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Protocols individualized to symptoms+history. For example, with chronic Lyme, my specialty, 12 people will have 12 different protocols. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in my practice.

South Salem, NY
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5.0 of 5 (27)
We have applied your ideas/approaches many times! We are so grateful that we have you in our lives!
I haven't had any heart tachycardia since taking the waters, so that has improved. I'm having regular bowel movements, so that is progress. Thank you for your guidance and support.
Chronic hives/skin breakouts: One week drinking a quart of red clover tea a day and my skin is clear! Past 2 days I noticed it stopped breaking out completely. And also no hives. Seems to be working.
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License, Credentials & Experience

Andrea has been helping people for 34 years
Certified Master Herbalist
The School of Natural Healing
Bachelor of Arts
State University of New York College at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo State)
Interfaith Minister
The New Seminary

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Feel free to email with questions:; or call: 914-763-8889; 10am-5pm EST Monday-Friday
I will gladly email you information on how I work, providing instructions for doing a saliva sample and providing history. Since I work with each person individually, details for symptoms and history are important to help me to best help you.
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Saliva Analysis $150 + Phone Consultation $125
The saliva analysis is based on symptoms and history. The RNA/DNA and toxins of the body deposit into the saliva. The saliva can tell us, based on symptoms, what organs and glands are out of balance and then what pathogens (bacteria/virus/fungus etc) are causing the imbalances in those areas. The Individualized Protocol is developed from the analysis. While all protocols are individualized to the person, most protocols contain three prongs: vibrational remedies to address release of pathogens; herbs to nourish and cleanse; food guidance. Vibrational remedies are a form of energy medicine as is acupuncture/homeopathy/reiki, etc. Details on this targeted modality are provided in an email. The time it takes to do a saliva analysis varies from a couple of hours to several hours depending upon situation. The follow-up phone consultation providing full review and further guidance takes approximately an hour.


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Andrea is based in South Salem, NY and offers virtual services to people all over the world
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About me

My degree and early work began in Speech Pathology. I am in active practice 35 years, as a Certified Master Herbalist, mentored in the work of the father of modern-day herbalism, Dr John R. Christopher; growing into an extensively trained holistic practitioner using medicinal herbs and vibrational medicine.

As an advanced practitioner of the work with energy medicine, I have become recognized nationally for my unique and successful approach to addressing chronic Lyme Disease and its co-infections.

I worked with Unity New York and was ordained an Interfaith Minister at The New Seminary so I could help people spiritually as well as physically.

My practice incorporates three-pronged protocols: vibrational medicine/herbs/eating for wellness to address intestinal and sinus issues, asthma, brain fog, joint pain, PANDAS, chronic Lyme, candida, anxiety, children's issues, and more.

I teach for The NY Botanical Garden and throughout the country at corporate wellness centers and focus groups, about taking charge of your health naturally.

My book, Gentle Healing for Baby and Child (Simon & Schuster), received The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval.

My DVD, The Healing Kitchen…Remedies from Nature’s Pharmacy, brings my acclaimed workshop to people to help them take charge of their health naturally with the use of foods and herbs in poultices, baths, teas and more.

Articles and more can be found at my website,

My Philosophy of Care

While I wish to be informed of medical diagnoses, imaging and lab work, I take a fresh approach to each person, not being limited by previous findings and opinions. I try to meet each person where they are as some are more open to unconventional methods than others, some are more sensitive and some more metaphysically based.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

All my work with you is done virtually beginning with an email describing how I work, along with directions for doing a saliva sample and providing history. We follow up with an extensive phone consultation and a document with the details of your protocol. Subsequent emails are always welcome and free of charge.

My Inspiration

As I watched my dad almost die from a heart attack at age 40, along with disturbing side effects from medications, I found it within my teenaged self to begin researching alternative approaches. My research later helped me in raising my family holistically.

My desire to help others led me to legendary healers for certified trainings. I feel my practice is my healing ministry in that I have been blessed to spend my adult life helping others.

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Andrea Candee Reviews

5.0 of 5 (27)
We have applied your ideas/approaches many times! We are so grateful that we have you in our lives!
I haven't had any heart tachycardia since taking the waters, so that has improved. I'm having regular bowel movements, so that is progress. Thank you for your guidance and support.
Chronic hives/skin breakouts: One week drinking a quart of red clover tea a day and my skin is clear! Past 2 days I noticed it stopped breaking out completely. And also no hives. Seems to be working.
Thank you! I truly credit you with saving our lives and I can NEVER repay the benefit to my daughters that they won’t have this (Lyme) the rest of their lives and have to worry about passing it in embryo. Your good Karma is bigger than the world and we are SO grateful. I’m thankful for many things and being rid of Lyme is still one of them. Thank you for sharing the blessing of healing that has given me better stamina. I love sharing my experiences with others and I love it when they get excited about good outcomes too! Every day we do more and more and feel better and better. It’s official! My teen posted ByeBye Lyme! So thank you... from the bottom of my heart.
I was very sick with Lyme: I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. I honestly don't think I'd be where I am now if you weren't doing what you're doing, and I didn't find you and take a leap of faith. I have a very vivid memory of our first consultation where you sat down and, very compassionately, told me that I had a lot going on and no wonder I felt terrible. It was such a relief for someone to acknowledge this, because I had been thinking and feeling it for years but since I didn't look sick no one really believed what I was saying.
I was referred to you by my neighbor. She had undiagnosed Lyme for 10 years and nobody could help her feel better until you. I'm continuing to gain strength and experience life anew without sickness. I realize that I still approach opportunities wondering, 'am I physically capable of doing this or that?' Only now I find that I am well enough and it's still a surprise to me. I was so used to being sick or not quite right that being well still feels like a new experience. I've told many people about my experience with vibrational remedies. I know so many people with Lyme disease! I think I meet a new one every couple weeks. I am surprised how reluctant people are to try vibrational remedies. I cannot understand it because there is nothing to lose (except the cost of treatment which is modest compared to other methods of Lyme treatment that go on for years!). People are doubtful because they cannot read studies regarding vibrational remedies or get a doctor's script for them or see that the CDC and FDA recommend them. I am an RN and I've always been hesitant at best regarding the CDC and FDA. I know that other doctors and nurses feel the same way. I am grateful for the relief I feel which many, many Lyme sufferers never get to experience. Will keep sending folks your way so they can feel as good as I do! Two more asked for your name last week cause they were stunned by the changes in me!
He is doing great! Fourth grade is off to a terrific start and I thank my lucky stars every day that he is happy and healthy! People say to me, is he ok?? I know Lyme can be such a long haul. You have saved us from that long haul...the one that ended after we found you! I am always telling people what amazing work you do. Thank you, thank you!!! from the bottom of my heart!
All in all my immune system is rocking! It’s so strong that if I’m around sick people I don’t even hesitate. I may get mild symptoms only detectable to me or nothing at all! Totally different than winter time and the 8 months before hand. I’m amazed at how many people I know have come to you for the molecular remedies!!!!! I run into people regularly who tell me that they contacted you on my suggestion. Most people who saw me with Lyme and who see me now realize that the remedies work!
Thank you Andrea. I’m so excited to be feeling well. Outside of the obvious outward symptoms I had I didn’t realize other things got fixed as well. I had been feeling tired in day even after a good night’s sleep and some weird nerve kind of things in my feet and everything is gone! Thank you so much again!
I am feeling incredible all the time. I am implementing the entire program you laid out, and already seeing fantastic results. I just wanted to say thank you.
Amazing! This is the first time in 8 years that I have had some sort of a cycle that is 28 ish days long with much less PMS. I owe it to these remedies! I’m so excited and I don’t think too many people could understand all this so I had to share it.
He’s much calmer, able to play by himself so much more, more focused, more polite, seems happier overall. His behavior and focus are SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
The last round of waters resulted in the throat clearing tic that he has had for quite some time to be GONE!
Fatigue: little to none, able to work whole day without feeling run down. Motivation: much more than when I started. Energy: levels are where I feel they should be. Sleep: still waking up occasionally but feeling more rested than I used to. Irritable Bowel: very rarely experiencing gas or bloating. Bowel movements: regular, solid. Anxiety: little to none. Dizziness: none. Chest pain: have not had any chest pain in quite a while. Numbness: none. Cloudy vision: none. Brain fog: feeling much more aware and with it.
This treatment, working with you, has truly pulled me out of a state I thought I couldn't get out of. I look forward to one day attending one of your workshops or talks and meeting you.
My physical and emotional well-being has increased throughout the process. improved mental clarity.. sharper perception and above all, a wonderful permeating sense of calm in the heart center. The intensity and frequency of the panic attacks have noticeably decreased. I'm so thankful that you are using this modality... hopefully traditional medicine will eventually catch on!
I am doing good. Psoriasis is doing great.
Verbally he is getting better every week! Eye contact and name response is night and day better. He’s a busy guy but he’s also 2 i need to remind myself. We feel like he is a completely different kid from when we initially contacted you. Neither of us knows if it’s the remedies, the ABA Therapy he’s been receiving, the diet, the fact that he can poop now, or what but something or a combination of all of it is helping so we are going to stay the course.
Thanks again for giving back my little boy!!
I just wanted to thank you again for giving me my son back. He’s a different kid now and I’m so grateful to have found you. Keep touching the lives of those you meet. What a blessing your work is!!
My body is SO different and my stamina is amazing (for me), and my mood is greatly improved, my ability to multitask without becoming agitated is back. Basically my brain function is much higher and living and serving my family is so much easier and enjoyable. I didn't realize just how much Lyme compromised my cognition and mood because I had it for so long. Healing from Lyme is a lifestyle change and an emotional and spiritual experience. Thank you again!
On most days, I feel so much better than I have in almost two years!!!!!! People are telling me my color has come back and I just "look healthier" and for me the best thing of all is that I'm feeling my energy again! This is so profound. I actually feel something changing in my body - my energy is being restored! For this alone, I am so very grateful. Another most wonderful thing is that I've lost 10 pounds in the last month! And it hasn't felt like I've had to sacrifice much! I've completely lost cravings for sweets, carbs (except the occasional sweet potato) and amazingly, DAIRY!!!! The dairy part was going to be the most difficult to leave behind but thankfully, goat cheese is a favorite so I use it sprinkled on veggies and it's all good!!!!
I love your book Gentle Healing For Baby and Child and have used it extensively and referred many people to buy it. Thank you for this wonderful help. It is the best I have ever found.
You cured me of severe GI issues. I will always be indebted to you.
I feel great. I've had my period now for two consecutive months-and all without the hormones-just taking the water and herbs!!!
I am happy to tell you I have no more night sweats and am sleeping well. You have made a huge difference in my life...can't thank you enough.
I praise God each day, and more importantly thank him for leading me to you. I can't imagine how many people you have helped and brought back to life. Thank you, God and Andrea! Your patience and encouragement kept my head above water when I felt as if I was drowning. You are a true healer, Andrea, by your soft voice and kind emails. Thank you, hardly seems enough.

Andrea Candee, MH, MSC
27 Reviews

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