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Brian Baird is the creator of Million Dollar Feeling™, The Community for Positive Living, where people quickly reveal their inner greatness, enjoy abundance of love, joy, freedom and, yes, money.

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Free initial consultation. Our Focus: You Are ALWAYS Too Young to Not ENJOY LIFE.... what's happening? LET'S DISCUSS WHAT YOU DESERVE: A Fabulous Life!
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6-Hour Breakthrough Session with Hypnotherapy, NLP, more
Here's where we pull out the stops for a client's rapid shifting through those things that keep them stuck. This is a deeply satisfying experience with rapid transformation out of anxiety, worry, sadness, depression (and more) into a space where the client can breathe more easily, be more at peace, sleep better, enjoy better relationships with more joy. Our Focus: You Are ALWAYS Too Young to Not ENJOY LIFE.... what's happening? ELIMINATE WHAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU and REVEAL YOUR WONDERFUL LIFE!
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1-Hour Hypnotherapy/NLP Session
This is for ongoing work or a personal maintenance experience using Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Our Focus: You Are ALWAYS Too Young to Not ENJOY LIFE.... what's happening? ELIMINATE WHAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU and REVEAL YOUR WONDERFUL LIFE!
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About me

THE TEAM at Million Dollar Feeling™, co-founded by Brian Baird, supports the scientifically proven notion that we can all have a wonderful world experience.
Whatever endeavor he takes as an entrepreneur, speaker, author, activist, humanitarian and media host, he is mindful of how his energy supports humanity.
Million Dollar Feeling™ has already enriched innumerable lives and is an integral part of the journey of Learning How the Language and Lessons of Life and the Universe influences for the better Essential Happiness, Loving Relationships, Rewarding Work and Business Lives with a Prominent Side-Effect of Joyful Well-being

My Philosophy of Care

OUR TEAM is focused on providing passion, energy and services that support freeing the world of pain and suffering and being a significant part of leading people to hugely positive-changed lives.
The Focus: You Are ALWAYS Too Young to not ENJOY LIFE.... what's happening?

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THESE ENERGIES: Wow!... Awesome!... Who knew it could be this fast and this easy!

My Inspiration

WE SERVE our clients with The Psychology of Success (TPoS). It typically provides Rapid and Permanent Results for servicing the up-leveling of our clients' lives. This includes Hypnosis and several other rapid-results modalities that are matched to the unique needs and interests of our clients. Our inspiration to serve as healers begins with the premise that we can make a major contribution to freeing the world of pain and suffering and fostering remarkable, positive life experiences.

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Brian Baird Answers
Hello, Leilani, I am Brian. I trust you are well. Though TTM often is linked to areas of personal psychology, there may be physiological aspects to consider, particularly looking into nutritional gaps that may be enlarging psychological effects. That being said, regarding your question about modalities that can help with TTM, we at Million Dollar Feeling harness a blend of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy (for those willing), interactive coaching and nutritional enhancements to optimize results. This allows us to lead clients to rapid, commonly immediate, permanent, positive life-changing results with a phenomenal rate of success. So, it is these modalities, from experience, that I suggest be explored regarding TTM. Please let us know how we can further support your search for answers to this question. Brian Baird, CHt, co-founder of Million Dollar Feeling

Brian Baird

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