Angel Johnson

ThetaHealer® Practitioner/Instructor, Holistic & Intuitive Healer & Life Coach

Healing is Harmony

Each individual is unique! If you find yourself unhealthy and frustrated with your wellbeing, I'm able to help you heal in all areas of your life with Physical, Emotional, Mental & Energetic healing

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5.0 of 5 (1)
Angel was awesome! I came to her for a pretty rough virus, I had my session yesterday and I feel back to normal today. Thank you Angel!

License, Credentials & Experience

Angel has been helping people for 12 years
Basic DNA ThetaHealing Practitioner
THinK Institute
Dig Deeper Thetahealing Practitioner
THinK Institute
Advanced Thetahealing Practitioner
THinK Institute
Basic DNA ThetaHealing Instructor
THinK Institute
Advanced DNA Thetahealing Instructor
THinK Institute
Dig Deeper ThetaHealing Instructor
THinK Institute
Dr. Randall W. Robirds, D.C. CEW Creator and Developer
CEW The Fab 50
Dr. Randall W. Robirds, D.C. CEW Creator and Developer

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Initial consultation
This is for those who are seeking alternative/creative solutions to healing! This is a meet and learn session for the client. We will go over a few of the things you have concerns or questions about and are looking to work on and heal. Yes! We will do some healing work on you in this session! It's a way for new clients to experience the healing work I do.
30 Minutes   •   $50

Pathology Clearing
Pathology clearing of Flus, common colds, Bacteria, Viruses, Radiation, Allergy, Toxins, Heavy Metals, Inoculations the list continues to over 30+ different pathologies..
15 Minutes   •   $50

Creative Healing Session
Creative Healing sessions offer transformative energy work for the body, mind and soul. Releasing emotions that are trapped in your body for long periods of time can and will cause ailments and further more diseases. The most pressing issues affecting or hurting you will be addressed and worked on. These troubling issues can be related to your physical health, relationships, emotional trauma, experience of joy or to expand your consciousness. I work with the patterns and clear the negative imprints in your energy field. In this process, the heavy toxic energies from your energetic field is repaired, cleaned and revitalized. Here I will draw upon several Unique Energy healing modalities that will be used during each session with divine guidance for the healing transformation. Sessions are intuitively guided and tailored to meet your individual needs. Following are some of the benefits of Creative healing sessions: *Releasing past and present cellular trauma *Freedom from the patterns of physical, mental, emotional abuse, Living your life’s purpose *Releasing resentment, grudges, and prejudices. *Identifying and clearing past life memories, Low Self Esteem and Low Self-Confidence *Clearing blocks to true happiness and joy about life, to prosperity, Recovering from broken relationships *Improving relationships with partners, family and co-workers. Manifesting a soul mate *Clearing blocks and manifesting success in business and career *Enhancing or opening up your intuitive and healing abilities, healing spiritual, emotional, mental or physical diseases *Cutting the invisible cords of fear, anger, guilt, jealousy, family environment or reactions to events that bind us and block from experiencing who we really are and who were meant to be

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Angel Johnson Reviews

5.0 of 5 (1)
Angel was awesome! I came to her for a pretty rough virus, I had my session yesterday and I feel back to normal today. Thank you Angel!

Angel Johnson
1 Reviews

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