Azlynn Berry, LMT

Kabbalistic Healer, Neuromuscular Retrainer, Soul Alignment Coach

I help people with long term chronic pain break protection patterns and unlock their ability to heal. Using the body as a living map of emotions to deconstruct pathways to pain to fully amplify life.

Los Angeles, CA
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License, Credentials & Experience

AzLynn has been helping people for 19 years
Certified Massgae Therapist
California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) , #8244
500 hour Massage Therapy& physical therapy aid.
Los Angeles Vocational Institute
300 Hour Physical Therapy Aid
Los Angeles Vocational Institute

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Soul Alignment Life Coaching
A mix of Kabbalistic spiritual healing, Neuromuscular retraining and life coaching all in one session. Designed to deconstruct your pathways to pain, addressing mind body and soul alignment. A 3 part service beginning by…… 1: Looking at the patterns of physical pain and repeated emotional experiences in relation to the body's tension, posture, chronic pain and the desired life transformation. 2: The session then moves into Neuromuscular retraining to tap into stored emotions and begin realigning the body, changing subconscious patterns and clearing energetic pathways. 3: After the bodywork, we create an integration strategy to reprogram the nervous system addressing physical environments, encouraging new behavioral patterns through simple activities. Virtual sessions for non residents will be walked through the bodywork triggering patterns and meditative practices live during the sessions.

Creating Your Path Out Of Pain
This is a limited invitation, where we will create your fully customized from “ Pain to Passion” road map. This two session package will create the foundation of your healing arch, whether it is a 30, 60 or 90 day transformation. After these 2 sessions you will have a personal experience to fully understand the power of this work and the beautiful transformation that is waiting for you.
120 Minutes   •   $500

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Azlynn is based in Los Angeles, CA and offers virtual services to people all over the world
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Azlynn Berry, LMT

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