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5.0 of 5 (28)
Cara was very thorough in my initial assessment. I felt very comfortable speaking with her and could tell that she understood where I was at and what I wanted to achieve. We were on the same page about some key issues which made me believe that she would be the right fit to work with.
Cara’s program is amazing. So well designed to help achieve our goals. I personally benefited from it, I lost about 7-8 lbs from the first days by following her protocol and coaching, was able to sleep better, control hunger, I was able to learn how to feel satiated and well nourished and give my body only what it needs while feeling energized! I love her meal Plan, recipes, even workout videos, and her coaching always very personalized and with deep interest in helping us accomplish out goals! ThAnk you so much Cara for having me in your program!
I just finished the 21-day reset challenge and I loved it. I lost 14 pounds. Cara is an amazing coach she really roots for you and with her extensive knowledge and the tools she gives you your sure to succeed 😀
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License, Credentials & Experience

Cara has been helping people for 2 years
Certified Primal Health Coach (PHC)
Primal Health Coach

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1 hour health coaching consultation
Get your health questions answered directly! One on one coaching is a great way to get information, resources, support and accountability from your coach. Do you have questions aboutwhat kind of diet is right for you? Have you hit a plateau in your progress and want to uncover the reasons why? Are you looking to improve your body composition, gut health, stress management, burn fat, or undertake a new goal and need some guidance? I can help you with that! My one-on-one in-depth consultation includes: - An intake form where we go over your goals, and what challenges you have in reaching them - A 60 minute Zoom call where we discuss these challenges and goals. This is also a time for you to ask me your questions. - A follow-up of recommendations and resources to help you move forward. If you are motivated self-starters, and aren't looking for ongoing accountability or micromanaging, but just need a little guidance to steer you in the right direction, then this is the right fit for you!
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21 Day Keto Reset Challenge
Learn how to do keto the right way! By lowering carbohydrates and including specific nutrient dense foods, you can turn your body into a fat burning machine! There are many "keto diet" programs out there, which are in favor of "dirty" ingredients which can be detrimental to your health in the long run. I teach you clean keto with paleo/ancestral principles. This is a 21-day program where we meet together once before you start , for goal setting, motivation, and for a chance for you to ask me all your questions. This is where I set you up for success! Included with this purchase is the 3 week program that you get to keep for life, including my 21 Day Nourished Keto Reset eBook - a beautifully designed 100 page eBook with everything you need to know! You also get access to a private Facebook support group, and can contact me with questions during the challenge! You are never alone during this challenge! Learn more here!
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About me

As a health coach, it is my goal to make you feel 100% supported, seen, heard and acknowledged during out entire coaching relationship.

I have gone through my own health journey, and have deep compassion for anyone who is feeling frustrated and has tried everything to meet their goals, but without lasting results. I specialize in helping women lose stubborn weight, and get to the root cause of why their metabolism has failed them. Learn to lose the weight for good, without feeling restricted or like you are on a "diet." With my balanced and nutrient dense approach to diet and lifestyle, you will learn how easy it is to turn yourself into a fat burning machine! I love making your journey as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible.

It's one thing to drop the pounds, but even more important to optimize our health. This is where I come in. Learning from the traditional ways our ancestors achieved optimal health, and focusing on a real food diet, we can nourish our body from the inside out.

I've helped countless women achieve results they only dreamed about. Are you next?

My Philosophy of Care

I have always had an interest in health, but a few of my personal stories and experiences ignited a deep passion for my love of real food as medicine.

I overcame my limiting belief that I could never be strong, fit and athletic since growing up I hated exercise in all forms. I was able to go from not being able to run one mile to completing two half Iron Man triathlons. Using food as fuel, and mindset techniques, I become someone I never thought possible.

Fast forward about five years, and my next inspiration added fuel to my passionate fire about health. Three years into my marriage, my dear husband, Joe, was diagnosed with a sudden, and rare debilitating auto-immune disease. This disease was so debilitating and painful, it affected his entire body from head to toe, he was bedridden, couldn't work or barely even move. When conventional wisdom provided no answers, I took it into my own hands to use food as medicine, and in 1 year he was in complete remission! This experience taught me so much about not only food and lifestyle choices, but also on the journey we go through emotionally and mentally from the experiences we go through in life.

Next, after Joe was healed, the year of being his caretake and the emotional stress I was under, finally hit me - and I suffered with my own health challenges that lasted for about 1 year. I learned again, how to use food as medicine and make lifestyle changes that allowed me to finally feel like myself again. I was diagnosed with "adrenal fatigue" - but I had so many more symptoms in addition to chronic fatigue. Hormonal imbalances, stubborn weight gain, sleeping problems, emotional issues and skin issues - to name a few.

What I am grateful from these experiences is that they inspired me to become the health professional I am today.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

My clients describe their first visit with me as a truly pleasant experience. They say I make them feel like they are the only person in the room, I validate them, come from a place of complete non-judgement, and make them feel comfortable and at ease right away. My goal is to let you know I am here for you, and I am listening to your unique health goals and what makes you, you!

My Inspiration

If you have never tried a clean keto type diet, this is something everyone can benefit from doing, at least once in their life. We are born with the ability to use fat for fuel, but this metabolic machinery get shut off as soon as we start introducing an excess of carbohydrates into our diet - which happens to every single one of us at some point. To utilize our body's ability to use it's most clean and efficient fuel source (fat) , it needs to be trained. That's where I come in. I show you how to accomplish this, without having to stick to a keto diet for life. Learn to do keto, but not forever; then learn how to maintain and sustain your new metabolic machinery for life.

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Cara Molina Reviews

5.0 of 5 (28)
Cara was very thorough in my initial assessment. I felt very comfortable speaking with her and could tell that she understood where I was at and what I wanted to achieve. We were on the same page about some key issues which made me believe that she would be the right fit to work with.
Cara’s program is amazing. So well designed to help achieve our goals. I personally benefited from it, I lost about 7-8 lbs from the first days by following her protocol and coaching, was able to sleep better, control hunger, I was able to learn how to feel satiated and well nourished and give my body only what it needs while feeling energized! I love her meal Plan, recipes, even workout videos, and her coaching always very personalized and with deep interest in helping us accomplish out goals! ThAnk you so much Cara for having me in your program!
I just finished the 21-day reset challenge and I loved it. I lost 14 pounds. Cara is an amazing coach she really roots for you and with her extensive knowledge and the tools she gives you your sure to succeed 😀
So many wonderful things to say about this program! First, how is it that I was not hungry at all and had no desire to ‘cheat.’ Also, I notice that I am so sensitive to sugar now, I only need a tiny bit compared to what I used to use. We are continuing on with the program because it has been so great and Cara was a very attentive and helpful coach!
I really enjoyed the 21-day detox challenge! My biggest goals were to sleep better and lose weight and I accomplished BOTH. I lost 6 pounds and when I sleep it’s a nice solid deep sleep. Now, I know the recipe to better sleep and I will stick to it. Thank you Cara for all of your help and instructions! I really enjoyed the challenge and meeting your other clients. (“Enjoying the challenge” How often does those words come out of people’s mouths 🤣)?
I have truly enjoyed this program for so many reasons. Where to begin? This does not feel like a diet. its not a diet. Its really the way we should be treating our bodies and minds with healthy nutritious food. The meal plans and recipes are so delicious and satisfying. The support from Cara is so positive and motivating. She really explains things in a clear and interesting way. I enjoyed learning how we can heal with food. Cara provides all the tools you need to learn how to help your self and that is so satisfying and such a boost to my confidence. The support from the group coaching was so fun and motivating. I'm so happy and pleased to have more energy and to be able to experience weight loss in a healthy gradual way. This is a wonderful way to invest in your health and I don't regret any second of it. Its really changed my life for the better.
Thank you Cara! I can't believe how easy it was for me to lose almost 10lbs in 21 days with following your easy program! I've learned so much and I am still sticking to a low carb diet, because the food is actually satisfying. Thank you so much, this program really kick started me into a lifelong change.
I have done many keto diets . This is the first one that has actually worked. I lost 10 lbs and was never hungry. I am going to continue this way of eating. I highly recommend this. I feel better and have a lot more energy 👍🏻
Ever since I passed the age of 30, I have to starve myself to lose about a pound a month. With this program I’ve lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks which is an incredible rate of loss for my body. My favorite thing about this program is that for the first time in my life I’m rarely hungry. I am a big eater from a family of big eaters and have pretty much been hungry my whole life and always stuff myself to feel satisfied. Now I find that I actually need to remind myself to eat sometimes! Cara’s recipes are a huge help and I’ve enjoyed the seasonal subscription too. She is always quick to answer any questions that come up and has been a great motivator along the way. I have felt something change in my body chemistry and even though I have a ways to go to hit my ultimate goals, I feel confident that I can achieve them because sticking to the program is easy once your body adjusts.
What a great program! I lost about 5 pounds but more than that was the way I felt! I did have more energy and I just felt nourished, like my body was getting everything it needed. Really a great feeling. Highly recommend!
I love, love the 21 day reset! I’ve lost 35 pounds in just over 2 months since starting the program, and feel great! Have to buy all new clothes, what a great problem to have. I especially love the tips about the mct oil, liver capsules and collagen powder, really help to give me a “full feeling” and cut my sugar cravings. The recipes have been terrific too! Love the coconut oil fudge 😁 keep up the good work, you’re helping so many people get healthy and fit!
The 21-day reset challenge was amazing! All the reading material was super helpful and informative, it was my first time trying keto and I’m so happy I gave it a shot. I noticed it basically eliminated my cravings for any breads or sugar. Another benefit for me was I saw a difference in my appetite, I normally lose it very easily even if I feel hungry but it seemed a lot more stable on the program. It is so easy to follow and is not restrictive when you compare it to other “diets.” Overall, I think it’s a very well thought out and easy to follow program, I have definitely incorporated the things I’ve learned to my everyday life even after the challenge. I can’t recommend it enough. Cara is an amazing coach, very patient when it comes to answering questions and knowledgeable
I think this type of program is super helpful AND convenient. I appreciate that you encouraged us to make the right decisions by guiding us - not necessarily telling us. I have more energy, I have never been a morning person, felt groggy, - but since doing the 21 day reset, I've been waking up before my alarm clock AND my mind feels ready to go. Also, I was a major snacker, always had to have snacks with me (when we used to go out) so when you mentioned trying not to snack, it made me nervous, but when I eat the keto nourished way, I don't feel that need to snack - that shaky hungry feeling. Cara's support during the program was very responsive and balanced. I really enjoyed the 21 daily emails, it was funny on day 22, I looked in my inbox for one, lol. I felt like they really helped dig a little deeper than just a "diet". For the ebooks and resource material, I liked having these resources to refer to during the 21 days and beyond. I felt like it wasn't overwhelming, but detailed enough to give me a good foundation on this lifestyle. I think your program is super balanced but at the same time, really getting to the core of what Keto is about, with a natural healthy, nourished foundation.
Cara, loved the program! I felt great and never hungry. In fact, no cravings for carbs other than vegetables and no other cravings. I was far less hungry overall. I listened to my body and did the intermittent fasting 16-8. I lost 6 pounds, and at my age it is VERY hard to lose so I’m completely happy! My husband supported me with the eating plan and we both loved it and plan on continuing it with a few modifications. Thank you as well for the other tools you to keep emotionally and mentally centered while you are resetting physically. Thank you and I loved this reset!
I did the 21 day reset diet, and I lost about 3 pounds, but a lot more in inches. Before the reset diet, every day, I was eating sugar and carbs, frequently going to Dairy Queen, eating a lot of bread and anything sweet. With Cara's emails and support I didn't eat sugar for 3 weeks and feel so much better, no headaches. I have been eating salads and protein, there are so many interesting recipes and foods to eat. I am definitely going to continue eating like this because I feel lighter and healthier. This is a great reset program to start with, so much information, so many interesting, great recipes, and even shopping for healthier foods. I have always tried to eat healthy, but just changing little things makes such a huge difference. Thank you Cara for your interesting emails and support.
I was over thinking the foods I could eat but then I realized that with only a few changes I could tweak the foods I used to eat and make them healthier and in line with the program. When I needed a little sweetness in my life, I found your chocolate chip cookie recipe on Instagram and they were delicious! I haven’t held back on any healthy fats and haven’t had any gall bladder issues and my mood has improved. I haven’t needed to take any supplements for anxiety. My clothes are fitting better. And I have even been able to go 17 hours without eating and not be famished. I love the feeling of not being addicted to sugar and carbs- I don’t even miss them! One thing I really appreciated is having your supportive and non-pushy guidance. The research and facts really helped me to understand why it’s good for me and why I should do these things. I thought I was a reasonably healthy eater before but now I really know how to get the most out of my food and what’s good for my body. So thanks for helping me make this a lifestyle change!
If you know me I am the queen of breaking diets. I am known for cheating all the time ,mostly when day two hits! 21 days passed and I can’t believe I actually did it! I lost 11 lbs! No doubt Cara you truly are special and care about your clients health and well being! I highly recommend the 21 day rest to all you food lovers, You gotta start now you won’t regret it! Definitely enjoyed eating real food, delicious and nutritious without feeling restricted! You’re the best Cara! Thank you !!!
Wow! 21 days and I’ve never felt better. The program was easy to follow, and sets you up for making healthier meal choices. I lost 17 pounds during this keto reset and my goal is to keep shedding the weight. Cara is the best Nutrition coach out there. You won’t regret the results.
Thanks Cara for giving me some much needed tools for getting into a healthy routine. I have struggled for years to find a diet I could stick to and find ways of improving my food without going to extremes, which this keto reset challenge did for me. I am still using the principles of the program and have lost 10 lbs so far, the intermittent fasting is really another great tool I have learned through this program. So many benefits and Cara is always available to you if you have any questions about the reset, I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to make a big change without a lot of difficulty.
This program has done great things for my family and I. I no longer crave carbs. And it was interesting to find that now my digestive system does not respond well when I have tried to sneak some refined carbs in my meals (after the 21- day reset). I appreciate and enjoy the taste of REAL food so much more now and had fun trying new recipes. I feel more energy and feel full with less food, and I know that now I’m well nourished. I’ve learned to make long lasting lifestyle changes. Thank you Cara!
This diet not only resets your body, it resets your whole mindset. It changed what I put into my body and that has had positive outcome in my attitude, self esteem, and body.
I am so very impressed with Cara’s methods and how easy she makes it to understand what Keto is supposed to be. There are so many benefits I received from participating in the 21 day challenge. Some of those benefits are weight loss and overall feeling better about myself. But if I had to narrow it down to one thing I am so surprised how in the 21 days, I truly feel like my metabolism was reset! I don’t have the cravings for carbs like I used to. Normally I would be the first one to pull out a bag of chips and indulge until they were completely gone. Now I have self control and frankly, I just get full SO FAST, I feel like I don’t need to eat as much like I used to to feel satisfied. Thanks for everything! I can’t wait to see what else’s you have prepared for us in the future!!
Loved the way the course was structured in such a balanced way with an emphasis not just on diet but on sustainable and achievable lifestyle habits. It was fun and the 21 days passed quickly and It definitely helped me break some bad diet habits and instill positive habits that I want to continue.
The 21-day reset challenge was a great experience! It was exactly what I needed to get my mind back on track and up my workout routines. I was already on a strict keto diet prior to this challenge, but I still managed to lose 3.5lbs!!!! Thanks to Cara, I was able to learn new recipes and food items to incorporate into my diet!
I lost almost 7 pounds during my 21 day reset with Cara. She was always available to provide me with guidance and additional information when I had questions. Cara is nurturing, guiding and encouraging throughout the process. I felt great from start to finish. I plan to incorporate intermittent fasting into my lifestyle, along with many nourishing meals from which to choose. I have the needed tools now...I feel empowered!
Where do I start with my review!? Ok first I love the way Cara lets you have access to healthy recipes on Pinterest because that saved me multiple times when I ran out of ideas. I love the way you don’t have to count calories and can eat intuitively, it’s a first for me and it feels so much more mentally healthy. This is the only program I have been able to do without cheating. I love the way my belly is flatter and my skin and hair are healthier than ever. I've loved the energy I've experienced and the mental clarity. Six pounds down and eating more than I usually do. Thank you for freeing me from 6 days a week in the gym and a fear of eating out! Thank you Cara!!!
21 day challenge complete!! Thank You Cara for your constant support. I've lost 8 lbs and have gained much energy. This challenge was exactly what I needed to kick start my metabolism and become fat adapted. Now I need to continue on this path to remain in nutritional ketosis. Thanks again!!!!
I just got results from my blood work and the Dr. congratulated me! He took me off of metformin (for diabetes) and said my fatty liver has improved! The Dr. was beside herself and encouraged me to continue eating this way.

Cara Molina
28 Reviews

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