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Accelerated Conscious Evolution

Experience empowered self-healing, enhanced wellness, expanded life opportunities, and the great joy of living your best life as a conscious, heart-centered and every day.

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Discovery Consult
Free initial consultation.
15 Minutes   •   FREE

A.C.E. 3 Year Certification Program
Six months of training in advanced healing techniques for holistic practitioners. Classes meet once per month over the course of one week in 4 hour blocs of time. All curated content training sessions are recorded. Materials, group interaction, and follow-up Q & A are delivered through Telegram, Vimeo, and Dropbox. Classes rotate according to year of enrollment; 1, 2, and 3. Year 3 classes begin in September and end in March. Year 2 classes formally begin in October and end in April; Year 1 begin in January and conclude in June. New and aspiring practitioners have the option of Dual Track Program which incorporates basic business practices and skill sets for starting and running a helper/healer practice across a variety of holistic disciplines. Year 1 Tuition: $1, 200 per person Year 2 Tuition: $1,200 Dual Track $1,600 per person Year 3 Tuition: $2,000 Dual Track $2,500 per person Payment plans are available upon request.
0 Minutes   •   $1500

Master Healing Assessment
This service offers the benefits of identifying the intersection of physical issues, emotional imbalances, energy system deficiencies, Vagus Nerve trigger management, and genetic template options for healing.
60 Minutes   •   $150


Energy Therapy
Healing Touch
Life Coaching

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261 West Walnut Lane, Philadelphia PA 19144, United States
Thu: 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Fri: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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About me

Healer. Educator. Speaker. Author.

Master Healer. Medical Intuitive. 30 years international experience igniting accelerated emotional, physical, and energy field healing verified outcomes.

Author; The Living Spiral of Transformation: Discover the Hidden Powers in Your Diverse, Unique DNA:

You need:
To access to a simple, proprietary product that quickly resolves antibiotic resistant skin infections that often accompany injury, accidents, gun shot wounds, domestic violence, community violence, self-harm, or present as a post-surgical complications.

Support for empowered self-healing in one or more aspects of your life to lead to the experience of coming 'home' to yourself that is wholeness and well-being.

In 1991, Salles and physicians established an energy healing internship at multiple medical facilities in Moscow, Russia managing critical burn care and pediatric oncology. Salles explored the practical value of energy medicine in clinical settings. Colleagues, physicians, and patients validated this beneficial collaboration.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could be made just as welcome in any hospital or medical setting in the United States?

Let's collaborate.

My Philosophy of Care

My philosophy of care is to nurture self-healing empowerment in clients who are ready to embrace Spirit/Body/Relationships/Mind that unite with self-awareness. Emotional body balance, deepened intuition, and expanded creative resources and solutions align with esoteric information and personal principles of Keylontic Science. This is a powerful, healing, and practical life skills union.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

On a client's first visit, a Client can expect a an hour-long interview: medical history, current treatment, medications, and assessment. When a Client makes an agreement and commitment to develop a healing plan/program, follow-up appointments are scheduled. A Client leaves with life coaching strategies a clear plan for addressing their most pressing concerns that are complementary to family practice, functional medicine, nutritional counseling, and psychotherapy.

My Inspiration

Several years apart, two major health crises in my twenties (live-it, be-it, do-it living lessons) resulted in my life path as a medical intuitive and energy medicine practitioner. The first crisis involved a diagnosis of secondary infertility: I healed myself of occluded fallopian tubes and had a second child.

This child was completely healed of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis within four months of his diagnosis. He is healthy today, no joint damage or mobility issues..

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