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You can do your work, your way, with soul. Learn to trust yourself and tap into your inner wisdom so you can fully show up in your work with confidence. I'm a Career and Life Coach, and I can help

San Diego, CA

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Lisa has been helping people for 4 years
Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology (MS)
San Diego State University
B.A. Psychology
San Diego State University
Certified Coach
The Life Coach School

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This call is for those wanting to make bold moves and take charge of their life and career. They are eager to receive coaching and are wanting to make an immediate impact in their life. In this call, we'll dive into: - Why you’re where you’re at ​- What's blocking you from accessing greater success ​- A diagnosis of what's needed to shift into being more aligned with yourself I’ll take you through a guided process where we’ll learn more about each other, talk about your goals, and discuss strategies on how to move forward. We'll discuss if coaching together is a great fit and next step for you.
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About me

My name is Lisa, and I have a Master's in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and am a Certified Coach. I specialize in career and life coaching that teaches people to trust themselves so that they can thrive in their careers and do work that aligns with their soul.

You can do your work, your way. You can stop anxiety from stopping your career. Speak up and make bold moves at work. Create career purpose and take action to make the plan into reality. Drop people pleasing and instead show up fully as you. Get out of indecision and tap into your inner wisdom to decide from a soul-aligned space. Access and embody your Self Confident Soul so you can be you at work and in all aspects of life.

I've done this for me and I've worked with over 1,000 high achievers to help them as well.
You can have this, too.

Let me help you.

I used to get so anxious before work events that I'd be up all night. It became so bad I considered quitting a job that I loved because I didn't know if I could handle the anxiety any longer. I overcompensated by working long hours, over-preparing, people pleasing. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and angry at myself for being so insecure.

But then I got help. I got a coach and got to work on myself. I became bolder, expressing myself in meetings and sharing opinions. I left work on time and asked for promotions. My career skyrocketed. My pay increased 20%, and then another 25%. I overcame sleep anxiety and became truly self confident.

So can you.

My Philosophy of Care

I use techniques from workplace psychology, neurolinguistic programming, inner voice facilitation, cognitive behavioral psychology, and quantum psychology to help my clients fully show up as themselves at work and at home.

We are whole humans. So we need to take a look at the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of ourselves and integrate them so that we can be in balance and tap into what is already ours: the Self Confident Soul we each have within.

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My Inspiration

So many of us are burnt out because we're doing work that is not aligned. We think we're supposed to "suck it up" and deal with it. But this just causes more pain as we effort our way through doing work that truly is not a fit for us.

It doesn't have to be this way. We can do work that feels good to us. Sure, there will still be some bad days - but it will feel different. Because you'll be doing work that you know aligns with you and your wants. And you'll be getting to be you as you go.

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Lisa Philyaw Answers
Yes, there are ways to manage social anxiety and this can allow your introversion to become an incredible asset. Introversion can be a powerful gift in social settings. I know it may not always feel like it. But it is often an indicator of your sensitivity and perceptiveness. It can help you listen intently and ask intriguing questions. It can help you truly connect at a deep level with others around you. It can help you have incredible insights about situations and offer amazing guidance and advice to others. The trouble can be that our anxiety can get in the way of our ability to fully tap in and access the gifts of our introversion. But there are things you can do for relief. I did a one hour workshop all about how to feel less anxious - this may help you. You can access it for free by going to Scroll to the classes section and you'll see a place you can click to watch the How to Feel Less Anxious Webinar. If speaking up is also feeling difficult to do, then watch my free Speaking Up in Meetings masterclass - you can access this here: If you want more support on this, let me know. My email is
Lisa Philyaw Answers
Humans are meant to evolve. Which means we are often slightly unsatisfied. Because we are wanting more. And wanting more isn't wrong. But it doesn't have to feel desperate, either. We can be happy and wanting more. We can be fulfilled, and still have goals forward. The happiness doesn't come from what we do. It comes from what we make those actions and accomplishments mean. It's about how we think about the results we get, not the results themselves. This is why you can achieve a goal and still feel unsatisfied. Because our feelings come from how we interpret our surroundings and our outcomes, and not the surroundings themselves. To create more happiness in our lives, we must create more meaning. And this starts with a deep awareness of ourselves. Of what we truly want. Of what we truly would like to do in this life we have. This is a question only you can answer, but you don't have to answer it alone. A coach can help you uncover these answers within yourself. For example, As a Career and Life Coach, I help my clients find and do work that is meaningful to them and aligned with who they are. I use different personality systems and modalities to do this. But I also facilitate your ability to tap into your own inner wisdom so that you can hear the answers for you. Because happiness comes from the meaning you make. And if you're not loving the life you're leading, it's time to tap in, hear from your inner soul - that guidance inside - and realign with your soul's purpose. You can do this. The fact that you're asking these questions is a sign that you are already on the path to greater happiness. Your desire for more is not wrong. It's your cue to go on. But instead of looking outside for the answer, it's time to look within. If you want help with this, you can reach out to me at or schedule a free call with me to talk more (go to to schedule your call). I teach my clients to tap into their own self confident soul so they can be their own guide. I'd love to help you, too if this is calling to you. You can also check out my podcast, Your Work, Your Way, with Soul for additional guidance and support:
Lisa Philyaw Answers
I help my clients access their intuition. So for me, an intuitive reading is a guided process where my clients are tapping into their own intuition. This makes me the Facilitator and the Client the one accessing and drawing from their intuition. In this way, you as the client are hearing your own inner wisdom and using it to guide you forward. You know best for you, and sometimes we stop ourselves from hearing our own answers because we are blocked emotionally or mentally. We need to free ourselves from those limits so we can hear the wisdom beneath - this is our intuition, our soul, that is always there, always advising. We just don't always know how to hear it. The beauty of my approach is it means anyone who is wanting to can access their intuition. The process differs from person to person, but it is a skill that you can cultivate. Connecting with your intuition is a skill, which means you can deepen this connection through knowledge, practice, and feedback. By building this relationship with your intuition, you are becoming your own coach and your own guide. As a result, you won't feel the urge for validation from others as intensely as you may have in the past because you will be your own source of validation. This doesn't mean you don't ever want advice from others, but it does mean you know how to use that advice for you - based on what you are intuitively drawn to do - instead of feeling like you need to constantly seek input from others. So if you are feeling called to this work and are wanting a deeper more consistent connection with your intuition, I'm here to help. You can schedule a free call with me and we can talk about your relationship with your intuition and how we can build that relationship as we work together in a coaching program. You can go to my profile at and click "Free Consultation" to schedule your free call today.

Lisa Philyaw

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