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Open🤍 only love✨ Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga, Hatha | Fitness, Pilates, Dance Therapy | Clairsentient- I sense feeling then interpret with intuition | Clairvoyant- I see & channel energy with my mind

Pittsburgh, PA
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Alyssa (Intuitive Healer) has been helping people for 9 years
Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner
Access Conscioousness
Antigravity Fundamentals
Antigravity Fitness
Crystal Reiki Master
Lisa Powers Reiki

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Access Consciousness
Understand what obstacles may be in the way of your alignment. Return to a clear perception that confidently knows how to receive to enhance your state of being. Accomplish your desires with far greater ease. I channel each session intuitively by connecting with a clients soul-higher self to reveal the most relevant information for the person at the time. The session begins with 45 - 60 minutes of hand placements on the scalp and around the eyes, then 30 minutes remain at the end for integration and conversation totaling 90 minutes of service. Each session is different based on the clients current experience and life history. I am an interpreter of what is happening for them in the spiritual and energetic realms. Here is what Access Consciousness can provide: ✨ Subconscious Reprogramming. Some people can viscerally feel where an energetic blockages exists and they know why. I can support with clearing the blockages, filling it with light, and questing language to reprogram the beliefs around the topic, even if a person doesn't fully understand the block. I can help to pinpoint issues in the subconscious mind that are creating blocks or pinpoint the moment wherein the blockage occurred, which occasionally brings me back to someone's childhood or forgotten memories. ✨ Chakra Balancing and Refiguration. During a session, I will look into the persons energy field and scan for any chakra deformations. I can then discover what caused the deformation and work with light to reconfigure it. Some persons chose a follow up Crystal Reiki session where I use sacred geometry and light patterns to restore a proper flow of energy. ✨ Energetic Implant Removal. Energy is like furniture, it moves, functions for a purpose, and when we put it in our house, we want it to blend harmoniously in the space. Like furniture, people create methods of which energy flows around them based on their thoughts and perception. When these perceptions are inherited or not serving us, they can get lodged and create an "implant". Implants are not chakras. Implants are like furniture we bring into the house and may need to move. I can see or sense these implants, why they are present, and support their removal. ✨ Akashic Records Reading. Akash means spirit in Sanskrit. I can look into the history of someone's spirit. I am able to support them to realign their personality with their soul-higher self through soul retrieval and receiving information about the lessons they are meant to experience in this life. ✨ Communication with Spirits and deceased family members. With some clients, I connect with spirits or entities who may be "hanging around" or attached to a client. This sometimes includes crossed over family members who want to share a message, or low vibrational entities a person is unconsciousness agreeing to allow in their life due to their actions or a weak aura / energetic field. I often receive loving messages from spirits around a person and also support clearing unnecessary visitors. At then end of a session, we will spend about 30 minutes talking about what was felt from the client and myself. I share the insights I received and I am available for follow-up sessions or conversations for integration. Book a package of 3 for $300 by emailing
90 Minutes   •   $120

Crystal Reiki
All people and things exchange energy, yet to intentionally channel it for healing requires clarity of consciousness and a physical stamina to receive and maintain the electromagnetic charge. In each Crystal Reiki session, I hold high vibrational space by aligning with unity and allowing life force to move directly through the center channel of my body and out of my hands. Sessions start with a discussion to focus the service. Then, I use a dowsing rod to physically see the health of each chakra. With that information, I create a crystal grid aligned to sacred geometry specifically for your session. The crystals serve as an additional purifying channel, grounding apparatus, and source of information. Occasionally, I may place a crystal on your body to support a change occurring in your energetic field. Mostly, I hover my hands over your body which can feel like bolts of light coming out of my hands, like a rod of staff renewing a place where energy may be disrupted. Occasionally, I may receive information or messages for a client during a session. Yet because energy changes based on the observer, as noted by quantum studies of the Observer Effect, I am highly intentional about the space I hold to ensure that I remove my egoic-consciousness, or observational lens, from the channel of life force itself. Any information that I may receive is direct information from their high-self and guides. I channel only peaceful healing energy from a wholesome, neutral source. Package of 3 sessions for $210. Email for a package.
60 Minutes   •   $80

Kundalini Dance / Awakened Bellydance
Kundalini is an incredibly potent tool for healing the mind, body and emotions in addition to expanding and charging the energetic field of a person. Kundalini Dance pulls energy up from the earth and sends this infinitely powerful life force rippling throughout the body, causing the person to shake and gyrate. Kundalini, or the creative force, is the same as the sexual force since both create life. Kundalini Dance teaches you to channel life force towards your desires and upwards to connect with your soul higher self. Moving the hips stimulates synovial fluid up to your pineal gland and releases DMT which unifies the hemispheres of the brain. Dance therapy can support you to change your life, your thoughts, clear emotions, and receive information to understand your true being. Alyssa studied a form of dance therapy called Awakened Bellydance for 2 years and attended teacher training in 2022 in Egypt. Awakened Bellydance stimulates Kundalini through hip and belly based movements. As a dancer since age 4, Alyssa draws on a wide arrangement of dance philosophies, yet her greatest influence for facilitating Kundalini Dance techniques has come from Awakened Bellydance. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Dance the 7 Chakras 1-on-1. Process and dance the themes of one chakra per session. Each session includes: - 60 minutes of dance - 30 minutes of Integration Service which includes either Crystal Reiki or Subconscious Clearing and Reprogramming - 30 minutes of conversation for support Received continued integration support through phone or text chat LIMITED! I will only take 2 clients at a time for this service 7 Sessions for $888 Email:
120 Minutes   •   $160

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