Kate Vogt Robie, IAHC IIN

Certified International Health & Wellness Coach-Integrative, Functional Medicine

Making Better Results Easier ©2011 Transformative Health Coaching = underlying universal health principles + the person's unique set of biochemistry, mindset, life experiences, needs & goals + respect


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License, Credentials & Experience

Kate has been helping people for 5 years
SAFM Level 1 Certification
School of Applied Functional Medicine
Coaching Mastery Certificate
Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)
Certified International Health Coach (CIHC)
International Association of Health Coaches
Certificate in Gut Health
Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)
Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Advanced Business Course
Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)
HCTP Health Coach Training Program
Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)
Bachelors in Management and Marketing
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Professional Training Program - Health Coaching
University of the State of New York

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About me

Kate Vogt Robie blends a variety of expertise* to help clients find what their particular body and lifestyle specifically needs to get and keep good health & wellbeing.

*IAHC Certified International Health/Wellness Coach; Level 1 certification in applied Functional Medicine pursuing further certifications; Process Governance & Improvements, Project Management; Regulatory law; Business Management & Communications; educated in many additional health/wellness topics.

My Philosophy of Care

Your advocate to help You find & solve the true root cause(s) of why You hurt & how You can feel even better--sustainably!

Beyond oxygen, etc., each person is a unique-blend of genetics, lifestyle, strengths, needs. They affect the true-for-You answer to the questions: what's making You feel bad? what do You need to get & stay healthy/well?

We team up to find the correct-for-You solutions to better health & wellbeing (body & spirit) because enjoying life is as important as being healthy.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

#1. Be truly heard (listened to, understood without judgment) to help You find what YOU need for health & wellbeing. #2. Based on information you provide ahead of time, I'll offer some initial thoughts for your path to better health & wellbeing. My role is to offer insight, inspiration, and tools that empower you.

My Inspiration

Suffering family and friends who "popped pills" and/or had surgery yet didn't get better, and even got worse.

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Questions & Answers

Kate Vogt Robie, IAHC IIN Answers
As with anything, there can be good safe products and others that could be dangerous to you; so thoroughly vet a company and its products. I prefer to use foods and have found a few organizations I trust who lead periodic detox programs using foods. I agree with Amanda's post and appreciate her distinguishing cleanse from detox plus identifying how important to address a variety of the body's organs. So many 'cleanse products' are just for colon, but it's important to help kidney, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, lymph system, etc. So consult appropriate healthcare professional who can guide you with a safe helpful approach that'll actually work for you.
Kate Vogt Robie, IAHC IIN Answers
The best thing is to identify not merely the "What" you want to change but also a very-important-to-you "Why", else it's too easy to not follow through. Taking it to an extreme, if we learn our favorite food is actually poisoning us then we have a greater likelihood of giving it up! If you're looking for what change to make, there's a lot of information about so many synthetic chemicals in our processed foods and housewares that may be overwhelming our bodies and causing lot of the chronic diseases we're battling. So fresh whole foods and non-toxic housewares and cleaners can be a greater start to health improvements. But be aware that: (1) when you eliminate toxins, you may have a few rough days shortly after you start as your body expels the poisons but, when you get through that, you feel SO much better! and (2) ALWAYS consult appropriate health professionals before you do a cleanse or any health transformation 'project.'
Kate Vogt Robie, IAHC IIN Answers
Yep...and some other methods for grounding, too. Have read the history and theory for grounding our bodies and I'm giving it a go. Since it can be difficult to go barefoot on earth, I also started using some grounding shoes and found some decent looking ones at www.pluggz.com. There's a theory that the rubber soles used for today's shoes don't let us absorb the grounding ions through our feet and Pluggz shoes address that problem.

Kate Vogt Robie, IAHC IIN

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