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I provide personalized nutrition counseling for women to help them manage chronic and long term health issues. Food can be the missing piece!

Fort Collins, CO
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Tania has been helping people for 12 years
Master Nutrition Therapist
The Nutrition Therapy Institute

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3 Session Package
Initial intake appointment (1.5 hours) and 2 follow up sessions (1 hour each). We will set goals and go through your health history and come up with a plan together to create your best eating plan. I will make recommendations for you and take a look at how you currently eat.
210 Minutes   •   $300

5 Session Package
One intake session (1.5 hours) and 4 sessions to follow up (1 hour each). We will set goals and look at your current diet as well as work on any health concerns and your health goals. I will make recommendations to maximize your health and find your best eating plan.
330 Minutes   •   $425


Endorsed by Rowen Mikodah R.P.
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Endorsed by Rowen Mikodah R.P.
Endorsed by Rowen Mikodah R.P.

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About me

I am here to help you gain the health and happiness you deserve. I have a Master Nutrition Therapist degree from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO. I have over 15 years of experience in the social services, youth work and in counseling families. My background also includes many years of working primarily with women and children. I chose nutrition therapy as a means of bringing my counseling experience together with my deep interest in health and wellness. Through my personal health journey and the holistic approach versus the Western approach, I have learned the value of a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as the value of challenging long-time habits and beliefs about food and its connection to wellness.

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Tania Sisel | Holistic Health and Healing Answers
Stop screen time of all types 1-2 hour before bed, google "sleep hygiene" for a bunch of great tips. Do something relaxing before bed, try not to do stressful things 1-2 hours before bed. Make sure your room is at a comfortable temperature and dark, cooler temps are better for sleeping. There are many natural sleep aids you can take instead of otc or prescription ones but be careful about mixing them in your transition.
Tania Sisel | Holistic Health and Healing Answers
I wrote an article about diet for PMS which i believe is posted on this site. If this lets me list a link, here it is on my blog: https://www.holistichandh.com/blog Exercise is huge and stress management also.
Tania Sisel | Holistic Health and Healing Answers
I've only ever taken it for food poisoning. Now it's showing up in toothpastes and other products. It's job is to pull out toxins but I would think taking it all the time may pull out minerals and vitamins too.

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