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Matthew Ralph

We are all unique, I strive to assist in allowing you to acquire the tools to discover your center point, thru grounding involving frequencies and vibrations brought about thru a complete process.

Durango, CO
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Alkemi has been helping people for 10 years
Advanced Energetics
Innerversity at Secret Energy
Manifestation Mastery
Innerversity at Secret Energy
Secret Energy
Secret Energy

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Custom Design Sound Bed
After an initial consultation - I design a sound bed for you to use in your own practice - whether reiki , or massage practice- i will engineer a session that fits the intent you want to bring to the foreground of your own practice to help you help clients further into themselves and benefit the environment that you practice in- this can be used for your guided meditations as well- you will recieve a personal copy with your own rights to use this material in any need you see fit.

Hue Adjustment
Thru an array of Sound Healing Instruments, after a free consultation, I will design a custom Hue Adjustment using desired tones and vibrationals to better assist you with grounding, focus, and relief of virtually any ailment to bring yourself to the front and center point of your own life

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29251 US-160, Durango, CO 81301, USA
Mon: 5:00 PM - 11:30 PM
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