Ashley Stewart

Wellness Coach

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I support individuals by structuring positive change, productive thinking with an active pursuit to thrive. Offering a space to mentally tune up supporting your mind and body.

Washington, UT

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License, Credentials & Experience

Ashley has been helping people for 4 years
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)
National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching
Bachelor of Health Science
Arizona State University

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About me

Hello there,
The foundation of what I teach is YOU. So you can have a higher level of thinking, a lifted awareness of your sense of self and integrity so you can show up ready to give and get more from life.
Life is like a video game and as we experience new things, learn, and stretch ourselves we level up to new experiences.
My initial start was in health education then leaned to the side of behavioral health that plays a vital role in our progress and happiness.
After some years, a couple of kids, and being a military family overseas I was pushed mentally in ways I hadn't expected.
It was time for my next chapter. Not only for my well-being but for my desire to lift others. I graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor's in health sciences and got my National board certification in Wellness coaching. Since that time I have put my efforts and constant learning into helping others prevent self-sabotage and lost sense of self/identity. My hope is to create a comfortable space to cultivate resilience, emotional intelligence and for you to feel energized for the future.

My Philosophy of Care

I believe the best is already in you. We often get distracted and disconnected when life happens.
In my care, we work from the inside out. Building your confidence and awareness. We utilize your strengths so you are supporting yourself in the best way. Leaving feelings of defeat and mental exhaustion behind.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

The first visit with me is a boost to a healthier you. We will start to build a good foundation so you feel grounded and content about moving forward in the right direction.
Sometimes you just don't know. In this session, we get clarity on what might be holding you back and customize a plan to start bringing out your best.

My Inspiration

There was a time when I thought I was broken. I thought I had gone about my life the way it was meant to be, I was following a script that diconnected me from my life to just existing in it rather thatn living it. As I have learned to be more self-aware and build that relationship with myself I have more of a capacity to love, give and learn. We don't have to be victim to our struggle, but can have right tools and support. I'd love to share the journey with you to learn life. It starts with you!

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Ashley Stewart Answers
I would propose that binge eating is the symptom of what you are really trying to deal with. Exploring more of what is bringing you to binge eat and dig into your self-awareness. Then finding ways to find more confidence in yourself with tools to approach the other things in your life is where I would start to shift your binge eating habit.

Ashley Stewart

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