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Trauma Informed BodyMind™ Coach and Quantum Human Design™ Specialist

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Victoria, BC
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A Conscious Conversation
Free initial consultation.
15 Minutes   •   FREE

Somatic Healing (single session)
Come Back Home to Your Body Mind, body connection. So important in establishing our path and the direction in finding freedom. We all want freedom, whatever freedom means to you, whether it's freedom in your life, your work, your relationships, money, the body. The first step is finding freedom in your body. And the first step to find that is actually learning how to understand the language of your body and to give your body that purpose.
60 Minutes   •   $130

Human Design Alignment Package (3 x 60 min each)
3 individual sessions exploring your beliefs, values and patterns and using your unique Human Design blueprint will clarify your life purpose and direction so that you can start living authentically in your true Individuality. Through your personalized session utilizing BodyMind coaching and somatic awareness, you will experience a shift in energy and a release of stories and trauma so that you have a clear and unleashed inner awareness and freedom to step into your authentic self without resistance.
60 Minutes   •   $397


Sound Healing
Guided Meditation
Muscle Injuries

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About me

I am a Kinesiologist by education, Certified BodyMind Coach, Classical Pilates Instructor and RYT200 Yoga Teacher, and a student of Somatic Experiencing®.

But my passion is exploring movement and understanding the nervous system. Through an integration of movement modalities and bodywork, you can achieve an embodied and attuned body and mind connection.

​Every Body is unique. My embodied approach to coaching takes a holistic view of the mind, body and soul, utilizing an intuitive healing method where the connection is re-established to restore a complete inner and outer balance. My passion is reflected through the inspiration of self healing and self empowerment.

My Philosophy of Care

I have always been inspired to live a healthy lifestyle. Through my own adventures and experiences, strive to help others hold a vision for what else is possible. I serve others by bringing a deep transformation into a higher state of fulfillment, recalibration and mastery.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Digging into the body and watching how it responds has been incredibly fascinating to watch and learn more about. Add the nervous system and the different layers of it, and sound healing was amazing!

The power in the pause moments when you slow me down to pay attention to my body movements (Ie: like my fingers) and discerning where and how energy is showing up in my body.

My Inspiration

BodyMind Coaching is an embodied conversation that gives voice to the body so that you can make empowered choices in your life.

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Liz Hargreaves

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