Alondra Pina Rubalcava

Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Body Image Coaching, Wellness Coaching

Helping you end restriction & emotional eating behaviors to awaken your intuition & create a joyful lifestyle that lasts.

Chicago, IL
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License, Credentials & Experience

Alondra has been helping people for 4 years
Certified Life Coach
The Life Coach Training Academy
Master Reiki Practitioner
Blissful Reiki Careers

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Discovery Call
On this discovery call we will discuss if a Reiki Healing treatment is right for you. We will also discuss your reasons for wanting to intrude it into your life & how it can benefit you, how it works, and the potential changes you might see in your life after your first session.
15 Minutes   •   FREE

1:1 Reiki Healing Session
On this Reiki Healing Session we will work together by releasing any blocked chakras. Typically I like to start with a brief 5 minute mediation and intention. After the session we will take some time to go over your feelings & what to expect after the session.
60 Minutes   •   $100


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Alondra is based in Chicago, IL and offers virtual services to people all over the world
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About me

welcome to this safe space love,

I am Alondra. I am a woman, a mother, a daughter , but what most identifies me is that I am healer eager to help you become the best version of yourself.

I spent years stuck in a dark hole feeling not good enough & changing myself was the only way I could cope with the pain. Controlling what I put into my body became and obsession that slowly deteriorated my health to the point of almost facing death.
I completely lost my identity and all that identified me was anorexia & bulimia. My teenage years were the hardest years of my life because instead of spending my days in high school , I spent them bound to a hospital bed.
One morning a doctor walked in & point blank told me I had three months to live if I didn't start taking care of myself. At that moment, I felt my heart sink like I had never felt before.
I knew that there was no way that my purpose was to simply suffer & die without truly living,
Recovery was not easy. There were days where I simply did not want to live, but at the same time I did not want to die. My recovery consisted of digging deep into my soul and healing childhood wounds that contributed to feeling unworthy of love, compassion, and happiness.

Recovery taught me resilience, strength, compassion. will power, but most of all love.
I made it my mission to help souls searching for meaning discovered their power within. You are more than a number on a scale & you deserve happiness and love.


My Philosophy of Care

I want you to feel comfortable and safe in the space that you and i will create for your healing.
When you begin to experience the healing energy of Reiki in your life you might be an emotional rollercoaster as many describe it.
My promise to you is to always be open minded, compassionate & respectful . We will walk through your healing journey at a pace that is comfortable to you.
What I ask from you is to always bring an intention & remain open hearted.

My Inspiration

y Experiencing the healing energy of Reiki has allowed me to view myself in a deeper level. It has proven to me that we can heal with more than traditional approaches like psychotherapy and medication. Energy healing has created the blissful life I never knew I would have.

Alondra Pina Rubalcava

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