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About me

Who am I?
Hi, my name is June! I am passionate about living a healthy, fulfilled, and an abundant life! I'm a Registered Nurse for more than 20 years, and have now stepped into my new calling as Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach. My niche is in preventable lifestyle diseases--prediabetes, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and add to it stress & low energy.

What's My Story?
My nursing journey gave me the precious opportunity to care for sick patients battling chronic ailments. It really broke my heart to see people in that fragile and painful condition.
I desired to see them get well, and stay well! so it often frustrated me to see patients receiving a short-term "band-aid fix”. Rather, I wanted my patients to receive long-term and lasting solutions that would break the vicious cycle of their poor health condition and give them a more robust health and lifestyle!
That's when I knew my life's purpose is to help and empower people take charge of their health and prevent lifestyle diseases as much as possible, instead of simply living with or managing it.

Why Health and Lifestyle Coaching?
Coaching has made it possible for my life purpose to come alive! I can now leverage my nursing skills and knowledge to guide, support and motivate my clients.
It is due to my love for coaching abilities, I'm able to change habits and mindsets, that can now facilitate for long-term behavior change helpful to prevent lifestyle diseases.
My distinguished qualities include, but are not limited to, are empathy, sincere love to serve others,and excellent communication & interpersonal skills.

What do I love the Most About Coaching?
I love the tremendous impact coaching has on my client's lives! There is nothing more rewarding than to know that I'm making a real difference in the lives of others.
I also love having the freedom to live out my life's purpose - no longer wishing or dreaming - but actually seeing my purpose live in action everyday! It's a dream come true.

Other Fun Facts About Me
I love cooking, reading, learning, taking long walks (especially along the beach), dancing, being with my two children, praying and reading God's Word, encouraging and building up those around me!


June D'cruz

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