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Human Design provides the most accurate map for how you are designed to make decisions, work, love, make money and fulfill your purpose. Visit for info.

Christiansburg, VA
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Lucas has been helping people for 17 years
Bachelors in Sociology
Eckerd College
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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Foundational Human Design Reading
Know yourself more clearly and deeply than ever before. Learn exactly how to navigate in your life, relationships and career to experience more ease, satisfaction, success and delight. After you schedule and pay, I will send several foundational videos for you to watch so you can immediately begin benefiting from the knowledge of your Human Design and I will prepare a highly customized reading for you that is relevant to the most important questions, challenges and goals in your life. I am currently open to sliding scale and payment plans, if needed.
90 Minutes   •   $400


Feeling Stuck In Life
Relationship Issues
Work-Life Balance

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450 Independence Blvd NW, Christiansburg, VA 24073, USA
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About me

I have been coaching professionally since 2005. My Human Design experiment began in 2014. I have studied Human Design for over 10,000 hours. I have typed multiple hundreds of people to verify the accuracy and practicality of this system. There is no typology system that is more accurate or useful. It has transformed my marriage, parenting, health, and my career.

I have been delivering professional readings for 3 years now: helping individuals with personal empowerment, stress reduction and career success; helping entrepreneurs to work smarter and to optimize their marketing; helping couples/partners resolve challenges, improve their relating and intimacy; and helping businesses and organizations better engineer their teams for optimal performance.

It is my absolute passion and joy to share Human Design based solutions. If you have a persistent problem, challenge or goal, do yourself the favor of learning the advantage that Human Design can provide for you.

I initially worked for 10 years as a Holistic Health Coach, trained in nutrition and transformational coaching (NLP). I was a massage therapist and yoga teacher. I then was hired to direct the coaching team at Health Coach Institute. I helped build that school and train/certify thousands of health/life coaches for 5 years. During that time, I verified the accuracy of Human Design by typing my students and all key staff of the school. In 2020, I decided to go full time with Human Design.

My Philosophy of Care

I honor and respect your Inner Authority. I know nothing about what is true for you or best for you. I will show you how to access your Inner Authority, so you can live from it.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

A highly detailed, accurate and relevant Human Design reading that gives you practical tools and insights to improve your experience of life, relationship and career right away. You will find that the information is deeply resonant as accurate and true for you. Even if you have done Human Design readings or studies, you will discover new and useful layers of your design in your reading with me.

My Inspiration

I am not a healer. I am a mechanic. I can show you exactly how you and your relationships work mechanically, so you can start operating in sync and alignment with those mechanics, which leads to less friction and resistance, more flow and ease, and overall better outcomes. My motivation that led me to Human Design, of course, was suffering and a desire to suffer less and to help others suffer less. What a blessing this knowledge is.

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