Nicole Faith Broom

Emotional/Trauma Healing Specialist; Intuitive Life Guide; Yoga/Meditation Coach

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In all of my many roles, I support fellow journeyers with mind-body awareness, the ability to acknowledge what the mind, body & emotions are experiencing and expressing & heal with love & compassion.

Los Angeles, CA
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Healing sessions may include any combination of the following offerings and MORE!​​ ~Intuitive Life Coaching/Life Therapy ~Trapped Emotion Clearing ~Trauma Healing (May include Trapped Emotion Clearing) ~Breathwork/Breath Therapy ~Meditation ~Mind-Body Awareness + Integration ~Mindfulness ~Compassionate Companionship (getting to know & love your mind, body & Heart through Mind-Body Awareness & exploration of the emotions) ~Affirmations, Mantras + Self-Talk ~Self-Healing + Daily Practice & Ritual Building ~Connecting to Your Core (uncovering your truest nature, your purpose, your own intuitive guidance) ~Nature Nurture ~Animal Wisdom/Communication Interpretation ~Mind-Body Awareness Yoga + Meditation
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About me

Hello! I'm happy to have you here exploring the possibility of journeying and breathing together toward whatever freedom, joy, peace and health truly mean to you. Within all of the many layers of the varied services I offer, the root is uncovering the needs of the mind, body and heart, and matching those with the supports and practices that are most authentic & nourishing to you based on whatever physical, emotional, mental, and life circumstances you're currently experiencing. Really, this is just about arriving home to yourself and connecting to all of the wisdom and awareness that is constantly available within each of us in our own unique ways. As an artist, Educational Therapist/Specialist, Intuitive Life Guide, mind-body awareness yoga/meditation teacher, Trauma Specialist & mindfulness educator, I have a rich array of experience that allows me to connect into both the suffering and the beauty in all people as a pathway toward transforming pain and struggle into the things that are always true and always beautiful. To do and live this work with integrity, embodying these practices has become my life, moment to moment, breath by breath. I hope you will choose to experience the magic that is living and breathing in truth, one moment and one practice at a time! For more detailed session options and information about me, please feel free to visit my website:

My Philosophy of Care

After healing myself of chronic, advancing health issues that stemmed from emotional trauma I'd been carrying since childhood, my own healing journey completely serendipitously & miraculously evolved into supporting others as they heal. I know that it is my life's mission to guide others toward their most true, core selves as we heal ourselves, each other and this world together. I've learned healing can be so playful and light and every session is rich, new and born of the needs of the moment.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

During the first session, like all sessions, we get right into the physical, mental & emotional healing your mind-body & heart are most eager to explore in that moment. For some clients, we talk our way to the understanding of what the mind-body is offering up for healing and, for others, this insight & awareness comes naturally through the honing of intuition, the breath, the emotions of the moment & anything I am sensing by connecting in with you. :)

My Inspiration

There is so much wisdom and insight available within the messages and awareness our individual minds, bodies & emotions offer us every moment of every day. My sessions are all about becoming aware of these messages in the most simple ways that are completely guided by each unique client's innate intuition and heart!

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Nicole Faith Broom

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