Keith Greer, LCSW, PCC, PRC

Executive Coach, Recovery Coach, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Trainer

Keith Greer Coaching

Executive & Recovery Coach, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Podcaster

Penfield, NY

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License, Credentials & Experience

Keith has been helping people for 41 years
Masters in Social Work
Syracuse University
International Coaching Federation
International Coaching Federation
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
New York State Office of the Professions (NYSED) , #R035957
Certified Professional Coach
International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Certified Progressive Recovery Coach
Center for Progressive Recovery
Certified in Conversational Intelligence®
WBECS Group/The CreatingWE Institute

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Chemistry Session - Please call to Schedule and for more Information
This is an initial opportunity to engage with each other around how you believe coaching would be of benefit to you. Our discussion will include exploring your needs as well as my coaching style. I invite you to come to this initial session with no commitment to anything beyond this first conversation. Please call me directly at 585-764-9431 to scheduled a time for us to meet.
15 Minutes   •   FREE

Executive Coaching for Individuals and Organizations
Are you a professional that wants to maximize your potential and productivity? Are you ready to move your career forward by leveraging your existing strengths while building capacity for tomorrow’s challenges? Contact me for details on Fees. Are you highly motivated to be a leader in the creation of your organizations culture and vision? Would you like to build on some of the specific strength-based skills now being asked for as a leader in the workplace such as personal self-awareness, relationship building, communication expertise and a focus on the development of teams that foster the creation of interpersonal safety and trust as well as a sense of inclusion? Do you simply want to show up for work each day with a heightened sense of passion, purpose and joy? I will assist you in identifying and achieving the goals and objectives that will move you forward with your career and career satisfaction. My job as your coach will be to provide a high level of accountability and honor the agenda you have set forth. You will identify strengths and resources and I will challenge you to never settle for less! Please call me at 585-764-9431 regarding Coaching Fees.
60 Minutes   •   FREE

Recovery Coaching for Individuals and Family Members
Individuals: No one has written the definitive book on what recovery should look like for everyone. As your Recovery Coach I will honor your complete autonomy to define, envision and create a recovery pathway that is highly meaningful to you. Starting with an approach that will assist you in identifying your inherent strengths and building upon a Multiple Pathways of Recovery perspective, you will immediately begin to identify very specific and relevant action steps that that result in the creation of your own unique brand of recovery. Family Members: My coaching with family members who are impacted by a loved one's substance use disorder will focus on you coming to feel more effective in your interaction. We will identify methods of communication that invite you to speak your truth while also keeping a strong focus on your need for self care. Although you might not always feel this way, as a family member, you are in a position to be one of the strongest and most effective resources in your family members life. Please call me at 585-764-9431 regarding Coaching Fees.
60 Minutes   •   FREE


Emotional Health
Low Self Esteem

Practice Locations & Hours

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Penfield NY 14526, United States
Mon: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thu: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fri: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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About me

I am passionate about the coaching conversation!

I am profoundly honored to work with people and organizations who are, themselves, passionate about creating lives and relationships that are highly meaningful and fulfilling.

I leverage 40 years of experience as an Executive, Life and Recovery Coach, Keynote Speaker, School Social Worker, Family Therapist, Addictions Specialist, Podcaster and Trainer toward my compassionate, creative and influential work with individuals, families, organizations and businesses.

Pulling together my extensive experience in facilitating many types of Helping Conversations, I am passionate about, and a strong advocate of, celebrating the Practice, Art & Science of the Helping Conversation. I define these sacred conversations as any conversation between 2 or more people where the goal is growth, development and forward moving action, whether the focus is on a person or a process. Thus, Helping Conversations take place not only in the traditional settings of counseling and coaching, but are inherent in the work place, in families and many other relationships when one person has been asked, agrees to or is empowered to help another person and/or group of people. I am highly skilled at assisting individuals and organizations identify and implement evidence-based practices that are foundational to all Helping Conversations, often beginning with some of the transformational concepts contained within the modality of Conversational Intelligence®

My Philosophy of Care

I am person centered and strength based in my approach. I view all of my clients as brilliant, resourceful and creative about their own life. My clients are their own best resource. I have an innate curiosity about people and the unique and personal situations they bring to coaching. My goal is to invite my clients to join me in this place of curiosity so that together we can identify possibilities and opportunities for their growth, satisfaction and fulfillment.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

I refer to a first visit as a "chemistry session." It is an opportunity for the both of us to explore whether working together will be a good fit...a productive partnership in addressing your concerns. I invite prospective clients to please come to this initial session feeling no commitment to anything beyond this first conversation. If there is a sense of "chemistry," then we can go from there.

My Inspiration

I had the opportunity as a teen to work with several helping people who had a dramatic impact on my life, at a time when I was struggling. I knew then that I wanted to commit myself to doing similar work. It is an honor to co create this unique, intimate and creative helping conversation with those that I work with.

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Keith Greer, LCSW, PCC, PRC

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