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I teach you how to become aware of and use Your gifts! In the process you gain clarity, self esteem, & realization/remembrance of your capabilities. I’m not afraid of your dark. Let’s get healing :)

Alexandria, LA
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License, Credentials & Experience

Amy has been helping people for 11 years
Certified Master Coach
Transformation Academy
Certified Meditation Instructor
Melissa Crowhurst
Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS)
C.A.R.E. Center of Aromatherapy Research & Education
Emotional Release Technique
C.A.R.E. Center of Aroma Therapy Research & Education

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Natal Chart Reading
Why get a natal chart reading? 1. Self Understanding, Know thyself to Heal Thyself!!! If you are looking to self heal. Astrology is an AMAZING tool to help and guide you. A natal chart reading will explain to you all about the planets, what they have an influence over in your life, how they help, how they challenge you, how to navigate the different energies, and how to thrive in your very OWN energy! 2. Self Acceptance.. If you have ever had a hard time with accepting who you are because of guilt, shame, or other conditioning that needs to be healed, you can use astrology as your free pass. When we know who we are and understand the influences on us that make us who we are…and the knowing we were created exactly how we were supposed to be is much easier to accept self. 3. Understand Your Relationships! If you have problems with any type of relationships in your life, we can uncover why and create a simple solution..all based on your astrology! (*Side note* Relationship healing-along with psychology is one of my natural gifts, and I discovered this before I learned about it in astrology-but I never acknowledged that I was really that good until I had my chart read…so in other words, your confidence will most probably level up too!) 4. Find Your Purpose! What in the world are you here for? We can look into your purpose and even discover clues as to what steps need to be taken to fulfill your soul’s desire! 5. Career Guidance..this is definitely one of my favorites! What is the best career for you according to your natal chart? What field would you thrive in? How can you create money and resources easily? What are your gifts when it comes to a fulfilling career? 6. Find out what your love language is according to your chart, and how you show love without effort to others. *Side Note* When we look at your partner, children, family member, or friend charts ((with their permission)) we can also tell what ways these special people feel loved. 7. Activate You Gifts! Have the ability to function at your highest potential! There are certain aspects in your chart that need to be activated in order for you to use these energies. We will activate these energies during our reading if that is something you wish to do! 8. Uncover Your hidden talents! There is nothing that is more exciting to me than de-coding your SUPER POWERS. This is a self empowerment tool like no other and I AM HERE FOR IT :) :) :) 9. To be continued..

Frequency Healing
Sit, relax, and do nothing while soaking in specific frequencies for your healing needs! This is an in person appointment by appointment basis, with the option to purchase your own frequency healer with training. The sky is the limit with frequency healing, we can work on almost any alignment with this modality!
60 Minutes   •   $65


Access Consciousness

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900 4th St, Alexandria, LA 71301, USA
Mon: 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
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About me

Hi! I am so glad you landed here. I have been in love with working with energy for over a decade now! My passion is guiding those ready to self heal. Because of this, I have discovered what feels like hundreds of tools and systems to help you along the process. My number one system-of course-is Astrology! My favorite way to raise vibrations-Essential Oils & Yoga!
I have made it my business to self educate on as many things I feel called to that involve spirituality, self help & mental wellness related topics, & have been taking various courses & read many books since 2011. (I am a major nerd, so learning is fun for me!) 
I have completed trainings, courses, and certifications in the following subjects: Master Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Happiness Coach, Goal Setting, Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Meditation, Healing Past Lives, Chakra Healing, Reiki Master, EFT, Dowsing, NLP, Intuition Strengthening, Mindset, Journaling, Academy of Energy Healing, Astrology, Yoga, Crystal Reiki, Raindrop Therapy, Healing Oils of the Scriptures, Sound Healing, Color Healing, Vita Flex, Healing Herbs, Chemistry of Essential Oils, & Emotional Release. I’m sure I am forgetting some ;)

I do appreciate the deep layers of life & find these subjects the most fascinating, but I also love being around people and creating connection! Working with my clients and experiencing breakthroughs together is what gives me life!

Amy Leopard

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