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My 360° Coaching Approach brings all the parts of you into alignment so you can achieve and maintain a thriving life, opening up access to your amazing life on the other side of trauma.

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Amy has been helping people for 6 years
Certified Trauma Recovery Coach
The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching

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About me

I've always been weirdly intuitive and emotionally perceptive. I've also always had that feeling that I was being called and that greatness is just ahead. And not only for myself but for all who can answer the call. But to do that, you have to learn to hear.

Growing up in poverty, I had grand dreams of helping my family out of their stuckness. It was painful to realize that they didn't want help and they didn't want better for themselves. So I embarked on a mission to partner with like minds...people who are ready to heal and grow into their authentic self living their dream lives.

I wanted to be for others what no one ever was for me. You see, trauma = disconnection and healing = connection. It is only together that we can truly reconnect to ourselves, each other and the world so that we can achieve our own greatness.

Can you hear the call...that nagging at the edge of your consciousness? Are you ready to learn how to answer?

My Philosophy of Care

Ascension Wellness is a diverse community, serving, supporting and celebrating all who are ready to embark on their dream life regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, economic standing or any other fact of life.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

We will spend your first session getting to know each other, chatting about what brings you to coaching and we'll identify recovery goals you'd like to work towards. Each session will link back to those recovery goals to help us stay on track and track your progress.

My Inspiration

I get struggle. I have experienced chronic health issues, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, poverty, abusive relationships, single parenthood, and so much more. When depression and hopelessness set in, I rebelled and found a way to live my best authentic life .

Helping others heal is in keeping with my vision that every individual realize their own potential so that collectively we may transform our world into the magical place of endless possibilities I know it to be.

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Amy Lloyd Answers
Monday mornings are notoriously dreaded. Wednesday's are referred to as hump day and then we're sliding into home base, with a 'thanks God it's Friday'. There are imbalances at a fundamental level that need to be addressed. That's the long term. And you need more immediate relief for the short term. Let's talk about both. SHORT TERM That familiar sense of dread, not looking forward to or even straight up anxiety is all future related. As important as it is to look ahead, when you're coming from an untethered place, it can feel overwhelming. We first need to be grounded in the here and now so that we can feel tethered, anchored and secure. Breathwork, meditation and yoga are great grounding exercises. However, two of my personal favorites are Orienting from Somatic Experiencing and working with the root chakra. Orienting is a simple practice you can do anywhere. Simply turn your head to look over your shoulder and allow your eyes to slowly scan everything you can see, while naming each thing. As you see and name, slowly turn your head to take in what's in front of you, then what's on the other side. Try to turn your head as far as you're able over both shoulders so you're getting a 360 view. This practice is powerful because you are directly communicating with your Autonomic Nervous System (think flight/flight) and telling your system that you are safe. Consider our ancestors from way way back. They lived in far more immediate and actual danger, so our nervous systems evolved accordingly. When they scanned their surroundings like this, they were able to spot danger. No lions or tigers and all's good. If you've ever been drawn to go for a drive to clear your head, this is why. When driving we are mimicking this same thing by scanning the road all around us. To amp up this exercise even more, take slow deep belly breaths at the same time. This too tells your system you're safe by activating the vagus nerve, which runs near your diaphragm. When there's actual danger, we breath shallowly in our chest, the vagus nerve is not activated and that tells our system there is danger to prepare for. Understanding the biology can empower you to consciously tell your system you are safe, which in turn allows you to be grounded in the present. The root chakra is all about safety and security. Taking slow, deep belly breathes, breath in and envision a column of light extending from the base of your spine down into the earth. Breathing out, run your attention back up from the earth to the base of your spine. Repeat a few times. To take this a step further, breathe in, running your minds eye from the base of your spine down into the earth. Then on the out breath, run your attention from the earth, up to the base of your spine, continuing up your spine, noticing each chakra as you pass it and up through your crown, envisioning that column of light extending up to the spirit realm. As you continue breathing in and out, run your attention up and down this light column from the heavens to the earth and back. Now you are more fully connected to all that you are and to the collective consciousness / God / Universe, etc. This bolsters feelings of safety and security even more, allowing you to be present and grounded. LONG TERM This is the part that is likely most neglected and in need of attention. However, to get here, you need to keep doing your short term work to build capacity. It is not Monday's that any of us dread. It is what we have to do on Monday's. Life does not have to be drudgery and full of dreadful days. There is another way and on some level, I think you know that. Once you are in a grounded place more of the time, you build the capacity to be open to more possibility. You begin to access more creativity, curiosity and intuition which are the tools you'll need to reconnect with yourself. It is through the process of reconnection that you will identify ways your life is out of balance with your authentic self, and can begin the journey home to yourself, to your calling and to building your glorious future. This is the core of my work with clients. Reconnection with yourself brings clarity on your innate strengths and values, supports you in having strong boundaries, truly knowing, accepting and loving yourself, appreciating yourself and the gifts you bring to the world and feeling safe to show up as your true self. Who are you when no one's watching? Imagine having the confidence and self-love to be that always, in every situation and around any person! What does that have to do with dreading Mondays? When you are connected and living as your authentic self, you will accept nothing less than greatness. You will learn to dream big and to live those dreams. You learn to make stuff happen, knowing you are living your highest calling.
Amy Lloyd Answers
Though healing from PTSD and Complex PTSD can be challenging, it is absolutely possible. When we are calm, we have access to our thinking brain and can work via, what's called 'top down' approaches. However, when we're activated, our thinking brain goes offline and this is when we rely on 'bottom up' approaches. A solid holistic approach will encompass several top down and bottom up approaches. In this way, you are retraining your nervous system and your brain to behave differently. Over time, with fewer flashbacks (when your thinking brain goes offline - there are different types of flashbacks and you might not realize that you are having them), you will learn to recognize and interrupt when you're going into your old patterns and can choose differently by using all the tools you've picked up along the way. I help people go from feeling at the mercy of their symptoms to learning to manage their symptoms to becoming symptom free. Along the way, my clients are also reconnecting with themselves, often for the first time. From that authentic place, they are able to tap into innate strengths they may never have had access to before. That catapults them into learning how to BE different, how to BE themselves, living dreams they'd long ago given up on. Here are some recourses to consider: TOP DOWN Meditation Trusted friends/loved ones Laughing Prayer Therapy Trauma Recovery Coaching Cranial sacral therapy Somatic experiencing BOTTOM UP Deep belly breathing Yoga Time in nature Singing Essential oils Exercise Massage Acupuncture When you're ready to dive deeper, I'll be here.
Amy Lloyd Answers
I am sorry you're struggling with this! I know how exhausting and sometimes hopeless it can feel when you feel you are doing all the things and nothing, or not enough, is changing. Part of the answer lies in your question...'when I make changes on the outside, I'm still feeling unfulfilled.' Our internal state creates our external state. While there are ways to affect your internal state via external manipulation, such as Feng Shui and various body work, it's imperative to go inside too. A collogue of mine says, 'We are born pure intuition and love and that's taken away from us. We spend the rest of our lives trying to get back to ourselves." When we are living the life prescribed by our parents, significant other and society, we are little more than an actor on a stage - and we feel that. Conversely, when you connect with your authentic self, with that pure intuition and love you were born as, your life will shift in unfathomable ways. Coming from a place of deep peace and fulfillment, you will achieve your dreams, goals and will have incredible loving and supportive relationships. I love the Einstein quote, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." It's time to think differently. I specialize in helping people reconnect with themselves by understanding where you are, how you got there, how to recognize when your patterns are interfering and how to think, choose and BE different - how to BE YOU. Here are a few prompts to help you get started. These can be great for free writing, meditating and discussing with a trusted friend. 1. Write your own fairy tale of who you would be and what your life might have been like had you not been robbed of your 'pure intuition and love'. 2. Make a list of all the things that help you feel better when you're sad, hurting, depressed, anxious, etc. Everything from talking to a coach or therapist, going to a place of worship, going for a walk, going to the beach, to the mountains, sipping a hot cut of tea, yoga, meditation, staring at a blank wall and doing absolutely nothing, etc. Update this list every time you think of or discover something else. Keep this list on your phone or somewhere else where you will always have access to it. This is your cheat sheet for when you're feeling activated and forget everything you know. When you're feeling stuck, refer to this list, scanning until you land on something that just hits the spot - then go to that. 3. Self-compassion is a huge resource that many of us struggle with. The next time you're being hard on yourself, flip the narrative. If you're loved one was saying exactly what you were just saying, what would you say to them? Write it! Write yourself a love letter in response to what you just heard yourself-as-your-loved-one say. Then read it out loud. Notice how you feel, hearing that letter read to you. What shifts? What expands? What emotions arise? When you're ready to commit fully to this process of reconnecting to yourself, I'll be here.

Amy Lloyd

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