that you too can receive clarity. I ask questions that allow greater unfolding. All throughout the process you are invited and encouraged to tap in and listen to what is emerging for you. Q: What kind of training do you have, or is it all based on your cultural background? A: I love this question! My upbringing revolved around dream memory and sharing. This means my mother stressed and reinforced the importance of remembering my dreams. Dreaming was all about traveling the spiritual realms and receiving guidance. I've been recalling and integrating my dreams since I was three; that's about 35 years of dream interpretation/weaving experience. The cultural influences are diverse: the cosmology that my understanding of dreams is rooted in is one where the Primordial Mothers are the creators. This means my Indian (Shakta/Tantric), African (parthenogenetic seven mothers), and Nordic (3 fates) ancestry has played a prominent role in my ancestral dreaming, interpretation, and embodiment experiences. I have lived my life following my dreams.
45 Minutes   •   $90


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Learn More About Alaya A. Dannu, MA, CYT-200

About me

I am a doctoral student at Fielding University, completing my degree in Human Development. My topic of inquiry endeavors to illuminate the nature and importance of ancestral dreaming, its ability to inform identity and human development, enhance the academic and scholarly inquiry, and bring awareness to a matriarchal tradition that was revealed through my ancestral dreaming experiences. I am a spiritual guide, creative artist, and sacred dancer. My three-year, three-month, and three-week ancestral pilgrimage that was crafted and revealed to me by my ancestors in my dreams, have served to reinforce the importance of knowing and honoring one's origins, true identity, and purpose in life. My engagement with the creative and expressive arts is directly related to the images and teachings experienced in my dreams.

The transmission of ancestral memory across generations experienced through dreams is at the foundation of my doctoral work because it is the foundation of my life. I live my dreams. These are ancestral dreams (which contain ancestral memory) and differ greatly from lucid dreaming or the way dreaming is understood by the Eurocentric and Western minds. They come from something far greater beyond myself and linear time, revealing my destiny and guiding me in life. As a mixed-race/heritage woman, becoming aware of, connecting to, and honoring one's multidimensionality is so very important for cultivating an authentic life and overall wellbeing.

My Philosophy of Care

I encourage and invite people to seek out their root origins, providing one with the space to recreate oneself not influenced by unhealthy and unsupportive ideologies/narratives. Three ancestral principles inform my way of moving in the world and how I engage my work with clients: Origin, Wisdom, Creation. My character is continuously polished by Sundari Ma'at, a philosophical concept taught via ancestral dreams from two ancestral lineages, keeping me grounded, authentic, embodied, and present.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

You will be supported in your process, through a nonjudgmental ear, heart, and mind. This is the space to be held, nourished, supported, and witnessed. However, it is not a space that supports the re-affirmation of damaging/unsupportive narratives. It is a space of (co)creation, authenticity, and embodiment. I will keep my sharing to a minimum - this is the space and time for YOU.

My Inspiration

I inspire and empower people to engage in a transdisciplinary approach to life, exploring non-traditional ways of knowing and learning as a means for cultivating their creative process, all the while diving deep into the benefits of an organic/intuitive inquiry process for their overall well-being. This has worked for me and my family. I want to provide creative ways for it to work for those who are in alignment. Being guided in such a divine, loving way is accessible to everyone.

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Alaya A. Dannu, MA, CYT-200

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