Lesley Herrmann, M.S., BCHN, CWC

Indoor Air Quality Specialist and Holistic Nutritional Consultant

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Bridging the gap between the health of the home and the health of the body.

Spokane, WA
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Revitalize Health & Home Course
A 6-week live course providing a step-by-step plan for improving indoor air quality and creating a safe, healthy home so you never have to worry about the air you're breathing again. This course includes 90 minutes of one-on-one consulting to review your mold tests and/or other results and home inspection reports.
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Nutritional Consulting | Initial Intake
The initial intake for nutrition consulting involves a detailed health history review and nutrition assessment. This session sets the foundation for establishing and meeting your health and nutrition goals. [Nutrition Consulting Only].
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5512 North F Street, Spokane WA 99205, United States
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About me

After my own personal experience with mold and CIRS, I now combine my professional backgrounds in building science and holistic nutrition to bridge the gap between the health of the home and the health of the body. I work with clients who are facing Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) create a healthy indoor environment and support the healing process with nutrition and wellness coaching.

My Philosophy of Care

The body is a powerful healer. It contains all the knowledge and wisdom to achieve optimal health. I help my clients reconnect to their deep healing intuition using nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, intuitive coaching, and mindfulness.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

During our first visit, we do a deep dive into your health history. We also evaluate your living and working environments, both current and past, to identify if exposure to a water damaged building is impacting your health. At the end of this 2-hour session, we create a road map that will guide us through the healing journey.

My Inspiration

My personal experience with health and healing spurred my desire to help others. My experience with traditional medical practices after being diagnosed with Celiac disease convinced me that there had to be a better way to heal. And there was! A whole new world opened up for me. Later, I discovered I was sensitive to mold after moving into a water damaged rental home. Ironically, my background in building science and holistic nutrition provided the foundation for the work I do today.

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Lesley Herrmann, M.S., BCHN, CWC

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