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"Using Muscle testing, we can literally gain access to our body's internal computer system and find out where the imbalances are". -Dr Bradley Nelson. based upon the book called "the Emotion Code".

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About me

My journey started in around 1993. Around that time I became separated from my wife and having several kids with me. Even before then, I had a grand interest in gardening, herbs, and healthy diets. I even had my own beehive in which I had help from friends and I learned how to take care of the hive and harvest the Honey.

In reference to the failed relationship, I did not drink or smoke, but I was afraid to get into a relationship d/t feeling like I would fail again and I didn’t know what to fix. I looked at myself in the mirror and had to pray to what I need to fix for I didn’t know what to fix or how to begin. Was I that bad, was I this or that. I was a magnet or a sponge when it came to wanting to learn and read and praying that my heavenly father lead to the right healers, angels or books , scriptures etc. I also learned about herbs, health, massage, Reiki and many other similar areas. I was just fascinated of the wealth of information out there and I wanted to learn. Blame others could be, but I need to know where to go next and fix what I could in me

I began learning from a Mary Reed who had taught herbal classes and had many clients. We ran across each other in church and I began inquisitive, learning from her as many things as I could and also from books. (there is links to her page in this web site) I also saw individuals in these classes who spoke on all those subjects and more and I saw an individual who did muscle testing and that was just with a physical aspects and herbs. I just was amazed by it and I was intrigue and wanted to learn more.

Coincidentally I also began to learn and practice ballroom dancing which was not a passion of mine nor do I remember what actually prompted me to do it, but I felt that it would be another similar type of college class that I’ll be fine. Wrong! I was not fine, but the change in me began because in ballroom dance You are in a dance hold and she is in my space big time. Way out of my comfort zone. Ok now its time to step out of that comfort zone and see where it takes me. I guess I could say she was an angel. Coming from a guy who was shy by nature ( being/feeling that I have to be safe I guess) and was amongst bullies as a kid in which I was a magnet for them. But learning from this teacher who showed and stated positive reinforcement with no negativity nor demeaning statements. I was beginning to feel safe and at a moment in time in which I spoke to a counselor because the piled up emotions that was just sitting in my head/and throat. The final straw as I perceived it, to me in my conversation with a counselor as we talking about relationships and bullies as I perceived it, but also a persistent positive dance teacher. He stated to me “In other words she doesn’t hurt you”. Given that statement – I cried that night and what I call an epiphany or as I perceive it was that a release of trapped emotion began. I was different. I was relaxed and I could dance with anyone. Somehow it was the beginning to release trapped emotions and feeling confident and free.

Right about the same time I met and began working with Mary Reed, she had a group of natural professionals put on displays/demonstrations in the Mall for demonstration purposes and teaching. There too I was impressed and ecstatic and I wanted to learn it all somehow. There I met Rosie who did muscle testing on my fingers and I spilled my enthusiasm about all this stuff and she told me to come down to her office. In the meantime I ran across a lady who had the natural ability to see auras, which I heard about and yes I question it, but interesting enough, she stated you have financial problems and kids without knowing me. She stated that this older Curly hair lady was going to help me. She did not have her own booth, but she was just sharing her natural born ability and she like to help people. Well I wanted to know who she was. She did not know her.

So anyway I went down to Rosie office and to see where this was going without fear you know. My space was not an issue. She told me about that lady who sees auras and she had come over to her booth and she demonstrated her finger thing/muscle testing on her. Then as she was thumbing through Rosie book that describes her Center, (called the center for results) she stopped and screamed and stated that was the lady was going to help Kevin. Now Rosie looked at me and stated you are supposed to be here and she wasn’t going to question it. In doing she offered me a 1000 dollar class for free in exchange for some handy man work. My angels were bringing me to healing. I face it and chose to overcome and step out of my comfort zone

There she worked with me, muscle testing on me in which the technique was called the “results system” by Margaret Keen and she proceeded to teach me how it all works and to do it on others. There I indeed I began let go of so much inner trapped emotions. Sometimes coming home in tears and I had interesting dreams in which I was no longer fighting or running. I was in charge. Wow what a transformation.

Jumping ahead a number of years to about 2013 and many changes and problems along the way, again dealing with bullies and never took the leap to do what I thought I could do in terms of muscle testing. I felt I needed to F/U with Rosie, since I had not done much or even any Muscle testing on myself or others for I felt was not adequate with her methods. But in the back of my mind I had not forgotten the remarkable changes in me and what changes I made with others. I still wanted to do move forward, but I needed help from someone or divine if you will to guide me.

I met with Rosie and remarkably she was the same and she insisted to give me this book called the Emotion Code and I read it. Its what I taught you. and so I did read DR Bradley Nelson book and I knew I found my answer to my prayer. There I started reading , watching CD’s and you tube videos, his technique. I found my niche and I am excited. I began practicing on others. like dancing. practice, practice and repetition pays off.

I want to dedicate this site to my 8 kids in which during those 7 years of learning this stuff I had 6 of them and I was beginning nursing school in the latter half. I did my best as a father, which I did not have a strong confidence d/t an alcoholic father and my mother stated it made it challenging as a mother and wife who had difficulty in herself to come to her own and sometimes she thinks she failed as a mother. I think she did alright and what do I have to compare it too. Being Single dad was the best and challenging time for me as father and many good memories. yes it was frustrating with no job and on assistance. I wish it could of been better for them and enough income to do some fun things. having not to be so Naiive, Insecure, but I persisted towards the light and attended church, scouts. school games, there concerts and learned and learned. It was not uncommon me to be outside at night. praying for guidance for traveling down a road where I have not gone before. single father, nursing school, new job. living on a minimum budget. wow did my testimony increase, when angels appeared and successes kept coming.

My Philosophy of Care

Imbalances That author speaks of could be emotional toxins: trapped emotion, Heart walls, and Psychic traumas. Environmental Toxins: Chemicals, and hormones in our water & food. Mold, EMF's, manufactured material chemically made like tapons, make up, detergents. Finding the % of a particular organ function, Muscle test for the right herbs to clean out and rebuild. example: Pro-pancreas from Nature Sunshine help many of my clients get my clients pancreas up from 50 to 90% diabetes meds no more.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Knowledge and understanding what they know, what needs to be taught, Their complaints. sometimes doing in home session or distance muscle testing called proxy.

My Inspiration

My own transformation

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Questions & Answers

Kevin Bennett Answers
I do muscle testing and any practitioner can test to find the underlying issues. it maybe a trapped emotions. see book call the emotion code by dr Bradley Nelson
Kevin Bennett Answers
hearing voices may be also stinkin thinkin. or also known as PTSD or trapped emotions . Using muscle testing can find the issues / the blocks/ baggage from the past bullies that you are still playing the movie. lets silent the movie. Read book called the emotion code by dr Bradley Nelson and contact me
Kevin Bennett Answers
which also means overall the circulation in the body is compromised. exercise/cardo. start slow. meditation/ or yoga. I could also muscle test you so the body can reveal the underlying issues. suggest supplements There may be also some emotional/ trapped emotions contributing to it

Kevin Bennett

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