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Light-Worker & Shamanic Guide, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Ho'oponopono Practitioner

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Accelerated Healing & Rapid Soul Alignment For Clarity, Peace, & Freedom

San Jose, CA

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5.0 of 5 (30)
I have to believe that it was through Divine timing that I cane across Daniel’s services. Every session was a revelation and the clearings were so powerful, I truly am not the same person I was when I started with him…I’m more conscious, curious, and empowered. Closer and closer to my true nature. And it’s all thanks to Daniel’s guidance and the safe space he has continuously provided so I can handle my own stuff!
Have an open heart and mind
Daniel is the most powerful healer I have met and he cuts through all the clutter right to the HEART of the matter. Working with Daniel has changed my life and empowered me to be who I am today.
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About me

Are your emotions an asset or a liability?

Your e-motions (energy-in-motion) are your most influential creative force, directly impacting every outcome in your life.

Humanity is amid a radical awakening and shift in consciousness. People are being called into higher presence and purpose, into more fulfilling lives true to their authentic self. Each path is unique but share common threads.

This shift is called a spiritual awakening. People are waking up and being confronted with emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges every day. Their hearts are prescribing them to make profound life changes that, at first, appear to be unreasonable and feel impossible.

Like the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, people's spiritual awakening innately leads them into fuller embodiments of their potential. Spiritual awakenings, or rather the resistance to, often cause feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty, and a sense of being lost.

What used to work isn't working anymore, and something else is beckoning. The two greatest fears of humankind are fear of change and fear of the unknown. This checks both those boxes. And throws one into periods of anxiety, discord, and suffering, in turn affecting all parts of their lives and relationships. It's common for those awakening to feel isolated and misunderstood.

Once a person's spiritual alarm clock rings, there is no stopping their awakening, leaving them with two essential life choices.

The first choice is to resist and endure a life experience immersed in surviving their conflict, resistance, pain, and suffering. Or, they can surrender to new beginnings and thrive in their divinity like the butterfly.

Are you ready to experience our accelerated healing methods?

Daniel Hyman is at the forefront of humanity's essential shift into unconditional love and oneness. A foundational shift needed across the planet for us as species to evolve and thrive.

Daniel's support catalyzes personal transformation through removing deep-seated blocks, discord, and resistance, alchemizing them into profound realizations of love, a deep meaning, and purpose.

Daniel supports people who are "waking up." Instead of being stuck in a state of resistance, he helps you accelerate your shifts into a vibration of celebrating your newfound freedom, amplified power, and creative potential.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Daniel delivers his clients the most accelerated and profound healing transformation of their lives. He helps his clients identify and release trapped emotions, dissolve limiting constructs, and breakthrough residual resistance patterns within their first session that they were not previously able to achieve in previous attempts for months and sometimes years through other conventional and traditional methods.

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Daniel Hyman Reviews

5.0 of 5 (30)
I have to believe that it was through Divine timing that I cane across Daniel’s services. Every session was a revelation and the clearings were so powerful, I truly am not the same person I was when I started with him…I’m more conscious, curious, and empowered. Closer and closer to my true nature. And it’s all thanks to Daniel’s guidance and the safe space he has continuously provided so I can handle my own stuff!
Have an open heart and mind
Daniel is the most powerful healer I have met and he cuts through all the clutter right to the HEART of the matter. Working with Daniel has changed my life and empowered me to be who I am today.
I never felt I’d been able to make the changes necessary in my life and I always felt that somehow I could not make an inner connection beyond my defense mechanisms. Daniel has helped me make such a connection that has facilitated change.
My experience in working with Daniel has been beyond powerful and potent. It feels like no matter what I bring to a session with him, he can get to the root of it, and does so by holding deep, safe, and sacred space for me to really drop in. He is truly tapped into higher consciousness and energies and is such a clear channel for truth to flow through. I can't recommend working with Daniel enough! Thank you for helping illuminate past traumas, pains, beliefs, and blocks that have kept me from stepping into my truest self. Thank you for being such a powerful guide not only for me and my own journey but for the world.
Daniel is truly one of a kind. He is the perfect balance between guiding me through my emotions and thoughts and also bringing to light when my limiting beliefs are coming into play. He has equipped me with tools that I can use when I need to recalibrate my energy and find peace and flow. I am so grateful to be able to find my source of suffering and how Daniel was able to guide me to see AND feel a different perspective. Forever thankful to have worked with Daniel.
Daniel is a true gift! My experience with Daniel is nothing short of phenomenal. After some highly traumatic experiences in my life. I had been suffering and in an unknown state of turmoil and continuing to get worse. Daniel’s energy work has opened blockages, cleansed my inner self and has me in touch with my spirit guides. After our sessions, my physical elements and muscle tension has diminished and my mental level has so much clarity and calmness. His incredible gift has transformed my life. He has intuitive abilities which allow him to access a higher level of consciousness. He has the power to expand healing paths beyond those of current conventional medical therapies. We have revealed and released blockages that I didn’t know existed and created emotional awareness that needed healing. His energy is the purest vibration. He has shinned his light on my darkness. A true gift from the universe and how blessed I am to receive. I now understand that all the life’s traumas, challenges and illness were to awaken me today. I have never received this type of unconditional love, support and teaching in my life. He has taught me awareness, to have boundaries, not to sacrifice, how to hold space and love myself, to be vulnerable and to have nothing but compassion and forgiveness for others. All these teachings has impacted and strengthened the relationships that I value most in my life. With Daniel and the love from the Universe, I feel lighter, happier and have a more complete understanding of who I am. I cannot put into words the love and gratitude I have for him and his Gift. I am blessed to have him in my life and he is such a large part of where I am today and where I am heading on my spiritual journey to inner peace. Gratefully, Sally
Working with Daniel has been such a gift. We crossed paths at a time when I truly did need to start diving deeper into my spiritual and energetic work. Simply having a phone conversation with him inspires expansion. As a woman, I've had to break re-write the stereotype of working with a healer/practitioner who is a man. Daniel creates such a safe energetic space and I've been able to be completely vulnerable with him. He's all about inspiring people to step fully into their power and unique gifts. I've been able to own who I am more and more since working with him. What I love most about working with Daniel is that he doesn't claim to have all of the answers; he works with people so they can feel confident enough to find the answers within themselves. I am beyond grateful to have Daniel as a teacher. I know I will continue to utilize all that he's taught me and inspired within me throughout my journey as a healer.
It’s hard to know where to start sharing my thoughts on my time with Daniel as it has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. The initial work we did together was so impactful that there is no way to describe it in this quick review. Danny came into my life at exactly the right time and I have thanked the friend that made the connection from the bottom of my heart countless times (I have also connected Danny with multiple people that I care for deeply). I would invite ANYONE that is reading this review to consider that you are doing so for a reason and to trust your instincts and make the connection. Much love and gratitude 🙏🏼
I had such an amazing session with Daniel! I was recommended to him by my best friend and I am so grateful that we crossed paths. It was so synchronistic as I’ve been struggling with a sense of direction since moving back home. Daniel helped me see what was truly blocking me from my desires and through guidance I released a deep hindering belief I was identifying so strongly with. Daniel knew exactly what questions to ask me in order for me to reflect and self inquire. He really is so gifted and has a way to immediately make you feel in a safe and trusted space. I am eternally grateful for this healing work and for Daniel facilitating space for me to connect to higher frequency energies. I am looking so forward to working with him more. Thank you Daniel!
I had the pleasure of working with Danielle a couple months ago and it was such an amazing and uplifting experience. He is truly gifted and helped shine light and love on things that I did not realize I needed to address and let go of. He’s so easy to talk to and I knew from the minute we talked that I could trust him enough to allow myself to be vulnerable. Just in that one session, I learned so much about myself and was able to begin shifting my perspective. I am grateful to have met him and look forward to talking with him again in the very near future. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Danielle. I promise you will thank yourself for it. Thank you, Danielle for allowing me to experience your gifts.
Daniel has changed my life, in ways that I couldn't have imagined. He helped me tap into my younger self, to heal old wounds. The tools and practices, that Daniel has provide me, are absolutely invaluable. I've never met a person that comes from such a loving and selfless place! A 5 star review doesn't do him justice.
Daniel is truly a special human being and I am so grateful that our paths crossed and I have been able to work with him and receive his powerful transmission, safe space holding, healing capabilities, higher connection, and guidance. I was referred to him by a family friend and have since referred him to others due to his healing gifts and capacity to compassionately hold people through their healing and awakening. The second that Daniel walked into the room the energy and environment shifted. He is tapped into high vibrational energy and therefore working with him felt like healing on layers deeper and higher than just the physical/logical realm. I highly recommend working with Daniel. He is able to see a higher version of you and share with you what you need to know in order to move into alignment and become who you are meant to be.
I am so grateful for the day I met Daniel about a year ago. He is loving and compassionate. He is gifted, knowledgeable, and insightful and he has guided me through some barriers that were holding me back. He helped me to open doors and learn more about myself and helped provide clarity and peace where I needed. He is trusting, warm and inviting, funny, and kind. He has such a big heart. He explains things very clearly and makes sure you understand the messages. He also answers any questions you have. I love working with Daniel and I have recommended him to my family and friends. When I think of Daniel, it makes me smile and fills my heart with love.💛
I have been working with Daniel for almost ten years! I first found him as a business coach. Since then, Daniel has gone through many expansions as a coach/healer/guide. Because he is committed to his process, I have been able to continually work with him throughout mine. In other words, he has continually had new skills he has learned so that our sessions have never plateaued. When we first met, his guidance as a coach catalyzed some of the biggest changes in my life. As I have expanded and changed and found new challenges and lessons, he has been there every step of the way supporting me, challenging me, and using his gifts in service. One of his greatest gifts is communication and he will know how to communicate to you in a way you understand on a heart and soul level (as well as cognitively).
I met Daniel about a year and a half ago and my journey with him has been one of trust, love and light. He has such an authentic, gentle and kind approach when working with his clients ...in a group or individually. Visualization, breathing and learning to trust and take a leap of faith have been life changing for me. In a year of uncertainty I have never felt clearer in my mindset. Thank you Daniel for all you do to change the world one human at a time...your gift is invaluable.
Daniel is a special person with a special gift, and he would be the first to remind me we are all special people with special gifts--sometimes we just don't realize it. I was one of those people who didn't realize it, and Daniel helped me see the truth. I met Daniel through a mutual friend at a time when I was mid-transition in a lot of ways, and I was struggling. In our first conversation (which was a casual meeting among friends), Daniel helped me to see that there was a blockage between my head and my heart. I needed to "know" before moving forward instead of trusting my heart (my intuition). We developed a great friendship and I continued working with Daniel to dive deeper. I discovered so many greater insights that revealed years of suppressed pain and discomfort. This wasn't my first venture into personal development/coaching. I had been trying to figure things out for more than 12 years with various coaches, programs, therapists, etc. What set Daniel apart from the rest is that he meets you exactly where you are in your journey, and his presence and intention when working with you is SO dialed in, it's second to none. As an example, I couldn't remember the last time I cried. I used to think it was because I was stoic or something. It turns out, after an energy clearing session with Daniel, I had suppressed so much pain and sadness from childhood that I simply buried it to the point where I couldn't process it anymore. During the session, I cried and cried for at least an hour until my body didn't have any energy left in the tank. The entire time I was "re-living" many traumatic events from childhood that I hadn't processed, and I had suppressed them so well I didn't even remember them until that point. It was such a deep and healing experience for me that I couldn't help but believe it was divine intervention that brought Daniel into my life, and divine wisdom working through him in that moment. Daniel is so intentional in his work and has such a kind a genuine heart that he has continued to follow up and support me as I work through this healing journey. Each time I veer away from the truth (struggle), Daniel somehow is always able to channel exactly what is necessary for me to heal. It's truly remarkable. The journey continues, of course, but the growth and healing I have experienced by receiving Daniel's gifts are something I am incredibly grateful for, and I would encourage anyone in search of their truth and a deeper meaning of life to reach out to him for a conversation. It just might be the decision that changes your life forever like it has done for me.
I am very grateful and thankful for the opportunity to work with Daniel, he has helped me in more ways then I could have imagined. I have worked with others in this space before, and they provided me with good guidance. The cool thing with Daniel is that he helped me address issues that I have been avoiding, his teachings and knowledge are shared with compassion and he truly is there to help you. You are the focus, he tells you what you need to hear and he asks the right questions to probe your inner thoughts. Daniel provides a safe place and has your best interests in mind, always. You will be amazed by the clarity, goodness and understanding after your very first session. I recommend Daniel whole-heartedly.
I have worked with Daniel off/on for over two years, one on one and in a group.  If you are new to spiritual energy work the information can be like learning a new language.  Daniel has the beautiful skill of keeping it 'REAL' , being honest, direct, yet compassionate, sincere, & respectful at the same time.  He is excellent at explaining things in a way that is easy to understand.  Everyone's journey is unique.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Daniel is very gifted to help you with your specific journey.  He is able to use his vast experience and arsenal of tools to cater to what works best for you.. the client.  The amount of healing and positive change I have experienced from allowing Daniel to facilitate for me has been astounding.  It may be challenging to see & understand in the beginning, but over time you will be blown away by the growth & results you didn't even know where possible.  This work has affected me in all aspects of my life and who I am today.  I am still reaping the benefits each and every day as the skills will follow you lifelong if you allow them.  In the beginning of our work Daniel couched me that 'HOW' is none of my business and to trust.  I remember for an entire week wondering HOW I would retrain my brain to not always ask HOW. I can sit back now and have a good chuckle about that statement.  Anytime I am overwhelmed with a situation I am quickly reminded that there is a plan and to be grateful for things I can't explain at the time.  HOW doesn't even enter my thoughts AT ALL!  With much Love and Gratitude to Daniel for all the blessings he bestows on the masses of people he works with! Thank YOU!!!
I was recommended to consult with Daniel through my best, lifelong friend. I was advised to engage with no preconceived ideas or expectations. Simply enter with an open mind. Upon my initial conversation with Daniel I was made to feel completely at ease with zero pressure, which was conducive for opening up and sharing extremely personal and intimate details throughout the entire experience, some of which I was unaware of before his guidance. I quickly realized that he was without a doubt the most intuitive individual I have ever had the pleasure to interact with. Daniel guided me through an eye opening journey of spiritual, emotional and mental healing and growth. He also provided me with the tools and skillset essential to continue this process on my own as well, something we all need. Every being should be so fortunate as to have their lives forever positively changed through an amazing experience with such a unique soul as Daniel. It is my personal belief that any individual at any point or place in their life‘s journey would exponentially benefit from his influence. L💗VE•L🌟GHT•GRAT🙏TUDE
I will have to leave two separate reviews because Daniel has helped me in two parts of my life (Alex from business & Alex not for home) and his magic deserves to be recognized in both areas. ALEX FOR BUSINESS: I have been building businesses since I have been 20 years old. It is my passion, and I find true joy in developing new ideas and bringing together a group of people to achieve our business goals. Before I started to work with Dan I had already experience a lot of success in business and a lot of struggle too. We started working together right around the time I started to feel like something was always getting in the way of me reaching my true potential and the levels of "success" that I desired. One of Dan's gifts (and there are many) is to be a reflection of yourself to you. Dan allowed me to see myself and all the limitations I have set for myself. He showed me how to go within and that I have the power to heal myself. He showed me how to find the answers within myself and how to go towards the unknown rather than run from it. How to love on the people that I was blaming for how I was feeling because those people are just a reflection of self and they are trying to teach me something. I was resisting the lessons and I was making others wrong. I learned to love myself unconditionally and project that love into the world. Today I have reached levels of business success that I read about in books and then dreamt about for myself but always doubted that I could do it. Today I am able to reflect back to my team in the most honorable and loving way so we all can evolve together. Today I am able to be myself and to allow others to be themselves. Today I am the best business partner I can be to my partners/investors because I have learned to listen without judgement. Today I am happy and I can share that happiness with others without expectations or fear of not being accepted. I used to go into a fight or flight response for every "negative/bad" event and today I respond with love and I am gentle with myself and others during these situations. So for all you business people out there that want to achieve new heights or feel stressed about continuing to perform at the highest possible levels than Daniel is your guide. He will show you how to remove your own limitations (which are the only ones that exist) and you will see how effortless and fun everything becomes. All that you desire just comes to you. Its amazing, its wonderful and its magical.
There are moments in life that you can pinpoint as pivotal because of the person you were fortunate enough to cross paths with. One of those moments for me was meeting Daniel. I've since been on a magical journey guided by him to remember my higher self. I attribute my happiness, healing, awareness, mindfulness and wellness directly to working with Daniel. He has an ability to channel energy with precision and clarity in the most powerful, beautiful manner, and I am forever grateful to walk with Daniel on my journey.
I had the unbelievable blessing to be introduced to Daniel this past fall from a client. I’ve been on a spiritual and active healing journey for the past several years and through this time have been blessed to see many healers and guides. However, 2020 had me in a rut and I knew I needed some guidance and perspective. The universe in its divine omnipotence sent me Daniel! After my first session with him he helped me not only feel but BELIEVE “I am healed”. The energetic backpack I was carrying was so bogged down with all the emotional trauma from my childhood, all the unhealthy coping mechanisms, all the things I thought I needed to carry around. He helped me realize that very first day that carrying that backpack was a choice. I feel so much lighter! Additionally, I feel more connected to my own gifts and direction thanks to Daniel. I look forward to expanding my Reiki practice with him guiding me as well. He is so experienced at multiple modalities that his ability to reach you and help guide you in such personalized ways is astounding. Give him a call...your higher self is already thanking you:)
I had quit my day job a year ago to start my own business and it was like I had jumped off a cliff without a parachute. I was struggling if I had made the right decision to embark on a new life journey without knowing how I would financially survive. Thankfully, I was introduced to Daniel and my life has changed completely since then! Daniel helped me realize so much about myself, my confidence, my inner voice, my strength and I realized abilities that I had no idea I was capable of. I finally found my purpose in life because he helped me to understand and embrace what it is. I can't express enough how deeply grateful I am to have had the blessing to have Daniel in my life. I live my life differently now, with purpose, and with JOY! I have sent him many of my closest friends and continue to spread the word of this amazing spiritual healer, light worker, mentor and friend. Schedule time to meet with him, it will change your life... you will change your life, he will guide you all the way! Thank you Daniel for sharing your gift of healing with me, I am forever grateful for you!
Over the past 10 years I have been focused on my spirituality and personal growth. About a year and a half ago I met Daniel. I was content with my life but felt that something was missing. Daniel uncovered a lot but the main part was that I was very closed off emotionally and not open to receiving. After spending time with him and working a set of tools that he provided which I could use on my own, I found myself opening up. Since then I met someone (actually someone from my childhood ) and I am feeling very fulfilled and very very grateful for Daniel’s healing and guidance!!
Several years ago I met Dan. Soon after I was very inclined in his work. His gifts as a healer, light-worker, and his channeling/downloads of energy are a blessing to anyone receiving them. I not only witnessed transformation in my life, but also of a few close friends of mine as well. Removing the mysticism of it all, he also has the ability to channel messages that our human need to hear from a psychological, emotional, and logical perspective. His ability to dissect and pinpoint where you need to focus your energy currently in your life are bold, very helpful, and provides clarity in your life. He points your focus to truth, and is a liason to your intuition. Many blessing my brother Dan. Thank you for everything you have allowed me to feel, experience, and for my transformation. Adrian Escobar
We had a family energy session during the pandemic that was life changing! I have three young adult children and what a wonderful experience for them to shed limiting beliefs and step more fully into who they truly are!! A wonderful and heart warming session. Thank you! All a session requires is interest in being your best self. The information shared is easy to integrate into your life.
Where do I even begin?!? I could sense I was going through a sort of spiritual awakening but felt some emotional/energy blockage and no matter I did, I couldn’t seem to get rid of it. I had a colleague of mine refer me to Daniel so I booked a 75 minute light/energy work session with Daniel. I had never experienced anything like it before. As soon as I got on the phone with Daniel, he could automatically sense my childhood trauma. He was also able to pin point where I was carrying all this “emotional baggage”. He knew how to locate where all of the energy blockage was coming from. After a guided meditation and lots of tears shed, I could sense a release of all that negative energy. After the session I had no clue if it was actually going to work or make me feel any better but I could tell you this.....that night I had the best night sleep I had in years! The real work happened over the next several days. I experienced things that were and still remain very hard to explain. It’s as if I had released all this blockage and suddenly allowed windows/doors within myself to open to the universe. It’s as if all the fear I had been carrying dissipated and I had a clearer vision/intent on the path that I should go on. I had been holding myself back for so many years and after my session with Daniel, I was able to make a conscious effort not to do that anymore. I was able to forgive myself for so many things. Yes, I still have more work to do but Daniel truly was the catalyst to this new found confidence in my ability to not only value/love myself but to not focus on all the external validation I had always sought out throughout my entire life. The true power is within us but sometimes need guidance from talented and experienced guides like Daniel. Thank you!!!!
Not only is Daniel one of the greatest, most genuine souls, but he is hands down the best at what he does! He is a true energy alchemist. His story and his gifts sets him apart from everyone else. I had been suffering from PTSD and trauma and had been in traditional therapy on and off for 3+ years. In just ONE session with Daniel I finally felt free from my past and more importantly, my pain. We all have things we need to overcome and Daniel is amazing at adapting himself to each person to help them get through whatever is holding them back and/or causing them pain. He empowers others and is a true friend to those he crosses paths with. He is extremely honest and always goes above and beyond to help his clients. I have referred a handful of people to Daniel and they all say the same thing, “OMG, he is amazing!” He has helped them all tremendously and cleansed their spirit back to new. I can honestly say he helped me change my life around when I was stuck and never thought I’d get back in alignment. I am forever grateful for him always being there when I need him, even if it’s just for something small or a good pep talk. Please do not hesitate to book with him - he will change your life and help you attain the life you are longing for! Book now!! Xx
I reconnected with Dan after many years during a period of intense searching and questioning. Honestly, I reached out to him for a referral without knowing what I really wanted or needed. I just knew he had the next piece of the puzzle for me. He didn't have a referral but offered to scheduled a session with me. After just that one session with Dan, I had a huge shift and was able to get rid of a ton of emotional gunk that I hadn't even known I was carrying. I felt lighter..freer even... After that one session, the simple beauty and power of the work had me hooked and I was convinced everyone needed these sessions. I asked Dan to start working with me as my mentor and while saying that what I've learned is life-changing and incredible may sound trite, it's legit. We all need to reconnect with the best versions of ourselves, and Dan helps you do that. And if you've read this far down this testimonial, you should just schedule a session with Dan. It's hands down one of the best decisions I ever made.

Daniel Hyman
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