Carolina Landau, RCPC

Root Cause Protocol Consultant and EFT Practitioner

Mother of Minerals

I help people re-mineralize their bodies to restore their metabolic health and resiliency.

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License, Credentials & Experience

Carolina has been helping people for 1 year
Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner
Graham Nicholls & Udemy
Root Cause Protocol Consultant
RCP Institute

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Initial Discovery Call
We will discuss over the phone what your health concerns are, how I can support you, and what you can expect working with me. I will answer any questions you have about my approach, the Root Cause Protocol and Emotional Freedom Technique. You will learn how we can approach your unique situation in a way that is sustainable for you!
30 Minutes   •   FREE

Initial Consultation w/o Lab Work
If you are interested in remineralizing your body and rehabilitating your metabolism but do not know where to begin, book this consultation. We will discuss your history of symptoms and stress to get a clear picture of your health and create a simple plan of action using the Root Cause Protocol and other supportive modalities according to your needs.
45 Minutes   •   $90

Consultation w/ HTMA Analysis
If you are ready to better understand your body and your specific challenges, book this consult. We will discuss your history of symptoms, stress, and your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) results to get a clear picture of your health, and create a detailed plan of action using the Root Cause Protocol and other supportive modalities depending on your needs. You will receive a detailed, easy-to-reference spreadsheet with your HTMA results, interpretations, and personalized action plan to support you in your journey. HTMA is NOT included in booking this consult, however you can easily order one by going to When purchasing, please select the "TEI Profile 1" hair test, and choose the "Hair Analysis Test (36 Elements) - Lab Results sent via Email" option. Please get your hair test done before you book this appointment, and allow for enough time before the appointment date to email your results I will need the results a minimum of 2 days before our session to properly analyze and prepare your results.
60 Minutes   •   $200

Virtual Appointments
Carolina is based in Los Angeles, and offers virtual services to people all over the world
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Carolina Landau, RCPC

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