Anne McElwee, LMT

Breakthrough Cellular Technology & Reiki Master,

Healer, Educator, Entrepeneur

It's my mission to help people feel their best by healing @ the cellular level. I work closely with everyone to help them maintain good health, or to recover from health challenges.

North Attleboro, MA

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Anne has been helping people for 14 years
Licensed Massage Therapist
State of Massachusetts - Board of Registration of Massage Therapy , #1​7​2​0
Certified Master of Reiki
Quantum Success Coaching Academy

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About me

In my late teens I developed an eating disorder that turned into a blessing in disguise. It lead me to learning about health & nutrition. Over the years I experimented with different food plans (the word diet feels too restricting to me). I learned to Listen to my body, what foods felt good and which foods to avoid.

Soon after I gave birth to my last child, she developed many food and environ-mental allergies, including severe eczema. In 1994 my research and showed me the many toxins that we are surrounded by in the environment and in our foods. Foods and products we use can either heal us or harm us. I became a vegetarian, we started eating Whole Foods, using natural products and essential oils.
Throughout my life, my body, mind, & spirit has always been my priority, Over the years I had invested thousands of dollars in classes, healing childhood trauma, over
coming depression, sleep issues, and more. I became an MT, a life coach, & tried many supplements. Then at 59 yrs old I discovered the missing link in my health which is the key to life; Redox Signaling Molecules. This is the key to life for Everyone because we live and die at the cellular level. This is the key to aging Backwards both Internally and Externally! These miraculous molecules allow the cell signal to amplify so the immune system can do its job. Isn't it time to live your best life now! Look and Feel younger no matter what the health challenge is.

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Anne McElwee, LMT

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