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Certified Holistic Health Coach and Life Coach

I'm a master of habit change who helps people take control of their health through diet and lifestyle changes in a fun and easy way.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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About me

Coach Ingrid Wang Francis is a certified holistic health and life coach who helps people to recover from their illness or health challenges through diet and lifestyle changes without feeling pain or deprived.

She offers 1 on 1, remote online coaching services throughout the world.

Coach Wang (Ingrid):
I have been a businesswoman for over 14 years. After ten years of busy and over-loaded working, lived a 7/24, 365 highly stressful lifestyle, I had no time and awareness to do self-care and build healthy habits. Consequently, I suffered multiple chronic illnesses such as eczema, lower back pain, neck pain, depression and anxiety, emotional eating, sugar addiction, etc. Together with the results of childhood trauma, I experienced a severe mental health crisis. Doctors repeatedly told me that my illnesses were "incurable," and conventional medicine couldn't help me for the long term, which left me devastated and helpless. But I didn't give up on myself nor stopped there where the pain and itchiness dictated my life. I started learning through books and gaining knowledge and strength through health education while experiencing all kinds of alternative healing methods. Through practices over the years the knowledge I acquired, all of my conditions are gone through diet and lifestyle changes, which proves my belief: "Habits determine your quality of life." and "Habits are more powerful than medicines." As Chris Kresser says in his book "Unconditional medicine.": "99% of chronic diseases are preventable through diet and lifestyle changes". Later I became a certified health and life coach. Now I am learning mastery health coach, holistic MBA, transformational coach at health coach institute. My mission is to help those people who want to take control of their health, relieve and reverse their conditions by making diet and lifestyle changes. This includes the shift in mindset from a negative one to a positive one. I help them to achieve their dreams through the power of habit change. My coaching method is fun, easy, and stress-free. It fits anyone who is leading a busy, stressful lifestyle.

Everyone has the right to pursue freedom and happiness. I want to let people know that Health challenges should be opportunities for you to grow instead of mere obstacles. And you are more significant than your problems. As a holistic health coach, I never focus on the "problem." Solving the problem will be the consequence but not the goal. We develop mental resistance when we focus on the "problem" because the "problem" tells a story of "not good enough." Instead, I focus on your deepest desire, wildest dream, and your inner ability to gain control of your health and life through the most natural small steps.

Instead of denying your current behavior mode, I encourage you to appreciate your present state. Accept yourself as who you are, unconditionally, before upgrading to the next level of your life. Every challenge is a gift; our problems will create solutions for ourselves and others and inspire us to grow. We can't let go of anything we don't own. So before saying goodbye to the old patterns, appreciate it. Every behavior has a positive intention. The fantastic thing about my coaching method is you will never experience denial, judgment, tension, stress, "not good enough" feeling.

I love what I learned from the health coach institute, and my life has transformed significantly. I hope you will be benefited too through this fantastic coaching method. If you love to learn and get empowered, I would like to help you pursue your freedom and happiness. Once you start this journey, your life will be forever changed.

My Philosophy of Care

The right and power to pursue freedom and happiness.
Conventional medicine and current medical system can not meet the demand of chronic disease crisis. I am here to provide more choices. Freedom is the number one goal of my life. I provide more choices because that is all I expected when I was suffering from chronic conditions. I want to be the change I wanted to see in this world. I find great pleasure to uplift and empower people, make this world a better place to live.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

I never knew it could be this easy and fun!
This is something I never experienced before!

My Inspiration

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle.

A health coach is a master of habit change. A habit is something you do without thinking.
Your habits are the learned behaviors you do on autopilot because you've done them repeatedly so many times. It is fine if your habits are fuelling you towards your happiness, health, and success. It's not so fine if the habits you're falling back on are holding you back from these things. As 40% of your daily behavior is habits, it's essential to see how much of that 40% is helping you or holding you back.

Interesting facts about Habits

* Your life is, in no small extent the sum of all your habits – good or bad.
* You can take control of your life by changing your habits.
* It's hard to shake off a habit since it takes an average of 66 days before a new pattern takes root in our brain.
* Habits never truly disappear. Other habits overpower them.
* A survey showed that the daily habit of self-acceptance was the cause of most people's happiness.
* Cravings are the brain's motivator. For something to become a habit, our brain must crave it.

A health coach is someone who helps you change your habits from unwanted negative behaviors to desired positive behaviors fuelling you toward your happiness, health, and success. Once the desired behavior becomes your habit, you do it on an autopilot mode, like brushing your teeth in the morning, you do it without thinking. And only two factors are forming a new habit: one is that you believe you can do it. The other is the thing you are doing makes you feel good. There are three components for habit-forming: They are “why", “what" and “how". Knowing "what to do" is not enough. The "why" is your biggest motivator, and the "how" is the method of building up habits in a pain-free, easy way. These two components are equally important with the "what to do" in habit change. A good health coach makes good things easier and bad things harder for you to do, so you will continuously work toward positivity.

A health coach is not someone who gives you advice. A health coach is someone who helps you find out the power that is already within you and empower you to move on to the next level of your life. Everybody has the power within them, undiscovered, no exception. There are positive and negative resources. A good health coach helps you dig deeper and bring out the positive resources within you and let them Empower you to achieve your goals. She/he can see and find out these resources within you through her/his positivity.

A health coach is someone who tells you, "You can do it!" when everybody else says" No, You can't!" Not only she/he tells you," You can do it." but also helps you to make it happen. So the right thing or a habit you want in your life, you will end up having it or doing it yourself without relying on anybody else. Yes, that's coaching!

The fantastic thing about health coaching is that you don't need to do too much work. Once you learn how to shift your mindset or build up a habit, your mind keeps repeating the same programming method in other areas of your life. Because how are you do one thing is how you do everything. Once you bring positivity in one area of your life, just one small action affects every other aspect of your life. Everything becomes more comfortable when you know how to build up a good habit. Growth is unstoppable towards dreams, progress, and positivity.

"A doctor is someone who gives you a fish so you can have a fish for the day. A health coach is someone who teaches you how to fish so you can have fish for a lifetime."- Chris Kresser" unconventional medicine."

Is health coaching right for you?
Well, if you love to learn and love to get empowered, health coaching is right for you.
Learning a good habit/life skill means that you will have the freedom to pursue happiness and achieve your dream. Habits determine your quality of life and shape your Destiny.


Questions & Answers

Ingrid Wang Francis Answers
I also recommend you to change your eating habit from highly inflammatory diet to low and anti-inflammatory diet which may relieve or even reverse your conditions permanently.
Ingrid Wang Francis Answers
I recommend drinking cranberry juice and chicken bone broth. And take a break from highly inflammatory food like gluten (wheat based bread and crackers, food contains wheat barley and rye), diary and processed sugar. When nothing else helps, this strategy always helps. You can get chicken bone broth from Whole Foods store freezer, or you can cook your own, simmer the chicken bones (after eating one chicken) for 12 hours on the lowest heat until you get a cup of bone broth.


Ingrid Wang Francis

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