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My ever-evolving methods and techniques are bespoke to YOU. Healing is my Passion. I aim to empower you with exactly what you need to step into your Greatest Potential. Visit

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5.0 of 5 (1)
My past life regression experience with Erin was truly amazing. She has such a soothing voice. I loved how she game me time in each scene to describe what I saw and felt. She helped me get to the root cause and understand why I ache and long to be closer to family. She helped me discover that it has been a pattern throughout my past lives. I feel so much more content thanks to her.

License, Credentials & Experience

Erin has been helping people for 2 years
Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists
Certified Hypnotherapist
The School of Rapid Transformational Therapy

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Full Rapid Transformational Therapy Session
Please keep in mind that with this modality, you only need 1 - 3 sessions to get past your issue!! I have NEVER spent more than 1 session with a client. If by the highly unlikely chance you think you need more than 1 session, I will charge you half price for any others. So with that being said please sit back and enjoy your transformation from the comfort of your own home. Just like an in person, only it's virtual and takes place at the location of your choice via Zoom. RTT is a powerful method that allows access to your subconscious mind where everything you've ever seen, heard and felt is stored. The method relies on the mind's natural ability to find and present to us the root cause of any issue with which you may be dealing and to rewire your mind to give you powerful and permanent change in any area of your life. Our session begins with me asking you "What's the problem" and diving right in - seeing where it goes and coming out of the session - however long it takes, feeling incredible, empowered, and FREE from the current issue you're having, having uninstalled and re-written that old past programming, thus stepping into your TRUE POTENTIAL! And since it is scientifically proven that the mind learns best by repetition, afterwards you will receive a Bespoke Realigning Hypnosis Audio Recording to listen to for a minimum of 21 days. Choose this option for basic weight loss, smoking, addictions, fears etc. This session does not include soul work. I can also come to you and do an in home session just contact me.
120 Minutes   •   $325

Soul Aligning Session
Before the session you will give me a list of questions that you would like to ask your Soul. Don't be shy, this is your own Soul who knows you best. So ask anything, no question is too big or too small, whatever it is that has been bugging you to find out. We will get answers and more because I am very good at intuitively knowing what sort of follow-up questions to ask so that you really are satisfied with the information you are being given. I am very thorough, and there is never any rush through your session. You tell me when you are ready. I am always up for an adventure!
180 Minutes   •   $375


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Learn More About Erin Ochoa

About me

Hello, I'm Erin! My passion is healing people through the power of their minds. I am intrigued more and more daily about just how powerful our minds really are. And I intend to show you just how powerful and amazing you truly are, you always have been and always will be. I am formally trained in the RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) method of hypnotherapy. I have taken continuing education classes in Soul Hypnosis and Past Life Regression, however this is something that I am naturally inclined towards after much personal inner soul work. My methods and techniques have been evolving, with the guidance of my own Soul, beautifully into something that is very powerful, transformative, and lasting. I know this is my Soul's Purpose to connect others with their own Soul and empower them with the knowledge and tools enabling them their own constant Divine Connection to Source Energy. I am confident that with my own divine intuition and understanding, I can help you with whatever is holding you back or keeping you stuck from being that Genuine, Authentic, and Amazing Being you always have been and always will be.

My Philosophy of Care

My philosophy of care is to treat each client as though they are my family, close friend, or even my own self. And that our own Soul is who truly knows exactly what we need, when we need it, and how to do it.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

The day of our session is the first day of the rest of your amazing life because my main focus is to make you complete and whole because I truly care by listening to all of your needs and that's what makes me a healer and all the rest just therapists.

My Inspiration

This is my Soul Purpose. My only inspirations are my past selves who have always connected others with Source energy to heal and guide them to realizing who they truly are.

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Questions & Answers

Erin Ochoa Answers
Clients who claim that they can't be hypnotized are my favorite clients! We are in different states of hypnosis/trance everyday. The key is finding the right hypnotherapist who knows how to use their intuition to guide them in how to run the session. Versus one who is just reading a script, going through the motions and running every session just like the one before. Once you find that genuine authentic hypnotherapist who truly listens to you and your needs that will make all the difference. If you would like to have a session with someone who is tuned into their clients all the way through then feel free to visit my page and book a free consultation. Looking forward to meeting you.
Erin Ochoa Answers
Yes absolutely, Ive had one client who came for sugar addiction tell me that she thought it was strange but she just didn't have any urges anymore and just felt indifferent about the sugary foods she normally would crave. Our minds are powerful beyond measure. It all begins and ends in our minds.
Erin Ochoa Answers
From my perspective, I believe that spiritual hypnotherapy mostly has to do with soul work and aligning the client with their own soul/higher self and gaining resolutions in their lives leading them to becoming complete and whole. This is something I specialize in and find it extremely liberating for everyone involved.

Erin Ochoa Reviews

5.0 of 5 (1)
My past life regression experience with Erin was truly amazing. She has such a soothing voice. I loved how she game me time in each scene to describe what I saw and felt. She helped me get to the root cause and understand why I ache and long to be closer to family. She helped me discover that it has been a pattern throughout my past lives. I feel so much more content thanks to her.

Erin Ochoa
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