Ann Albright

Multidimensional Energy & Light Language Channel, Empath, Intuitive, Artist

I am a channel, guide, sacred wisdom teacher supporting Self discovery and clarity of your inner most knowing. I assist you in deep, nurturing ways to connect with the fullness of all that your are.

San Diego, CA
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License, Credentials & Experience

Ann has been helping people for 12 years
Bachelor of Arts, English
San Diego State University
Bachelor of Divinity~Ministerial Counceling, Interfaith & Metaphysical Philosophies
Sacred Arts Institute
Professional Quantum Clairvoyant
TOSA (Temple of Self-Ascension) Blue Mountain Ascension Sanctuary Ecuador
Cosmic Life Regression Protocol
TOSA (Temple of Self-Ascension) Blue Mountain Ascension Sanctuary Ecuador
Professional Ascended Numerologist
TOSA (Temple of Self-Ascension) Blue Mountain Ascension Sanctuary Ecuador

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Consultaion and Channeled Reading
We will discuss what you would like more clarity and information on as well as any questions and concerns you have. I will pull a few cards on the subject for insights. After we discuss these insights with sincerity~love~presence I tune into higher frequencies for guidance specifically for you. I tap into multiple streams of energy. We may receive wisdom from your higher self, your spirit guides, angels, ancestors and other streams of Light energy. You will receive Light Language that soothes and comforts beyond what the conscious mind can decipher. Recordings are encouraged for integration afterwards.


Feeling Stuck In Life
Social Anxiety

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San Diego
San Diego CA 92117, United States
Mon: 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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About me

Hello, I have a gift that has been flowing like water...ever increasing through the years. I see, feel, hear, and interpret energies most people are unaware of. The frequency of Love is most prevalent, yet because the pain body and fear held in the collective consciousness is so strong in our 3-D world it attracts and creates more focus there for the majority of people.
I am able to tune into Universal frequencies and receive wisdom from any number of Beings {God, Goddess, Source, Angels, Pleiadians, Ancestors, Guides, Starbeings and many more} From a place of Sincerity, Love & Presence I assist people who are waking up, who have questions and desire to know more.
Light Language was awakened in me over 25 years ago. It is beautiful and not comprehended by our brain as words are. It energetically flows and raises the listeners vibration on multiple levels. It comes through in many dialects, sounds and song.

My Philosophy of Care

I like to call what we are doing Inner World Travel! For is with introspection, unlearning imbalanced coping mechanisms, healing traumas and letting go over and over again that brings peace within oneself. From a peace-filled center you can align and live from a space of self loving presence.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Each person is in different phases of their Soul journey so each session is tailored specifically for You. I honor You and where you are. Discovering what you are ready to know...together. We get there in conversation in which we decide what you most want wisdom and guidance on. I generally pull a few cards for added clarity, then I channel messages for you. Sometimes I facilitate an energetic healing for you. I may bring through a loved one. Healing Encoded Light Language will wash over you.

My Inspiration

I was born to nurture and guide having been born highly sensitive to energy. As a child this was very confusing because I could read people's truth beyond what their words were saying. I care deeply. I have navigated many challenging experiences. In the toughest times there is always the Light of Source running through me, showing me my way. This is my calling, to make the way smoother for others awakening and Soul expansion.

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Ann Albright

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